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Remix DJ's Rule! (12-31-2010) 12:06 AM

Sucks to be me..............

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-26-2010) 2:23 AM   Damn you DBGuy for blabbering on and on about..........

Been addicted to that game for a couple weeks now, and have not kept up with what's important.  Beastie Boys Remixes!!!

DJ Melle & Son tonight with three of the aformentioned type remixes...  And not just some crap they threw together,  some real swell jammies!! Go ahead ladies, don't be shy,  download now...
So What'cha Want - Get It On The Floor Mix
The Grasshopper Unit - The Old Man Mix
Too Many Rappers - Genius Of Love Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-23-2010) Happy Festivus!!!
MCScoobyT with a Festivus 3-pack for us tonight.... Hoooray! Can we start the Airing of Grievances?
Here's A Little Something For Ya - Festivus Mix
Here's A Little Something For Ya - Was It For You f. Spoon
Too Many Rappers - Your Mother's Dick Dubstep

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-20-2010) 2:41 AM
Well Whad'ya know, Two new remixes...... Sorry about my lack of interest lately, I've been crafting mines...

First up tonight,  a mix that's been waiting two days!! SureShot Shayne with...
Crawlspace - Rhymin' Below the Belt Remix    (Beat heavy, yet subtle)

Next up,  DJ AK47 with......
08 - Hello Brooklyn - This Aint No Bank Robbery (Juicy, yet dry..)

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-15-2010) 10:22 PM
Humble Indie Bundle #2 Get great games, help out Child's Play, EFF, and Indie Game developers all at the same time!!! Pay what you want, $1, or as I would suggest at least $25... Come on, you can do it..... Help out causes that deserve your help..

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-05-2010) 7:29 PM
Beatmaster!!!!!!!! He's back with some brand new original beats.. Crazy stuff...
Ch-Check It Out - 3.0

Also uploaded a 320kbps version of the Bonnaroo 2009 show on the Live page. Much nicer than the previous 128kbps version.

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-30-2010) 9:58 PM
I guess DJ AK47's is not going to remember me, since I'm always "fuckin'" with him. :-(
Flowin' Prose - Fuckin' With Me (I Won't Remember You!)

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-28-2010) 4:02 PM
The Scoobmeister General, MCScoobyT is back today with some juice for us.
New Remix / sMaShUP..
Pop Your Balloon - Tron Pop f. Daft Punk

Dirty / filthy / DIY Pella for Pop Your Balloon.

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-25-2010) 12:18 PM Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Americans!!
Hope you have a great day with Family and Friends!

Even though you guys have forgotten about me over the Holidays. I didn't forget about you, uploaded three bootlegs for you tonight. Enjoy!

Turning Japanese (Japan Live 1994-1995)
B-Boy History
Live From Switzerland [Beastie Beats] June 26 1998

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-18-2010) 9:04 PM
AdZud, my man from Amsterdam!..... Wait, he's French! Yeah! Anyway, he droped a mix tonight, something about Some bleached out people on the grass??
We Got The - ft. Le Peuple de l'Herbe

Oh, and another small item.  PODCAST No. 20!!!  Hosted by "oHIo" (TtownMc)
As always Download or Subscribe for best quality!

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-17-2010) 9:42 PM
Rare as hell interview with Adam Horovitz during his "The Young and the Useless" days....1982, 15 years old!! Download here Adam Horovitz Mudd Club Interview on WNYU FM - August 2nd 1982. More info in ID3 tag, or here..

Also available tonight, Beastie Boys Interview at KXLU 88.9FM Los Angeles (1985)  37mb.

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-16-2010) ?:?? PM HAPPY BIRTHDAY DJ AK47!!!!!
You're now legal to look at members of the opposite sex.. Then one day when you pick out a fine upstanding member of the fairer sex, you can get married, and one day.... Well, look at me getting off on a tangent... Anyway, DJ AK47 dropped a Birthday Beastie Boys remix today...!!! Yep, on his own Birthday!! Ch-Check It!!!!!
3 The Hard Way - DJ AK47's 21st B-Day Mix  (Happy Birthday AK, from me to you, S7)

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-14-2010) 9:56 PM
Wow, what a great mashup, two tracks that mesh so well, put together with precision... There are like 25 Kings on Beastiemixes, and 100 Princes. MC Jyme (AKA PWN Productions) is one of the Kings....
So What'cha want - ft Far East Movement
Remix DJ's Rule! (11-8-2010) 10:53 PM
The guy who barely missed being included in my "First 15 Love" podcast. DJ No.16 our very own DJ B. (shortest name on Beastiemixes BTW) droppin' a new chill jammie.
Body Movin - Chocmix

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-8-2010) 10:05 PM
I tried and tried to tell you guys about this kid, did you listen? Nope..  Now look!!!!!!

Keenan Cahill ROCKED Chelsea Lately tonight with 50
Watch the WHOLE Video!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-6-2010) 2:39 PM
Looking for a Beastie Boys -vs- Dire Straights remix / mashup... NO don't make a new one, I'm looking for an OLD one. Trying to help a brotha' out. Hit me up if you know where I can find one.
Remix DJ's Rule! (11-5-2010) 12:09 AM
It's been 13 days since DJ AK47 went missing.  We were worried, and even sent out a search party.  Bio' was of no use, AK hides in the city, Chro' couldn't find him in the pubs. No worries now though.. Tonight.... He's officially BACK!!!!!!!!!
Pass The Mic - AK47 Is Back! (Demo)            Check it YO!
Remix DJ's Rule! (11-1-2010) 11:31 PM 
Sup' ladies..... What? No new remixes tonight? Worry not. Silence7 is here to keep you company with PODCAST NO. 19.. As always, download or subscribe for best quality!
Download / Stream / Subscribe here...

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-31-2010) 9:15 PM 
Just in time for Halloween, two of the creepiest guys on the site droppin' new remixes.

First up tonight, R2Dj dropping two new jammies for his "Dr.Spock's Party Time Lounge" tape
3 The Hard Way - Not Even Close to the Hard Way
Pass the Mic - Pass the Black Sheep

Next up, the Mile High Creeper,  MCScoobyT kickin' the maestro's ass..
The Maestro - Americas Most Mackin f. Pretty Lights

Oh, and Jim is back with another "The Brouhaha" podcast.

Kid Rock & 3 Skinnee J’s, Ep. 12

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Remix DJ's Rule! (10-26-2010) 10:12 PM
"BLINKY"   (AdZud's Brother) back tonight with some craziness... I don't know what was said during the intro, but the rest was coolio!
Intergalactic - Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-25-2010) 10:53 PM
Yeah, I know I'm late with the news, but, The Beastie Boys site is back online.....


Remix DJ's Rule! (10-23-2010) 8:42 PM
Sorry about the late update AK, been playing Fallout: New Vegas for HOURS!

DJ AKFo'tySeven Working hard this weekend,  unlike me,  dropping three new remixes!
We Got The - SEGA
Crawlspace - Goodbye My Love (Deuces DJ Heather)   [DJ Heather Now Single!?]
3 The Hard Way -vs- Lady On The Run 2 Chopped and Screwed (DJ AK47 and TBeats Collab)

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-21-2010) 9:50 PM
DJ AK47 back tonight with more craziness than one person can handle in a week!! Check these, Fun(ny).
Negotiation Limmerick File - Shinjuku Lights
Stop That Train - Like A Tattoo Sample
Intergalactic - Rescue Lion Bump

Kansas (EdE) also representing tonight,  but in a different way,  almost choked me up when I watched it. Over 4 years, and 125 Hosted DJ's later.. Thanks my man,  that was f-ing cool !!  (Watch the full sized version on YouTube HERE)

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-18-2010) 10:44 PM
Can you guess the sample?  well can ya' punk?!!!  DJ AK47 tonight asking the question...
Pass The Mic - Can You Guess The Sample

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-18-2010) 9:10 PM

BeastieNut from or friends over at Beastiemania.com tonight on The Brouhaha!!!

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Remix DJ's Rule! (10-18-2010) 12:00 AM (Midnight)


Remix DJ's Rule! (10-17-2010) 11:31 PM


Remix DJ's Rule! (10-17-2010) 4:00 PM
LaCasa Feat. BeastieBoys (soundcloud link)
Beastie Boys mash~up remix on dubbel restyle mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-15-2010) 10:11 PM   NEW Podcast! No. 18

None of you will ever have balls as big as this kid's!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-14-2010) 10:32 PM
Big night tonight, brought to you by The Biologist, Podcast from Bio' and new mix by him....Really? Yes really!! Check them both, both are fun and full of chocolatey goodness,  with a nougat filling.

