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Remix DJ's Rule! (12-11-2008) Semi Late PM
DJ AK47 today with a MEGA-Mix featuring like 100,000 rappers, seriously! Featuring about 15 seconds of actual Beastie Boys performance,  and I'm going to try and overlook the inclusion of Kanye. :-)
Stop That Train -vs- M.I.A. - Paper Papers ft. Bun B Rich Boy Lil Wayne 50 Cent Kanye West and Lil B from The Pack (AK47 Mega Mix)

Ok,  Now is the time for a little site participation.  One of your fellow DJ's is going to be performing live, playing, and writing songs at the same time (Freestyle) in front of a live audience, and would like a little feedback.  If you value your current hosting situation here, I would watch the video below and e-mail an honest review to the good Doctor and let him know what you think.  Please remember he's looking for feedback,  not spam for viagra.  Also remember this is live freestyle,  writing lyrics and playing at the same time.  Good luck with your hosting!


Remix DJ's Rule! (12-10-2008) Reasonably Late PM
Oh the freaks came out today, two of them!!

MCScoobyT with two unlikely mixes, Beastie Boys -vs- Johnny Cash, and Also Common /Afrika Bambaataa cRaZy Fun!!!!
Paul Revere - Paul Revered f. Johnny Cash
We Got The - Universal Ill Control f. Common Bambaataaaaa

DJAK47 tonight with a tribute to sanitation workers everywhere...
Crawlspace - Garbage Day Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-9-2008) Not Too Horribly Late PM
Continuing his domination of the total mix count DJ AK47 has dropped two new mixtapes and additions to a current mixtape tonight, while I'm not going to list all 23 new tracks, I will point you in the right direction to download them.  Ready.....   Set........   Download!!!!
New Mixtape Karmageddon 2
New Mixtape Saturday Night Specials
New Tracks available on Just Breathe

Random track player working on this page, and streaming also now working on the Podcast page,  let me know if you have any problems with it.

Damn I work hard for you guys!  :-p

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-7-2008) 1:00 AM
DJ AK47 back at it tonight,  with a couple additions to his "Just Breathe" mixtape
02. We Got The -vs- Breathe (AK's Clean House Mix)
03. All Lifestyles -vs- Breathe (AK's Dirty House Mix)

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-5-2008) 10:30 PM
Alright kids, are you ready for some hot, sweaty, mix on mix action!!??

NEW DJ TONIGHT!!!!!!  Please welcome the newest member of the Beastiemixes family,
Peter Gray
, check his mixes, and then fill his e-mail in-box with beastie love!!

Also tonight, some dude, started his 83rd mixtape this year, that dude?  DJ AK47 that's who,  Just Breathe,  featuring one mix so far, and I'm sure more to follow.
01. Ch-Check It Out -vs- Breathe

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-3-2008) 11:30 PM
R2Dj Continuing his Crossfade Colossus mixtape today with his newest.....
Right Right Now Now - Right Now J Dilla - R.I.P. J Dilla

Also continuing a mixtape today is DJ AK47, back with another "Late Night Classic"
05. We Got The -vs- Trentemoller - I Wish (Late Night Mix)

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-1-2008) 11:33 PM
Alright ladies and germs, I've got something special for you guys tonight, Dubinator's (E-Dub) newest Beastie Boys jammie from the Country Prison Sessions Mixtape, it's good, I Garontee!!
02 Car Thief - Who Broke It, Huh?

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-30-2008) 7:20 AM
Alright, it's a good day today. New mix, and a new podcast!!

First up today Naturetone with his newest remix. A trippy little number with sauce on the side.
3 The Hard Way - Discoscratch Rmx

Next up,  RMXBOT2000 is BACK!!!  With his/her newest Podcast,  75 minutes of Beastie Boys love,  chopped, and blended like a smoothie! Download the full MP3 if you can so you get 100% sound quality.
Beastiemixes Podcast No. 6 (The Guest MCs MetaMix)  Hosted By:  RMXBOT2000

Christmas is coming,  remember your loved ones!
My Amazon.com Wish List

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-29-2008) 1:45 AM
Late again! My life is still in the process of falling apart, that's my excuse...

