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Welcome to "The Projects"
Beastiemixes Crew Collaborations and Site Related Mixes.
Not Necessarily Beastie Boys Related

Beastiemixes Rap

Project Information:  Thread 1   Thread 2

Participants: 7x5, Bassdriver, CosmoKramer, E-Dub, DJ Zap, Biologist, PWN and last but not least Chromium05

Beastiemixes Rap - Acapella-Unedited.mp3   *Raw Pellas*

Beastiemixes Rap - Acapella-100 bpm.mp3

Beastiemixes Rap - Version-1.mp3

Beastiemixes Rap - Version-2.mp3

Beastiemixes Rap - Bassdriver.mp3


Additional Information:
Verse-1 7x5
Verse-2 PWN aka MC JymE
Verse-3 Biologist
Verse-4 E-Dub
Verse-5 CosmoKramer
Verse-6 DJ Zap
Mastering/Mixing and generally working his magic: Chromium05

Beastiemixes Rap - Bassdriver
Music and Vocals by: Bassdriver



Project - 2

Project Information:


Additional Information:





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