New remix here
Unite - Silence 7's Roller Rink Anthem (Girl You Know It's True)

New Podcast, No. 18 HERE. Download, stream, trade with your friends,  use it to pick up on chicks (doubt that will work), invite your neighbors in for a listen?
Beastiemixes Podcast No. 18 (The Realm of The Biologist) - Hosted By: The Biologist

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-12-2010) 10:27 PM
Alright, one for you bassheads tonight, DJ AK47 Subin' it out with.............
Pass The Mic - This Bass Will Make You Piss Your Space Boots
Remix DJ's Rule! (10-9-2010) 11:44 PM
Our friend from Kansas, Ede, who sounds like he grew up in the Bayou is back tonight with two new remixes/mashups. One I liked, the other I liked a LOT, you pick!
Just A Test - Another One
Root Down - Real Time

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-8-2010) 9:55 PM
Lossless rip of Beastie Boys - Pop Your Balloon here......... Thanks mca64 !!
Remix DJ's Rule! (10-7-2010) 9:25 PM
No new cool shit or mixes tonight, sorry. I just wanted to drop a note. Thanks for all your support, hosted DJ's, non hosted DJ's, downloaders, contributors, and anyone else who visits. I really would not be here without you, so thanks.
Silence Sept

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-5-2010) 10:09 PM
Two cool things tonight... Some rare Beastie goodness, and Triple-S dropped a new jammie jam.

SureShot Shayne tonight with a whole lotta' Brouhaha haha action with........
The Brouhaha - Squirrel Master Remix

Also tonight,  for you peeps looking for weird Beastie junk,  I uploaded the..
To The 5 Boroughs: Interview Disc HERE.

Oh, and check out my package, big isn't it?!

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-5-2010) Midnight
Want to get your hands on some rare Beastie Boys Vinyl, Promos, Test Pressings, Limited edition prints, Official Tour Itineraries, Grand Royal goodies. You're in luck!!! A friend of ours, AstroBBoy is selling off his MASSIVE Beastie Boys Collection! You can see it all HERE... Be sure to click the tabs at the bottom of the page to see it ALL... It's impressive! Maybe pick up something for me??

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-2-2010) 11:36 PM
Krush Groove (Raising Hell) Tour - Madison Square Garden 7-19-1986
Beastie Boys - Whodini - RUN DMC - LL Cool J  - Timex Social Club
On the LIVE page

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-2-2010) 2:17 PM
Two crazy mixes today, from two wild and crazy guys.  First up today!

DJ AK47 with his big beats jam soundin' good..
Ch-Check It Out vs Lil B - Insane

Next up..  TtownMc, the badass from Ohio with this craziness.
Lee Majors Come Again - Vertical Joyride Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-30-2010) 9:57 PM
DJ AK47 taking time out of his busy schedule today to drop us a mix/chop/audio demolition derby addition to his Slowed and Throwed mixtape.
02_Lee Majors Come Again - Remix Chopped and Screwed

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-29-2010) 11:32 PM
Uploaded Interview Thing Lisbon! Interview CD  to the Rare Tracks page today.... See, I'm not totally useless..

Remix downloads are now served up via a Pop-Up for faster downloading of multiple mixes from the same page.  Thanks to RWOO, and DBGuy for all your help,  without you guys, I'm, well, helpless. :-)  If you have any issues with the pop-up, drop me a note.  S7

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-28-2010) 11:26 PM
113 degrees Fahrenheit in LA yesterday. Today the ripper of hippies drops a Beach Boys -vs- Beastie Boys mix, how very appropriate!  The HippieRipper tonight with two new mashups, go check these, mighty fine!
All Lifestyles - Beach Party Mix
Unite - Tommy J Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-15-2010) 2:19 AM
Thanks to Raphael, check this Google Earth / Beastie Boys Mashup HERE   (Broadband Required)
Remix DJ's Rule! (9-15-2010) 11:28 PM   HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOOBY, 33?! You Old Fuck!!!
I had hoped to have the update done a little sooner tonight so Scoob's Birthday would last a little longer, but alas, I had other commitments. But I'm here now, and so is Scoob, another year older and another year wackier.. :-) Droppin' a new mixtape with three pretty damn cool Beastie Boys remixes. Happy Birthday Scoobmeister General!!!
33% Budos (3 for my 33rd B-DAY) EP
01 - Triple Trouble - Budos Triple 1
02 - Ch-Check It Out - Budos Check 2
03 - Triple Trouble - Budos Triple 3

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-14-2010) 10:51 PM
Ok, time to get back to work. Guess what ladies... NEW DJ TONIGHT!!!!!! Please welcome DonRaketo, the German ass kicker, to the Beastiemixes Family, he had only 2, but coughed up the required 3, an I thank him for that. Good stuff, really, you guys should check it out...  Welcome aboard Don!
3 The Hard Way - (Beasty Boys Prod by)
Ch-Check It Out - Beats Beastie Boys
Root Down - Beats Beasty Boys

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-9-2010) 9:40 PM
CJ Hood reppin' the BBMB tonight on The Brouhaha!!! Check it!!

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Remix DJ's Rule! (9-7-2010) 11:25 PM  Happy Day after your Birthday MirMir!!
New "Rare" track today, Start! - Beastie Boys featuring Miho Hatori
Remix DJ's Rule! (9-6-2010) 10:30? PM  Happy Birthday MirMir!!!
Alright kids, clean out some space on your iPod, this is a Biggie! DJ AK47 has smashed together our beloved Beasties with Paul Wall in this MEGA MIX!!!!
Beastie Boys -vs- Paul Wall  (63:10 Long, 89mb)

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-4-2010) 5:57 PM   An Open Letter to Beastiemixers, and visitors alike.

Those of you who filled out the survey so far expressed a desire for more "More Web 2.0 shit" voting etc etc..  Voting probably isn't in our future,  I have my reasons.  For a while before 2.0 I was even reluctant to show the top 25 most downloaded mixes on the "Numbers" page. for fear that it would just become one giant who's numbers are higher game.  We don't really need that kind of bullshit around here. a few high profile sites that are doing away with voting for the same reasons,  people gaming the system.   You can read the reason's for one of them here.

"Rather than build community, voting" "seems to foster an anti-community "who's winning" atmosphere."

The site and I have, so far received many "10" ratings, and I thank you for that.   There's been a call for more Rare Beastie stuff, (I can fulfill this one) and a call for more Rare Videos (If I wasn't so busy, I would have already fulfilled this one)  I've got 7 DVD's full or rare Beastie material I need to rip.

As for the Web 2.0,  I have some ideas,  I have a couple people who can maybe lend a hand,  and if all goes well, you should be impressed.   It won't be Beastiemixes 3.0,  more like Beastiemixes 2.5     If you have ANY ideas for stuff you'd like to see on the site, features you'd like to see,  or anything weird or wacky that you have you'd like to upload/donate to be hosted on the site, by all means,  get in touch with me,  I'd be happy to talk with you about it.

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-3-2010) 11:15 PM

Couple of things tonight...  A friend of mine is selling off a bunch of his Beastie Boys Collection.  This is no normal collection, you'll have to check this out.

Also, check out 5. “B For My Name” (2007)  under (The Five Most Underrated Beastie Boys Songs) Cosmo impressin' the people!! and a nice little shoutout for us. Quote: "Over at the highly recommended fan site Beastiemixes"

Oh, and I got word that the next podcast is almost done.

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-2-2010) 10:15 PM
Alright ladies, in the front, the back, all the older ladies, gather round' I've got some craziness for you today...errr... Tonight? anyway.. AK with two and Big/Little Melle with one.

DJ Melle & Son,  the Father and Son baddasses,  just keep getting better with each new jam. They're here tonight with a fresh new remix..  Evidently this was a hard one.
3 The Hard Way - Hard As Hell Mix

DJ AK47 (B)humping some Adults Swimming, with his newest jammie jams.  Enjoying both of them...
06 - Boomin Granny - Cutcha Coupons Remix
07 - And Then I - Got My Tron On

36B is perfect FYI..........

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-1-2010) 10:41 PM
Bass? Check!! Autotune? Check!! Beasties? Check Check One two OH My Gawd!!! All please bow for the lady of the site. DJ Heather droppin' 2 phat remixes tonight ya'll should check.
Shake Your Rump - Your Love
Root Down - Loyalty

Follow Beastiemixes on

Click Logo (iTunes 10 Required)

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-31-2010) 11:35 PM  Happy Birthday Sis' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK, WWS7D? Why put on the big-boy headphones, (earbuds are for kids) and crank the volume to 11, that's what I DID!!!! SureShot Shayne asking the question....
Electrify - WWS7D Remix

I don't think that either Little Melle, or Big Daddy Melle is allowed to utter the words "Hey Ladies" but they've dropped a mix featuring those very words..  Are they now in trouble with the "Boss" Momma Melle?   Maybe...... DJ Melle & Son braving trouble from Momma Melle, and dropping.........
Hey Ladies - Ooh Wee Mix

Oh,  I've been promised a Podcast by the end of the week by some NorCal foreset dweller,  if not delivered,  I will SHAME the person online in a very big way..!!!!  I have naked photos!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-30-2010) 11:13 PM
The "Chill Meter" hit a solid 8.5 on this next track Giving props to NYC tonight, It's the Big & Little Melle, DJ Melle & Son, droppin'
An Open Letter To NYC - Got To Give It Up For NYC Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-29-2010) 8:35 PM
I sometimes think that this guy is really Adrock in disguise. He's growing on me like a hairy discolored mole,  and I love it. TtownMc, rockin' another phat remix. Concept my ass....
Alive - Concept Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-25-2010) 10:19 PM
DJ AK47 strating up his 41st Beastie Boys mixtape, Will he ever finish one, I don't know... TONIGHT, for one night only, AK47 slowing and throwing mixes on his new mixtape: Slowed and Throwed check the first track NOW!
Ch-Check It Out -vs- Now You're Mine Chopped and Screwed

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-24-2010) 10:45 PM
FINALLY!!! AdZud has a friend. A fellow "frog" has joined the site and he doesn't have to be the only one!