DJ AK47 with the fourth track on his sleepy time mixtape, Late Night Classics.
04. The Brouhaha - Getting Closer To The Brouhaha

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-27-2008) 7:56 PM
DJ AK47,  workin' when the rest of us are sleeping.  And probably sleeping when the rest of us are working,  but anyway, a mix that I was a day late to upload (Sorry AK)
03. All Lifestyles -vs- We Got The - An Evening In Paris Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-25-2008) 11:18 PM
This Late Night Classics tape isn't turning out so bad, good stuff so far.. DJ AK47 with the next track in this 300 track mixtape work in progress,
02. We Got The - Latenight Cab Driving Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-25-2008) 12:08 AM
It may not be the year of the rat, but THE RAT IS BACK!!!!   Fatty Ratty is back in the game, and in full effect!!! He says, and I quote, "quick and dirty for the return of the Rat" But his "quick and dirty" uses a special blend of dirt! Probably lots of manure mixed in. :-p
The Move - Gang Starr and the Boondock Love

DJ AK47 with the beginnings of another mixtape,  Late Night Classics,  first track is in,  and it had me all relaxed and ready to be done for the day.
01. Stop That Train - Because We Love The DJ

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-22-2008) Eaaaaaaaarly AM
I think this one's been waiting long enough... DJ AK47 tonight with an Addition to his Aviator Classics mixtape, bastard child of his Tekken mixtape, I give you......
We Got The - AK's Cloud 9 Tekken Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-20-2008) Laaaate PM
DJ AK47 tonight with his tribute to Tekken!  A 20 track tape featuring samples from every Tekken game. (Sorry I was a Soul Calibur man myself...)  Go check this monster out.
Beastie Boys Invade TEKKEN

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-19-2008) 9:50 PM
MCScoobyT with a, uhmmmm I don't know what you'd call it exactly, but it's a GIANT live Mega-Mix, 25:30 worth, clocking in at 48mb, Just go download it, it's fun, I listened to the whole thing and look at me, I'm smillin'
MegaMix   Live In Denver 11-04-08 - Thinking About Denver

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-18-2008) 10:26 PM
Ya know, I've had a fairly bad day today, and just when you think that it's going to suck until the very end, you come home, crack a brew, and check for new mixes, 7x5 and R2Dj made my F-ing day, Thanks guys.

7x5,  Nothing need to be said,  go download now!! Shit's hot!!
We Got The - More Fun to Compute-Sex Monster

R2Dj Thank You!, Thank You!,  big smiles over here.  Funny,  because I have a watch that actually cost more than my car! :-)  Be sure and grab this one too,  awesomeness!!
3 The Hard Way - Yes, Yes Ya'll

Sorry about the drunkin love e-mail to you guys the other day,  but I was feelin' the Beastie Love..

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-17-2008) 9:51pm   WELCOME,  Naturetone!!!
Guess what, NEW DJ TODAY!!!!, Please, EVERYONE, Welcome Naturetone to the Beastiemixes family, he's from the same place as Bassdriver, (Berne, Switzerland) so you know he's gonna' be good, He's got three mixes that are sure to impress.. Go check them out NOW, and drop him a note to let him know how he's doing.
All Lifestyles - Central Park Rmx
Electrify - Child Rmx
Rhyme the Rhyme Well - Dont Burn Me Rmx

Oh,  and some dude named AK something, dropped a second track for his Aviator Classics mixtape,  Oh yeah, DJ AK47,  go check this out,  pretty good.....
02. The Move - First Class Mix

My life has pretty much gone to shit over the last few days,  so mix that shit up and don't be affraid to upload a crapload of mixes, I have tons of free time now...

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-16-2008) 11:30pm
DJ AK47 with the beginning of another mixtape, Aviator Classics, first track up.....
01. 3 The Hard Way vs Angela McCluskey - It's Been Done (DJ AK47's 19th B-Day Mix 11-16)
Happy Birthday AK!!!

Added two shows to the live page,
Get Out and Vote Tour - Denver, 11-3-08
Get Out and Vote Tour - St. Paul, 11-1-08

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-13-2008) 11:42pm
TtownMc tonight with a little jam that sounds like he's sampled 2-40's clangin' together? Or the scene from The Warriors, with the bottles, Alright enough teasing, It's a good track, DOWNLOAD IT!!
Ryme the Ryme Well - Ching A Ling Remix
Warriors,  Come out to Playeyaaaaa......  Warriors,  Come out to Playeyahaaheaaa...

Also tonight,  a shout to a non-hosted Dj, DJ Cassidy from Denver, Colorado (ScoobyT's home town),  dropped a new Beastie Boys mixtape, titled, Beastie Project 2.5, 15 tracks of goodness,  Beastiemixes Approved!  You can download it here, (48mb)  leave him some love on his MS Page.