NEW DJ TODAY!!!!  Please welcome the newest member of the Beastiemixes Family, "Blinky"  he's got the required 3,  and I have reviewed them.  They are worthy.  So go and ch-check them out.

Also up tonight, is a guy who's shot is so sure, they named him SureShot Shayne!  Bass in full effect on this one.  Headphones on,  brain rattling around in my skull. "This is the time for SHAZAM!"   Check it! It's oh so nice...
Shazam! - Beastie Batson Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-23-2010) 10:31 PM
Beatmaster, really stepping up to the plate lately with some seriously cool jams...  Tonight he's droppin'
Ch-Check It Out and Shazam - Feat. Frank Zappa (Org Beat)  Great Googly Moogly!!!!!!!!!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-22-2010) 11:59 PM
Big Melle & Little Melle tonight saying, HELLO BROOOOKLYN!!!!! DJ Melle & Son. You may want to adjust your bass settings for this one.
Hello Brooklyn - Live from Citi Field mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-21-2010) 10:16 PM
DJ AK47 bumping some adult swimmers or some such nonsense tonight,  check it..
05 - Root Down - Memories of Space Ghost

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-20-2010) 12:55 AM
So far, from the survey,  you said......  My podcasting voice is "adequate", you would like more "Contests'" and you want more "Web 2.0 shat" Hmm....2 out of three of these things cost money. I'm doing what I can over here. I've maybe made a new contact that can help with some of this. Maybe not. It's a fact of life, on the web or otherwise, cool shit, costs' money... Believe me, I will do what I can, as soon as I can, but I'm not a rich man. Any volunteers well versed in PHP, any guys with phat wallets reading this?   Suprise me!   I have a list a page long of features I'd like to add to the site.

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-18-2010) 12:43 AM
I'm trying to get a feel for what people think about the site, so please take the Satisfaction Survey. All responses are anonymous. I would just like to know what you think about the site.


Remix DJ's Rule! (8-15-2010) 12:15 AM
Rodie tonight with a full on TT5B mixtape!! This thing bangs from beginning to end... Go grab this, NOW!
To The 5 Boroughs - Electrified  (Mixtape)

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-14-2010) 12:12 AM
Oh I know you're gonna' dig this!! Long time no listen, but he's back tonight, Beatmaster, the Master of Beats! with a new mix, I'm assuming "Org Beat" means original, if so, Nice work my man!
Triple Trouble - Beastie Boys Remix (Org Beat)

A documentary by Brett Gaylor about copyright and remix culture.

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-12-2010) 11:54 PM
DJ AK47 droppin' some new rhymes tonight over Beastie Boys beats AK Invasion style!
08. Hey Ladies - AK47 Freestyle

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-11-2010) 11:57 PM
OK, so DJ AK47's been bumpin these "Adult Swim Bumps" but he's been avoiding the most socially important show on Adult Swim... Squidbillies!!!! WTF AK??!! Unknown Hinson as Early, seriously? You know what to do my man.... U.H. is the f-ing man, give some respect! Saw him live once in Hollywood with The Rev. Horton Heat,  will never forget it, best show I've been to in a while....     Anyway, DJ AK47 tonight with a couple new Adult Swim Bumps......
03 - Get It Together - Coming Up Next Bump (Robot Chicken)
04 - Body Movin' - Space Llamas Bump

Tonight I want to thank ALL of the visitors and participants on the site.   Whether you are silent or vocal, whether you upload mixes, or download mixes,   we appreciate your visit,  thanks for making the site what it is.  We Love You!

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-08-2010) 12:50 PM
Three of my homies dropped by today with mixes, Big Melle, Jr. Melle, and T.B.C. (The Big Chicken? The Bone Collector? The Blonde Cockroach?) Anyway I'm diggin' tonight's jammies. Good stuff kids, you should check them both out...

DJ Melle & Son with:  The Brouhaha - The Drum N Bassline Mix

T.B.C. with:  Oh Word - Beatazoid Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-06-2010) 11:23 PM
The "Frog" AdZud is back at it... After harrassing him during the podcast, it seems he still loves me (us), and has graced us with a new mix tonight!
Electrify - Chillin' With Gary Bartz
Remix DJ's Rule! (8-05-2010) 10:15 PM
New Podcast tonight!! Podcast No. 17, Hosted by Me! Ch-Check it out, love it, hate it, let me know how I did..
Remix DJ's Rule! (8-02-2010) 11:53 PM
One of our peeps back in the news again!!!!! Damon Tedesco! Check This and still no shout-out to Beastiemixes?? I understand.....   Oh, and for ME, check out The Wrecking Crew film site.... Follow your heart...

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-01-2010) 10:18 PM
MCScoobyT,  Hatin' on his neighbors today.  Scoob should move out to Cali.
Hey Fuck You - MFer (Neighbor from Hell)

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-01-2010) 1:38 PM
Combine THIS + THIS + Pella for one sick mix....

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-29-2010) 9:58 PM   BangSquish, Get Well SOON!!! You got me worried....
It appears that TtownMc was busy uploading while I was checking for new mixes last night. I missed 3.. Doh! Sorry man, but I usually only check once a night.. Anyway, some bad ass tracks for tonight. Big Love for Ohio tonight!
Hey Fuck You - Strictly for the Nubians Remix
B Boys in the Cut - Hot Wax Remix
Alive - Things Seem to Being Dying Around Here Remix

Things around here are NOT dead.  :-)

Mike, Adam, and Adam,  we could use some new pellas though.  *Hint*  *Hint*

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-28-2010) 9:58 PM
My Favorite DJ of all time. (besides a small list of other DJ's who are my real favorites) TtownMc, This dude's from my Mother's home town, and he drops super phat (with a PH) beats, I love this guy!!! May Scott rest in peace, sorry to hear about his untimely demise in a George Foreman grill accident. You really need to practice "Safety First" when operating those things....
Brr Stick 'Em - Scott Made Me Lay It On A Funky Egg Man Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-27-2010) 12:58 AM
Seriously!!! This MO-Fo is droppin' another Podcast!!!!!!! I've just started planning my next one, and this dude is droppin' like his 6th since my last one.... Good Gawd!!!!! Go Jim! GOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Cey! Hellz Yeah!

Powered by Podbean.com

I'm over here workin' a 9 to 5,  I'll have my podcast ready when it's ready, got it!!?? my peeps... Much Love, S7

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-24-2010) 11:15 PM
T.B.C. (The Big Crustacean) back again with a real banger! freaky styley Boom Boom!
Ch-Check It Out - Jellyfish Mix

As some of you know,  I've been working on a little side project not related to the site, a very personal project,  well it's now done, and has been delivered!  Video below, and link to the Flickr Photo Set Here (See the progress from beginning to end, and the story behind it)  Thanks for all the moral support my peeps!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-23-2010) 11:35 PM
A 5-1/2 minute party is heading your way, Just click here Adzud, and download:
So What'cha Want - Gypsy Jungle, Balkan Drum 'n Bass
It says D 'n B, but I'm thinking Polka??!!
Remix DJ's Rule! (7-19-2010) 10:50 PM
Alright all my little home boys and girls, I finally finished my little side project, and am now free to give you all of my attention again, so let's start out this momemtous occasion with another mix from his newest mixtape "Adult Swim Bumps" DJ AK47 with:
02 - 3 The Hard Way - Ignorance Bump   BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-19-2010) 12:02 AM
Alright my little homies.  I've got a few cool Beastiemixes goodies for you tonight.

T.B.C.  Damn, this fool seems to know my taste's.    All this scratchin' is makin' me itch.  Phat beats and scratching. MMMmmm
Time To Build - Everything Takes Time To Build

DJ AK47 droppin' a new mixtape today Adult Swim Bumps,  sadly I'm not old enough to stay awake for Adult Swim,  or to even understand what's going on. But peep this tape for me..
01 - Body Movin' - Breaking Point Bump

Next,  our man Rodie,  almost kicked some ass today on The Brouhaha's 20 questions game, Good going Rodie.  Jim,  I'm about half way through the Summertime Donnybrook, FUN!!!!     Wondering why we have like 300 people here, and can only do one podcast every six months,  and Mr. Shearer can do 6 on his own in a month!!??  What gives crew??

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Remix DJ's Rule! (7-17-2010) 11:13 PM
AllllllRight, A still wet behind the ears Beastiemixer dropped a fresh one tonight.. I'm really enjoying this one. Has an Industrial feel to it. Go Check It!! T.B.C. with:
Intergalactic - Octopus Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-15-2010) 11:21 PM
SureShot Shayne bringin' it back to the past with this one, tween memories flooding my little brain of what Hip-Hop used to be back in the days with:
3 the Hard Way - Kangol and Dookie Rope Remix
Remix DJ's Rule! (7-14-2010) 10:39 PM
I'm starting to think that there's something in the water in NY. Two of my homeboys showed up today to drop off a mix. Mixing live tracks takes a mental freak to pull off. So, may I introduce two mental freaks, DJ Melle, and Son! with:
Triple Trouble - Beastie Boys Live with DJ Melle in Melles Dome
Remix DJ's Rule! (7-12-2010) 12:24 PM
What's up party people? Not much here, still workin' on the project, hope to be done soon. I see our resident super freak dropped by today and left a couple mixes. You should check them out. Do It!!
DJ AK47 With:
3 The Hard Way - Dopeman
The Brouhaha -vs- Your Love Is My Drug

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-8-2010) 9:49 PM
SureShot Shayne, with a whole lot of F-you anger burning in his gut tonight.. That's ok, we all need to get our anger out every once in a while, Any way, the Tripple "S" tonight with:
Hey Fuck You - My-T-Sharp Remix      BooYAHH!!!!!

Have you guys been listening to this dealio' (The Brouhaha)  if not,  HIT IT UP!!!

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Oh, and Check MCScoobyT on this one, playin' the 20 Questions!

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Remix DJ's Rule! (7-7-2010) 11:10 PM (Thanks For Sending Bieber to North Korea!)
New mix tonight, Bout' F-ing time!!!! My favorite DJ, TtownMc droppin' a P..H...A...T!!! Track tonight..!! But what I don't get... This fool was les than 60 miles away from me, and didn't even see about a meet-up for a beer...??? Really!!!!?? Anyway, TtownMc with:
All Lifestyles - LAXLayoverRemix

Oh, hey ladies,  you wanna' see our very own Funky49 in action, Check this crazy shit! Now this is a genuine NERD!! Fist Pump!!

Oh and check out this 12 year old mix of Intergalactic on YouTube... From DJ Rolla! HOT!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-30-2010) 9:23 PM
Do the right thing, and send Bieber to North Korea!! Go my minions! GO VOTE!!
That's all for today!
Remix DJ's Rule! (6-24-2010) 11:12 PM
I'm going to make a confession tonight, I don't own the propper equipment to play vinyl.... I own quite a few rare 12's but nothing to play them on... I'll have to hook something up soon. Anyway. Adzud tonight dropping the fact that he loves vinyl also.... He's a good kid, listen to his mixes!!
Just A Test - I LOVE (vi)NY(l)

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-22-2010) 8:54 PM
OK, so I'm a slacker, forgot AK's mix from 6-19, so be sure and check that one.. Also, DJ AK47 back tonight with another Invasion track, Ch-Check it out...
07.So Whatcha Want - AK47 Freestyle

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-20-2010) 10:39 PM
First up tonight, The kids are back in town!!! DJ Melle & Son, with a silky smooth one tonight, I wish these two would drop by more often.
Shake Your Rump - Rapid Fire Mix

Next up, a guy who REALLY wants to see my nipples...  Ok maybe he just wants to see me embarrass myself online. Either way,  Adzud smashing the Beasties with Priest!? Whoa!
Unite - Beasties vs. 80's Hair Metal (Judas Priest) - Silence7 Nipples Contest

Wanna' win a photo of me topless, submit a Beasties -vs- 80's hair metal remix/mashup. If I find it to be of awesome quality, I'll mail you the photo! Not officially a contest, but the prize may make it seem so...

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-19-2010) 9:55 PM
The 5th Beastie, back tonight with some new rhymes. DJ AK47 invading for the sixth time..
06.That's It Thats All - AK47 Freestyle

So far, noone's taken me up on the offer for the topless photo.  I'm saddened.

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-16-2010) 9:05 PM  Phat Beats, and an Invasion tonight.
First up tonight, SureShot Shayne, bangin' hard on the skins for his newest mix. Use this one to bother the neighbors upstairs!
Rhyme the Rhyme Well - Suffocating and Drowning Remix

Next up,  we're being invaded by some dude, DJ AK47,  he's invading your mind with crazy ass lyrics in his newest jammie.
05.Super Disco Breakin - AK47 Freestyle

Last but certainly not least, a long time friend of Beastiemixes, PWN Productions,  (MC JymE) with a crazy fun mix! This thing had me jumpin' around the house like an idiot.....
Too Many Rappers - Too Many Mabos RMX ft. Lou Bega

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-13-2010) 9:39 PM
Two of the most prolific Beastiemixers showed up today... A black hole opened up, and swallowed both mixes.. Sorry...


Ok, Ok,  I have their mixes, and so shall you...
First up tonight,  MCScoobyT, with his 1025th mix..!!! Scoob is just as as pissed as the rest of us over all of this BP oil spill fuck up..
This Government Needs A Tune Up - Oil (Needs Some Removin')

Next up tonight, DJ AK47 with his mini-podcast.. Part of the AK Invasion..
04.Grasshopper Unit - AK47 Freestyle

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-10-2010) 10:17 PM
Hey kids, ya' know what time it is? Time for a NEW DJ!!!! Please welcome the newest member of the Beastiemixes family, MagicMS. Hailing from Moscow, with 27 wins, 2 losses, 23 wins via knockout! He's got his required 3 remixes, and he's ready to rock! so take a listen, and let him know what you think.

Next up, some frog,  AdZud!!!  Bringing disco back to the mainstream..  I think he may secretly be the "Beastie Boys Bandit"
The Grasshopper Unit - The Grasshopper Under The Stairs Trippin' At the Disco

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-9-2010) 9:58 PM (I remembered to upload the mix tonight!!)
SureShot Shayne, proving that he's not a drop 5 mixes and leave kinda guy. Here he is with number SIX!
Sure Shot - Cool Whip Remixxxed Remix

Beastiemixes.com gets a nice little shout out from Jim Shearer on The Brouhaha Podcast!  Nice work Rodie!

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Remix DJ's Rule! (6-8-2010) 10:28 PM
Two of my homies showed up tonight.. Thanks for your support girls... :-p

First up,  The man, the myth, the,  well,  legend, that's a pretty strong word....  Anyway,  DJ AKFOTY7,  with his newest jammie jam.. (I heard NO "Snowblind" in there??)
Ch-Check It Out - Cocaine

Next up,  the man whom I owe a postcard,  (I swear it's coming) My man from frogville,  AdZud!!! Smooth as ever....
Root Down - Bomb The Bass mix

Sorry I've been a latchkey parent lately,  but I'm working on "the project"...  Unveil soon.  Hint: (It's not site related) Sorry...

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-7-2010) 10:12 PM
T.B.C. Back at it again,  phat rhymes, and even phatter beats....   GO TBC!!!
Triple Trouble - TBC Remix
Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - TBC Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-6-2010) 12:22 AM
OK, first he's God, and NOW, he's the Devil?!?! I don't know if I understand, maybe you can figure it out, check this one out. DJ AK47 with:
Alive - I'm The Devil
Remix DJ's Rule! (6-5-2010) 12:58 AM
OK, I don't know how I missed this one the other day when it actually got uploaded, I'm sorry... But here it is now in all it's glory.. From a DJ that only says HI, once a year. Rodie, with a mix that jumps from one new track to the next like it's no big deal...  Nice.....
B-Boys In the Cut - Hot Sauce Committee Mini-mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-3-2010) 8:53 PM
First up tonight, back from his trip to the jungles of Idaho, on his quest to find the worlds largest ball of bellybutton lint. May I present The Biologist !
Super Disco Breakin' - Felt Remix

Also back tonight,  fresh from his trip.  He didn't go anywhere, he was just trippin' :-o
Say "hello" to DJ AK47 !
Alive - I'm God

Don't forget to ch-check out The Brouhaha Podcast Episode No. 2 (Dueleing VJs)

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-31-2010) 1:07 AM
Whoa.... Lookie who's here?! Yep, it's the Scoobmeister General, MC ScoobyT ...
Ch-Check It Out - Ri-Rio(u)t Rhythm f. Sleigh Bells
Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun - Rock Step Dub F. Benga and Capleton

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-29-2010) 12:48 AM
Guess what kiddos' Yep, NEW DJ Tonight!!!! Please welcome T.B.C. , the newest member of the Beastiemixes remix community!! Please show him some love, and ch-check out his mixes.
Ch-Check It Out - Ooh Ahh Mix
Ch-Check It Out - Def Mix
Just A Test - First Mix
Right Right Now Now - Whagwan Mix

A Smooth Operator also showed up today and dropped a mix.  DJ AK47 with his newest:
02.  3 The Hard Way - Epoca

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-27-2010) 9:38 PM
The AK Invasion is rollin' on tonight with two, yes, TWO new DJ AK47 Freestyles!
02.Flute Loop - AK47 Freestyle
03.Professor Booty - AK47 Freestyle

I also want to point you to a very new Beastie Boys podcast...Oh and props to Prof D for making it onto Episode No 1!

You can check out their page here:  http://thebrouhaha.podbean.com

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Remix DJ's Rule! (5-24-2010) 11:20 PM  (Watching: I was a male war bride)
Alright ladies, this next unknown Dj is dropping a brand new mixtape (Smooth Operator 2) you may be interested in checking out. First track in is a smooth, mellow, feel good type mix that you should enjoy. Here's DJ AK47 with:
01. Flowin' Prose - London In The Rain

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-23-2010) 12:44 AM
You might recognise this next DJ's name,  he's released a few remixes over the course of his Beastie Boys remix career.  It's DJ AK47, back tonight with a small gaggle of remixes, 15 to be exact,  I'm a little too lazy at almost 1am to list them all,  so I'll just say I hope this finishes the "Smooth Operator" 1.0 mixtape.  I heard there's 5 more in the works! Seriously,  WTF! OMG!   Anyway,  check the 15 newest on AK's page.

Big props for Big J, on going through with his confirmation today,  I'm proud of you my man!! Much love my Brother!! Sorry I sucked so bad at COD MW2......

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-21-2010) 11:39 PM
The Hippie Ripper showed his face around these parts today, dropping two tracks, one for DBguy, and one for ME, I assume. :-)
CarThief - Sports Billiards 93 Remix   (For ME)
Intergalactic - dbguy Challenge Remix  (For DBGuy)

Hey,  guess who's back!!??  Yep,  you're right!  DJ AKFortySeven back tonight with an addition to his "Smooth Operator" tape. I don't know why but this one feels like it came out of the 1940's..
15.All Lifestyles - Keep Movin

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-20-2010) 11:32 PM
First up tonight,  Adzud,  the frog from France,  My friend,  My Brother.....
All Lifestyles - Jurassic Boys, not so Young MC(s)

Second up tonight, DJ Heather...The hottest girl on the site!! With her newest tracks.   Please take a listen,  send her some e-mail letting her know how she's doing.
Pass The Mic vs Slim Thug - Wood Grain Wheel
We Got The - Adrian's Aquatic Bass Mix
We Got The - Dirty Dance Floor Mix
We Got The - I Violate
We Got The - Progressive House Mix

Next up tonight DJ AK47,  with additions to his "Beastie F Baby" mixtape as well as a couple misc. mixes......
Beastie F Baby
08.Pass The Mic - Stunt Hard
09.Time to Build - Receipt
10.Hello Brooklyn - Bring it Back

Pass The Mic - Top Notch
Pass The Mic - Pass The Dutch

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-19-2010) 11:43 PM
Looks like someone's branching out, spittin' phat rhymes, rockin' the mic!!! DJ AK47 doing all of the above with his newest jammie jam... (oh and new mixtape, The AK Invasion)
01. The Move - AK47 Freestyle

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-16-2010) 8:38 PM

\m/   R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio   \m/
July 10, 1942   -   May 16, 2010

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-14-2010) 11:21 PM
First up tonight my fellow drunken bastard,  Nucking Futs!!! I'm sure he's starting off the weekend early on his way to a 3 day bender,  Cheers Mate!
All Lifestyles - Smirnoff Made Me Do It

Next up..........

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-13-2010) 10:39 PM
Oh Yes kids, two of my super special friends showed up today and wow'd the crowd!!

First up today is E-Dub,  who's been trying to get this mix uploaded for like the last 6 months... What!!!??
Spam - Magnum PI - 44 Magnum

Oh, and then there's this guy who WON the last remix contest, Felix something or other. with his newest mix.. Damn Kiwis'  Did you know that the cows over there have stripes?  They Do!!!  I swear!!!
Sabotage - Straight Sabotage

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-12-2010) 10:33 PM         
Good Evening Ladie(s), this time I mean it!! Guess What?!!  NEW DJ TONIGHT!!  Please welcome our newest DJ,    DJ HEATHER she's got a full mixtape of mixes ready for you to check out. Give them a listen, and drop her an e-mail letting her know how she's doing.

Also Up tonight,  AdZud,  with one of the funkiest mixes on the site, along with the most bad ass cover ever, Starsky and Hutch!! YES!!!!!!
Time To Build - Zebra 3 mix

Then,  there's this guy, DJ AK47, who finally lightened up on me a bit,  No new mixtape tonight from him, only a single mix,  but it's a fun one, so Check it!
The Brouhaha ft. Earth, Wind & Fire - Let s Groove

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-11-2010) 9:49 PM
DJ AK47,  Another night kicking my ass. with 7 more remixes for his "Smooth Operator" mixtape. Go AK, Go AK!!
09.Ch-Check It Out_Cruisin'
10.We Got The_Timeless
11.Rhyme The Rhyme Well_PNC AUX Portes
12.An Open Letter To NYC_Cleopatra In New York
13.Hey Ladies ft. Troublemakers - Electrorloge
14.Thats It Thats All_Last Tango In Paris

Also tonight,  I want to ask you guys to help support Child's Play (Who buys games and systems for kids in the hospital)  And the Electronic Frontier Foundation "EFF" (Who look out for your rights online) by purchasing for a PRICE YOU SET,  6 indie games for PC, MAC, and Linux.  Great games, you set the price, and the money goes to help charity.  More info on the Humble Indie Bundle here.   Do it for the kids,  you cheap bastards!!!!! 
Love, Silence7

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-11-2010) 2:01 AM
Insound.com is running a drawing to win some Beastie Boys Vinyl !!!

"Insound is giving away some of the Beastie Boys' best albums on vinyl - Hello Nasty, Ill Communication, and Check Your Head! With each LP being either a remastered edition or a deluxe version, you have the potential to win big."

Click the Logo to check it out.

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-10-2010) 11:38 PM  Watching Letterman!
DJ AK47 kicking ass for a second night in a row continuing on with his "Smooth Operator" mixtape.
03.Stop That Train ft. Shirley Bassey - Where Do I Begin
04.Flowin' Prose ft. Cosmos Sound Club - Les Chrysanthemes
05.3 The Hard Way - Late Lounge Lover
06.Crawlspace - Latazz
07.Ch-Check It Out - Latazz Remix

Biologist,  Check and/or Answer your E-Mails!!!

Frank Frazetta
You were THE one who inspired me to paint.
Thank You!

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-9-2010) 10:30 PM
DJ AK47 today with a metric buttload of mixes,  whoa,  Beasties' vs Depeche Mode,  hmmm,  Contest?!  Hmmmmmm
We Got The -vs- Fedde le Grande -vs- Ida Corr - Let Me Think About It
Triple Trouble - Enjoy The Silence
The Move -vs- Ignorant Shit
The Brouhaha - Serial Killer
Stop That Train -vs- Mr. 17.5
Stop That Train ft. The Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets
Spam -vs- Like You
Flowin'- Prose Between The Sheets Remix
Ch-Check It Out- ft. Daft Punk - One More Time

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-9-2010) 1:46 AM  Happy Mother's Day all you Mothers!
Sorry so late, but I've been busy cookin' lima beans.... 

Up tonight,  the Wonder Twins!  Big Melle and Little Melle,  DJ Melle & Son,  the dynamic duo,  with their smash, No. 1 hit:
Body Movin - Smooth Move Mix

If you'd like to see how I work,  you can download my Podcast No. 16, as an Acid file (.acd-zip) HERE (331mb)

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-7-2010) 11:18 PM
SureShot Shayne, I'm gonna' let you off easy. Throwing that scratching in there, makes me weak in the knees, and makes me giddy. More Please!!
Alive - Norman Rogers Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-5-2010) 10:03 PM       Oh Shit!!!!! The Elements Project!

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-2-2010) 10:35 PM
DJ AK47 back today smashing songs together! This time the victims err, I mean featured songs are Ch-Check it out and Don't You Want Me,  a song that came out when I was 11,  and ready to hear something New Wavy after years of listening to Van Halen.
Ch-Check It Out ft. The Human League - Don't You Want Me
Remix DJ's Rule! (4-27-2010) 10:48 PM
Beastiemixes.com Podcast No. 16 is now LIVE, get it while it's hot... Hosted by ME, so you know it sucks.....
Stream / Download / Subscribe HERE!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-23-2010) 11:45 PM
Alright kids, I have to be up early and ready for work, so I'm gonna' make this quick..

DJ Melle & Son,  playing Eve Online??  Guess so....
An Open Letter To NYC - EVE Online Music NYC mix
Pass The Mic - EVE Online music mining mix

The Biologist continuing his Grateful Beastie / Phish? mixtape.. Not a big fan of hippies, so I don't get the connection. :-/
03_Spam - You Enjoy Myself (Phish) Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-20-2010) 11:22 PM
Alright homies. Some new stuff tonight, Duh....

DJ AK47 fulfilling DB Guy's request with:
No Sleep Till Brooklyn - Hanger (Only Mashup) (DB Guy Request)
And........ Another Mix........
Rhyme The Rhyme Well - Naughty Nigel (Greedy Money Mix)

The Biologist taking time away from studying the mating habits of kangaroo mice to continue his Grateful Dead mixtape with:
02_Ch-Check It Out - Eyes of the World (Grateful Dead) Birthday Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-20-2010) 11:15 PM     HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIERRE !!!!!!
AdZud back with a Birthday present for someone? Well I hope Pierre has a very happy Birthday, and a good year ahead!
Rhyme The Rhyme Well - Pierre's Birthday Mix   (Beastie Boys - La Caution)
Remix DJ's Rule! (4-19-2010) 10:45 PM
Chro'mium05. Yep, he was here today, and yes he dropped a new mix, check it here. NOW!!
Rhyme the Rhyme Well - null funf-reimen der Reim gut

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-17-2010) 11:25 PM
The boys are back!!  DJ Melle & Son.. and might I say,  with a very fine mix,  I'm lovin' this one. Is that short little intro bit from Van Halen's "1984" song?  Inquiring minds (mine) want to know.
Intergalactic - Big Bang Mix

Record store day was a success,  scored 2 copies of the Super Surprise 12"

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-17-2010) 1:20 AM
Two crazy MoFo's dropped new mixtapes tonight,  and I need to get up early for Record Store Day!!!

MCScoobyT's new tape, "Licensed to dILLa" with 5 new juicy tracks!
An Open Letter To NYC - That NYC Hot Shitt (Is Back)
Flowin' Prose - Sterolabbin' Prose Flow
Hold It Now, Hit It - Hold It, The World's Full Of It
Johnny Ryall - Johnny's Donuts
Paul Revere - Pauls' Egypt Ride

And then there's The Biologist's new tape, "The Grateful Beastie (Check Your Dead Head)" with one lonely track.. :-p
Paul Revere - China Cat Sunflower (Grateful Dead)

Be sure and get out there today and find yourself a copy of Beastie Boys - Super Surprise - White Label 12" there's 1000 of them out there. Like golden tickets!

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-15-2010) 11:35 PM Much Love from S7!!!!!!!!!!!!
See, I take ONE day off and I missed AdZud's Birthday! I'm extremely sorry!!!!!! It'll never happen again.. No more days off for me!!!!!!

First up tonight AdZud!!!!!!! Happy B-day my Man..!! 
Body Movin' - Ego Trippin' aka My Birthday mix  Check this yo' it'll make you feel all good inside!

Next up,  some beotch called The Biologist,  what kind of name is that? Is he an actual "Biologist"?    I dunno'  but this dude produces some fun mixes.... Here he is adding to his "Beastie Amerykah" tape, with:::
02_Looking Down The Barrel of a Gun - Didn't Cha Know Remix

Now, One of our newer mixers,  Malkavian Boy,  this guy is serious as a mofo, Vampires WTF!??  kickin' out the jams I love!!  take a listen to:
Body Movin' - Mambo

Alright ladies, I'm halfway throught a bottle of Sauza Blanco, so I'm signing off.....  Addresses for postcards!!!!! Get it going....  Seriously, nobody wants a postcard from me????

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-14-2010) 11:30 PM  U.S. Tax Day!!! Pay your taxes deadbeats!
If anyone know's how to get into direct contact with Biz Markie, shoot me an e-mail!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-13-2010) 11:30 PM
Alright ladies, big update tonight, so let's get it on!!!!

New DJ, SureShot Shayne back tonight with a jammin' new track.  I like this guy already!
B Boys In the Cut - My Name is Breeztie357 Remix

MCScoobyT or "Scoobtron 3030" as he wants to be called, dropped a new mix tape tonight.
"DefTRON 40(is da new 30)40"
01_Pass The Mic - 3030
02_Flowin Prose - Memory Loss
03_Sabotage - Love Story
04_Putting Shame In Your Game - Madness
05_Three MC's and One Dj - Mastermind

And a Misc. track too!!  Four Fly Guys - TMRv.4FG first fFour Fly Guys remix on the site!

DJ AK47 also decided to show up after taking a few days off! :-p  Continuing his "Smooth Operator" tape with:
02_3 The Hard Way - Hi-fi Trumpet Boyz

Speaking of taking time off, I may take tomorrow 4-14 off, so if you upload a track,  good luck with that.. :-)

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-12-2010) 8:15 PM
Please welcome our NEW DJ TODAY!!!!  Malkavian Boy,  our newest family member! Go check out his tracks, drop him an e-mail etc etc.. You know the drill.

Come on Beastiemixers, Follow @M1XMASTERM1KE and win this thing...
"An exclusive prize will go out to my 3000th follower."

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-11-2010) 9:32 PM
What better way to spend a Spring afternoon, videogames, and making remixes with your Son!
DJ Melle & Son with: So What'Cha Want - F Zero Mix
Remix DJ's Rule! (4-10-2010) 9:42 PM
Well what do we have here? One of the little lost sheep has returned to the flock. It's very appropriate though, I buried one rat last night, now there's one that has returned! Good Deal..
Welcome Back Fatty Ratty!!
Body Movin - Ja-Ja-Ja-Ja-J5 Quicky

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-9-2010) PM  R.I.P. Hinata, Spelling? I was alergic, but I still liked you..
He ladies, I've got some new tracks for you tonight, ok, they're not mine, but I'm hosting them, so kinda? Anyway, ladies, hit me up!

First up, The Biologist, (the hippie) with a new tape (Beastie Amerykah) and the first track is..
01_Pass The Mic - Gone Baby (Don't be Long) Remix

Also,  my little brother, DJ AK47 with a new track, reminds me of a tv ad....... Hmm
All Lifestyles - Whos That Lady (Year and a Day)

I'm on the Bass tonight after the funeral,  so don't take me seriously... Sorry..

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-8-2010) 11:17 PM
Surprise visit from Ede Spaghetti today! When's the next podcast Ede? Oh, and stay off the Mary Jane!
Stop That Train - Mary Jane

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-7-2010) 9:42 PM
AdZud, single handedly saving the entire music industry from the hard times they're going through right now. How, you ask! By bringing the phat beats that the people crave of course!!! Check it!
B Boys In The Cut - B-Boys in the PIKU-t (very very late contest entry starring Will Ferrell)

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-7-2010) 12:25 AM
Alright ladies, big night tonight.... Ya' know why? NEW DJ TONIGHT!!!!!! Please welcome
SureShot Shayne to the Beastiemixes family, he's only been mixing for a while but he's better than I am, that's fo' sho'! 3 mixes, Check!
Brr Stick 'em - Disco3 Remix
Oh Word? - To tha Mutha Remix
Sure Shot - Cool Whip Remix

Oh, and some old dudes showed up too...  :-p

Chromium05 !!!!!!!!!  Yeah Really!!!
Ch-Check it Out - Millionth Remix

DJ AK47, back after his 24 hour hiatus, with a new tape (Smooth Operator) and also a misc. track.
01.Flowin Prose - Yauch's Yachts (A man called Adam Remix)   (S.O. Tape)
All Lifestyles - ft. Bizzare Inc. - Im Gonna Get You Baby

And last but certainly not least,  our friend, AdZud,  making right, the musical wrongs in the world.
Too Many Rappers - This beat was deserving better than a brainless rapper

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-5-2010) 10:04 PM
What's up my peeps? Everyone OK?   I hope so...

Someone dropped by today,  you may have heard of him,  maybe not..  DJ AK47!  He drops by from time to time, check his newest.
All Lifestyles - Waldos In My Wine Cellar

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-4-2010) 10:46 PM
MCScoobyT, Tweaker? Maybe... Listen to this one and judge for yourself..
Girls - Girls Drunk Girls f. LCD Soundsystem

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-3-2010) 12:22 AM
It's always a surprise when this charver, Chromium05, shows up and drops of a mix, it also signals we're about to hear some goodness..
Pass the Mic - Brrr-Rmx

Oh, and then there's this slooch, DJ AK47, throwin' a "Summer Party"  and it's barely Spring time.  :-p
Ch-Check It Out - Summer Party

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-1-2010) 10:07 PM
I told you guys,  no jokes today,  I may think of something later though  :-p

MCScoooooooobyT,  taking time of from his teaching duties to drop a VERY chill new mix,  nice find BTW...
3 The Hard Way - Believe The Hard Way f. The Dirty Heads

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-1-2010) 12:32 AM  Happy April Fool's Day
For the first time in 4 years, I'm not going to mess with you guys today.  I feel bad enough for what I did last year.  I would just like to take this opportunity to say that I appreciate every one of you guys.  Whether you have 1 mix or 100,   I appreciate that you have joined the Beastiemixes Family, and I'm glad that you've stuck with us for all these years.

OK,  that out of the way,  we have some good stuff for you guys tonight....

First up,  NEW PODCAST!!!!!  DJ AK47 dropped Podcast No. 15 today,  so plug in the iPod, or the Zune, and sync this bitch up so you have something to listen to later today...

Next up, AdZud!!!!!!!  Yep,  he's back!!! He's been away for a bit, but now he's returned with some Beastie love in the form of Spam...  Viva Le France!!! Go check this out...
Spam - Was I that drunk or it still sounds good

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-30-2010) 9:00 PM
Ede, (Podcast Master) is here today with 4 minutes of fun! I prefer Flour myself, but corn for tacos...!?
Intergalactic - Corn Line 6

DJ AK47 (future Podcast Master) also dropping a mix that makes me wonder what's going on in HIS demented mind?!
Rhyme The Rhyme Well - What Goes On In Nucking Futs Demented Mind

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-30-2010) Midnight AM/PM
Buenos Dias/Nochas mi amig(os/as)...  Two of my homies showed up with mixes tonight...

The Biologist droppin' sweet remix love with.....
Body Movin_Never Gonna Get It Remix

And DJ AK47 going back to a time before he was born to drop.....
Ch-Check It Out -vs- Kavinsky - 1986

Also,  say hello to our new friends at www.swissbeatbox.com  Good stuff over there!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-28-2010) 10:45 PM
DJ AK47 killin' it tonight with two new ones. I'll have to inform you, that if there's to be any partying at my place, it's gonna' have to be BYOB, because it's dry as hell over here. And I'm thirsty.
The Brouhaha - Party At Silence7s Place ft. The Klaxons
3 The Hard Way -vs- AKs Sofa Rockers

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-25-2010) 12:15 AM
The Biologist, back tonight continuing his Harvest Sessions tape with:
No Sleep Till Brooklyn - Sugar Cube Psychology

DJ AK47 also back tonight continuing a tape, his Strictly Hip-Hop tape..
16.Flowin' Prose - What's Good

Naturetone is also back,  he's been gone for a while,  but like a good friend he's back to see us again. Tonight he dropped....
3 The Hard Way - Kyoto Rmx

He's been gone working on his first album (Not Beastie related),  you can check it out here, Very cool,  I'll be rockin this in the iPod today!

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-22-2010) 10:38 PM
No new mixes tonight but some cool stuff thanks to Scoob! First off, Uffie - MCs Can Kiss - Mike D Remix available to download from the rare page or her website..

Next up, Vulcan's Altered Beasties mixtape.... Download from their site,  (click the cover)

Vulcan, altered beasties

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-21-2010) 10:05 PM  Breaking Bad is on tonight I gotta hurry!
The Biologist today with another hot one..
Super Disco Breakin - The Bailout

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-21-2010) 12:23 AM
The Biologist back tonight with another juicy Springtime mix.
Just a Test - Sun Swords

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-20-2010) 1:00 AM
Back from his vacation disecting frogs, and hiking in the mountains looking for Sasquatch,
The Biologist, with his newest mix and the start of a new mixtape titled: Harvest Sessions. Welcome Back Bio' !!!
B Boys In the Cut - Evolutionary Defense Mechanism (hateraid)

DJ AK47 back from his time spent dealing with his Boats and Ho's,  and general pimpin',  with two new trax!!
Ch-Check It Out - Poseidon In My Pocket
The Brouhaha - Zeus Got Loose On That Grey Goose

You guys seriously have no idea what goes on behind the scenes to bring you the cool stuff... Mixes, videos, rare tracks, boots, etc etc...  I have help from friends, but seriously, it's a lot of f-ing work..

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-18-2010) 9:18 PM
Podcast No. 13, (92 Minutes of Beastie Love) the Halloween Podcast I meant to release just before Halloween last year is finally done. Sorry it's so late, but life sometimes get's in the way of things. Hope you all enjoy it. I had fun making it.   So,  who's next,  AK???? I'll mail you a mic if I have to.. Just ask Cosmo!

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-17-2010) 

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-15-2010) Late PM
Uploaded Beastie Boys - Juiceman Interview - July 7th 1994
Download / Stream

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-14-2010) 10:55 PM
Wow, the Dynamic-Duo, Cheech & Chong, Tom & Jerry, or maybe Bill & Ted? Naaahhh,
It's DJ Melle & Son !!!! Back after a short hiatus, welcome back guys.
SPAM - Smelly Deli Mix

Back from a super short hiatus... It's EK BL58!!! with a spicy little number, you might even say sultry..
We Got The -vs- From P60 - New Way (Nikola Gala's Cxx Remix)

Added a few videos to the videos page, (duh) Check out the Beastie Boys playing as Triphammer video Download Here, or Stream Here (YouTube)

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-13-2010) 11:43 PM
Twice in a day I'm workin' for this guy..(DJ AK47)   :-)    Summer's not here yet, and I don't get a vacation,  but I do like remixes and mashups, and I also like the Beastie Boys. So I'm gonna' sit back and think about summer now.
The Brouhaha - Summer Vacation

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-13-2010) 1:34 AM
DJ AK47 back tonight/today with a very chill mix..
Unite -vs- She Will Be Loved

Uploaded Beastie Boys on YO! MTV Raps,  Download High Quality or YouTube.

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-12-2010) 12:03 AM
DJ AK47 is a busy little beaver isn't he! :-) Couldn't fit a Beastie line in there anywhere?
Too Many Rappers - ft. Nas - Money is my Bitch

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-11-2010) Early AM
DJ AK47 with NINE MORE MIXES!!! dirty bombin' the strictly hip-hop..
07.An Open Letter To NYC - 9th Anthem
08.Flowin' Prose - Hadizzle
09.Hello Brooklyn - Do You Mind
10.Time To Build - Ghostly
11.An Open Letter To NYC - Close Your Eyes
12.In A World Gone Mad - Dirty Bomb
13.Flowin' Prose - Harpoon
14.No Sleep Till Brooklyn - Sugar
15.An Open Letter To NYC - Do You

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-6-2010) Late PM/AM
DJ AK47 back again with a bunch-o'-tracks today...
Strictly Hip-Hop
06.Root Down_The Wild Things Are At Beastiemixes.com

Also a new tape added.... An AK State Of Mind 2
01.The Grasshopper Unit -vs- Flute Floop (Finally!!)
02.Oh Word -vs- White Lotus
03.Hello Brooklyn -vs- The Maestro
04.Stop That Train -vs- Slow and Low
05.Ch-Check It Out -vs- Finger Lickin Good

Oh, and check out the Radio Nova Freestyle (1994) 11-Minute Long Beastie Freestyle
Bottom of the Live Page.... Thanks Adzud!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-4-2010) 10:00 PM
DJ AK47 adding to yesterday's tape. This track is not what I expected at all....
05.The Grasshopper Unit - Flute Hop

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-3-2010) 10:54 PM
Two guys showed up today! Actually I think last night, but it was very late before I noticed...

MCScoobyT,  seems to be going a little experimental with his three newest mixes. Not in a bad way mind you,  just listen for yourself.
3 Minute Rule - Ape Dick
Mini Mega Mix - Beastie Stylo f. Gorillaz
Time To Get Ill - Time To Get Orchestrallaz

DJ AK409 -362 dropped the beginnings of a new mixtape today,  Strictly Hip-Hop Check this thing out!!
01.Sure Shot - 9th Wonder - Chandelier
02.Body Movin - Melodrama
03.B Boys In The Cut - Laidback Fire
04.Rhyme The Rhyme Well - Rain Drops

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-2-2010) 12:32 AM  &  10:43 PM

Part No. 1  Beastie Boys LIVE in Miami, FL.  May 29th 1992 VIDEO   (.mp4)  (226mb)
Part No. 2  Beastie Boys LIVE in Miami, FL.  May 29th 1992 VIDEO   (.mp4)  (210mb)

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-28-2010) 10:38 PM
R2Dj putting MMM and the Beastie Boys in a blender tonight and hitting MIX!!
That's It That's All - Thatzilla

I hope to have something cool for you guys tomorrow,  you had better pay up your broadband account!

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-24-2010) 10:49 PM
What did I do to deserve this? First a Podcast, and now he's back with mixes?!! Whoa! Continuing on with his Coastal Emotion mixtape, it's Nucking Futs with:
06_The Brouhaha - Sleepless Night
07_Looking Down The Barrel of a Gun - Morning Departure

Don't ask where tracks 2-4 are.......

Oh,  got this in the ol' beastiemixes in-box a few days ago,  go check it out...

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-22-2010) 10:16 PM
MCScoobyT, Continuing on with his "Milk D & The King Ad Rock are..." mixtape. Droppin' 4 new mashups, blending Milk, and the Beastie Boys.. You really should check this.
Electrify - Rud-e-lectrify Cocky
Hello Brooklyn - Go Hello Brooklyn
No Sleep Till Brooklyn - Brooklyns Illin' & Top Billin'
Putting Shame In Your Game - It's A Shame (That U Is On Da Mic)

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-19-2010) 11:04 PM     Happy Birthday MOM!  Hope you had a good time!
Our man Nucking Futs came through in a big way today... with a PODCAST!!!!! Go check the podcast page. You can Stream it, Download it, Subscribe to it in iTunes, or on the Zune Social. I know that BangSquish from the shoutbox will appreciate the TMBG backing sample I heard in there..   Nice work NF. Now if we could just get some other guys to pitch in too.. :-)

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-18/19-2010) Midnight
I Don't Appreciate You Accusing Me of Killing Your Mother is back today bringin' the magic!
Alive - Magic Medicine

I've got a surprise for you guys tomorrow night!

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-17-2010) 10:29 PM
Whoa, three low number DJ's this week, here's the third (No. 10). Previous contest winner, and all around cool guy, Next, with his newest jammie..
Too Many Rappers - 808 Love

Djey AKAY 43+4 back today with another track for us tonight,  never really watched Sealab 2021,  I'm more of a Jonny Quest kid... (I'm old..)
B Boys In The Cut - Coming Up Next Bump (Sealab 2021 Edition)

I really hope that with the release of Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 1, the Beasties release a bunch of pellas like they did with TT5B...

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-16-2010) 11:38 PM
This MoFo never gives up, DeeJay AyKay XXXXVII, back today bustin' out 4 new jams, a little smorgasbord of mixes, something to suit everyone.. AND, it's all you can eat, so who can complain!?
3 The Hard Way -vs- Lovetheme
3 The Hard Way -vs- Telepopmusik - Anyway
Root Down - Ruiner Remix
Hello Brooklyn - Hello Mikey Rocks


Damon Tedesco back in the Beastiemixes news...........

Wolfman opened Feb 12th! Take a listen for music that he mixed for composer, Conrad Pope. Live orchestra and choir recorded in Los Angeles, along with mixing at his studio for the supportive music and sound departments at Universal Pictures.

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-15-2010) 11:31 PM
Chromium05,  need I say more?  Ok then, go get this track!
Stop That Train - So What'Cha Want (Metronomic Mix)
Merry Christmas Chro' ;-p

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-15-2010) 9:03 PM
Free album downloads courtesy of Mix Master Mike...


Remix DJ's Rule! (2-14-2010) 11:30 PM
I've been gone for a couple days for a family medical issue. Got to wander around Hollywood for a couple hours in between waiting room sessions, visited La Luz De Jesus gallery and went to Vacation and found some pretty cool contest prizes for the future.

Now I'm Back!! And so is TtownMc, man I love when this guy comes around. Go check this chill mix,  it was a great one to come back to.
Alive - Can I Kick It Delinqent with Lee Majors Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-10-2010) 11:30 PM
DEEJAYAYKAYFORTY7 back with another instant classic.. Felt like I was in space listening to the entire track!
All Lifestyles - ft. John Foxx - Plaza (Demo)

Family emergency, so I'm going to be away for a few,  Take care, and try not to burn the place down in my absence! I promise to return with a story and something cool.  Probably a postcard from Hollywood!

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-09-2010) 9:30 PM
Apple doesn't love us enough to allow us to be on iTunes, but Microsoft put us on Zune.net. I may have to turn in my iPod touch for a ZuneHD..!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-08-2010) 10:35 PM
Oh yeah! DJ Melle & Son got away from Mom long enough today to kick out a sweet jam!! Thanks "Mom" for letting the boys have some fun..
Hold It Now,Hit It - UB40 Long Long Way Riddim Mix

I Don't Appreciate You Accusing Me of Killing Your Mother dropped a turtle powered mashup today,  Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go!!!
Intergalactic - TMNT

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-07-2010) 11:30 PM
I'm a day late on this, Sorry Scoob... MCScoobyT with the beginnings of a new tape (Milk D & The King AdRock), I don't know how far he can take this one, but we'll see... It's one of the more interesting ideas I've seen in a while..  Go Scoob,  GO!!!!!!! Sometimes you surprize me... This is one of those times. :-)
3 The Hard Way - Laid & Paid 3
Electrify - Electri-fry
The Scoop - Scoop'n Spam
We Got The - U Got 2 Get Off My Lizzog 2

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-05-2010) 11:54 PM
I Don't Appreciate You Accusing Me of Killing Your Mother, Bringin' the East Coast -vs- West Coast / Brooklyn -vs- Compton rivalry to Beastiemixes. But there's no beef here,  everyone's gettin' along just fine!!!
So What'cha Want - Dr.Dre in da MF House

Also tonight on the Rare page....  Big thanks for the donation!!
Here's A Little Somethin For Ya (DJ Shadow Dry) [From DJ Shadow DJ Hero 12]
Here's A Little Somethin For Ya (DJ Shadow Wet) [From DJ Shadow DJ Hero 12]

And some cool news for anyone who's a fan of our very own Damon Tedesco,  just like last years Superbowl,  Damon worked on two more commercials for this year, doing the recording and mixing for the Priceline "Evil Twin" commercial as well as the Coca-Cola "Sleepwalker" ad below.  You can check out his other work at www.scoringmixer.com

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-04-2010) 10:30 PM
I Don't Appreciate You Accusing Me of Killing Your Mother,  Seriously, I don't...  And also seriously, he's BACK!!!
Body Movin' - Guess Who's Back

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-03-2010) 11:45 PM
A big thanks to pomDeter!! Uploaded a new mix tonight, all hardcore and such, and also donated a Beastie Boys Interview for the Bootlegs Page. Going above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks pom!
Sure Shot - 5 minutes sure shot

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-02-2010) 9:00 PM
AyyyKayyy  FORTY 7,  tonight with a whole load of new jammies for the anniversary parrrrrtay!!!
No Sleep Till Brooklyn - It's Cool
Shake Your Rump - Shake Your Rump and Get Outta Control
Stop That Train - Monopoly Railroads Mix
The Brouhaha - So Glad (Hideo Kobayashi Remix)
We Got The - AK47's First FL Studio Beat from 2006

Happy Anniversary!!!
was started on February 2nd 2006.  You know what that means?  Yeah,  I've been busting my ass for you guys for four years now. :-p   I would like to take this chance to say THANK YOU!! To all of my hosted guys,  thanks to all the friends I've made along the way,  and thank you to all the visitors who come and download all the remixes and mashups that the guys around here work so hard to produce. 


Remix DJ's Rule! (2-01-2010) 10:00 PM
OMG!!!! It's DJ AKFortySeven with a nice smoooth one tonight, just a chillin' little mix, something to listen to while you're sipping a nice glass of Châteauneuf-du-Pape..
Body Movin' - Run To The Sun

Click To Download!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-26-2010) 11:10 PM
The Dream Team!!!! Dj Melle & Son, dropped a sick Beastie Boys remix tonight. See kids, teamwork really does pay off...
Rhymin' & Stealin' - Illin' In The House Mix
Remix DJ's Rule! (1-25-2010) 10:21 PM
Couple of new tracks on the "Rare" page (top of the page), and also something new on the "Live" page (bottom of the page).
Remix DJ's Rule! (1-22-2010) 11:02 PM
Beastie Suite       Check It!!!!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-21-2010) AM
I Don't Appreciate You Accusing Me of Killing Your Mother Back with anotha' crazy 80's mashup!
Intergalactic - Jungle Love

Added two videos to the Videos page, Stream on the YouTube link, or Download full quality versions by clicking the screenshots.  Have Fun!

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-19-2010) 9:41 PM
The Hippie Ripper,  Ripping it up once again,  tonight, it's a mellow one,  check it,  you'll like it.
Sure Shot - Bada Bing Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-17-2010) 12:57 AM
Three DJ's Tonight.  I've been drinking, so I'll just introduce them........

DJ Melle & Son With: Too Many Rappers - Nuthin' But Net Mix (Mix that'll having you wish the new album would hurry up and be released already!!)

I Don't Appreciate You Accusing Me of Killing Your Mother With: An Open Letter to NYC - Sorry,Blame it on Me (Nice chill mix that'll have you head bobbin' and thinking of New York)

MCScoobyT With: Oh Word - Oh Word Up f. Cameo (Had me thinking of 80's music for some reason)

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-11-2010) 9:00 PM
I Don't Appreciate You Accusing Me of Killing Your Mother, Back tonight with a much harder mix than the ones from last night.
So What'cha Want - Puritania

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-Ten-20TEN) 10:37 PM
Mixing as:  I Don't Appreciate You Accusing Me of Killing Your Mother,  our newest old DJ...
Intergalactic - No Limits
Intergalactic - Robot Rock
Right Right Now Now - Pin-Up-Express

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-Ten-20TEN) 1:25 AM
MCScoobyT, yes, the Scoobinator! back today with some waaay fun Beastie Boys mashups. It's late, I'm tired, but these perked me right up. Go Scooby Go!
B Boys In The Cut - We Cuttin Emcees D with A Plasma Ryfle f. MMM
Lee Majors Come Again - Lee Major's 38 f. Cee-Lo
Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun - LDTBOAVW
Too Many Rappers - 2 Many Rap Sissys, Not Enuff Napalm Grenades f. MMM

Paid up for 2 more years of hosting a couple nights ago,  so we're all good until 2012!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-6-20TEN) 9:49 PM
Hello ladies... Welcome to the 800lb gorilla of Beastie Boys remixes. I've got two new ones for you. Speaking of ladies, how come there's never any girls hanging around on the site...?? WTF.. Anyway, on to tonight's mixes..

Chromium05,  the legend,  back today with a fresh new one...
Ch-Check it Out - Mode Selecting Mix

DJ AK47, the young upstart,  also back today with fresh new one...
Too Many Rappers - On To The Next One

First girl remixing Beastie Boys tracks to contact me gets free hosting!! :-p

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-5-20TEN) 11:00 PM
DJ AK47 with another new track tonight. Bumpin' little joint!
The Brouhaha vs Intergalactic (Jazz Remix)

Our newest family member TiRich is also back tonight with three new Beastie Mixes,
Negotiation Limrick File - Coin Collector mix   (It'sa me, MARIO!!)
Sure Shot - Chemical mix    (Should have been here for the contest, Duh!)
Sure Shot - Winning Style mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-4-20TEN) 11:30 PM
May I introduce, for your listening pleasure, a, NEW DJ TODAY!!!!! Please give a warm welcome to the newest member of the Beastiemixes family, TiRich, 6'8" 240lbs, and full of beats!! Drop by his page, check his mixes, and let him know how he's doing.
Alive - Touching Sky mix
Pass the Mic - Propeller mix
So What'cha Want - Bigger mix
So What'cha Want - UnkleTi mix

Oh,  and some guy, DJ AK something or other stopped by today.... :-p He also dropped some new Beastie Boys remixes off for us!  Check his out too,  and let him know how he's doing.
Flowin' Prose - Hammer Bros ft. The Cool Kids
Flowin' Prose - Let It FLOWin' Prose (I'm In Motion)

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-3-20TEN) 9:30 PM
Short and phat! DJ AK47 droppin' a brief MEGA mix today, Cool Kids / Beastie style...
Mini-Mega Mix - Cool Kids MegaMix


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