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-11-2008) 10:13pm
Happy Tuesday!! Two new Beastie Boys mixes for you guys tonight, And Hallucigen, Don't worry about buggin' me, I love your mixes.

First up tonight Hallucigen,  with a a nice vocoder and big beats mix..
Sabotage - Sabot-Age6

And also tonight,  some dude,  AK something,  Oh yeah, AK47, with his newest creation,  Nice blend of the Beasties and Lil' Wayne, good stuff.
Pass The Mic - ft. Lil Wayne - Smoke That Kush ( 11-11 ) Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-10-2008) 12:38am
MC Marlin with another new track!! I can see this is going to be a great comback from Marlin, 100 new mixes from him, is what I predict over the next month!! Ok, I can dream! Haha.... Sorry about the late update Marlin, I've been pre-occupied, and as a fellow gamer,  I'm hoping you'll understand. :-)
Oh Word? - MC Marlin's Nas Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-8-2008) 10:00pm
TtownMc, the crazy Ohioan, back tonight with 2 juicy tracks for you, I wasn't prepared for the sample at the end of the Dance 4 Me track, and nearly fell outta' my chair!  :-)
Hey Ladies - Dance 4 Me Remix
Pass The Mic - Humpty Underground Remix

MCScoobyT also had time today between eating marshmallows, and busting ghosts, to drop a new mixtape entitled: The Future Of Weird,  featuring,  Santogold, Jarvis Cocker, M.I.A., Lee Scratch Perry, and Kid Cudi.. SIX Tracks of classic Scooby!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-8-2008) 12:44am  Streaming is still semi-broken, (depending on browser, and flash version)
Awwwwwhhh Yeah, MC Marlin is back, I rattled his cage last night looking for some help and he brewed up his newest creation as we chatted into the wee hours. Thanks Again Marlin!!
Body Movin' - MC Marlin Remix
Contains samples from the following artists: A Tribe Called Quest, EPMD, Big Daddy Kane, Spice 1

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-7-2008) 12:22am NEW DJ(s) TODAY!!!!
So I get an e-mail the other day from the owner of On The Move Music asking about putting up a Beastie mix from one of his clients. I was just going to add it to the front page,  but decided to break my own rule and make a page for these guys.   May I present, all the way from Ibiza, our newest DJ(s)  Soundaholix!!
Fight For Your Right - Remix (8 minutes of Techno/Trance)

You can see them in action HEREHERE, and HERE.....

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-5-2008) 9:11pm
Superman has kryptonite, Green Lantern has the color yellow, I have scratching.... And so there you have it, my weakness! And so I presesnt you with this next mix from Thom Dozo:
Alive - Marley Scratch

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-4-2008) 10 Thirty Pee Em
For all of you who went out and voted today, whomever and whatever you voted for, good job showing up, we need more elections like this.

Tonight,  the return of nYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYgel!!!! Did you know that it was him that came up with the idea for Beastiemixes?  Ok not really but he was there at the birth! Anyway,  nYgel dropped his newest track today, ya need to go check it..
Sabotage - Remix

Dropping his second B-Boys -vs- Nine Inch Nails mixtape is DJ AK47, this time a full length LP 9 tracks, with a "Bonus Track"
B-Boys -vs- Nine Inch Nails LP

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-4-2008) Midnight
DJ AK47 with a new mix today, never letting us go a day without one :-p
All Lifestyles -vs- Telepopmusik - Pump In It

Don't forget to vote today, vote for whomever you like but be sure and do it.  Remember,  you're not just voting for yourself,  you're voting for all of us,  cast your vote wisely!

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-2-2008) 8:45 pm
Two new Jammie Jams, Both great..... Downoad them both, in fact, download them both multiple times!!

DJ Desmondo,  after a short vacation from the site,  seems to be back, and in good form with:
3 The Hard Way - Hard Bitch

MCScoobyT  Who's going to be seeing the Beasties tomorrow,  (Don't forget to bring the recording equipment) dropped this one today to pay homage to upcoming show.
This Government Needs A Tune Up - Govermentals f. Tenacious D

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-1-2008) 11:45 pm
We've gone all digital up in this Mo-fo tonight...!!!

First up,  Nucking Futs with a juicy one called Just A Test - b1nary c0de

Next up is Da Masta Jay Leave,  with our second digital masterpiece tonight, entitled:
We Got The - NES Robocop 3 Mash

I noticed nobody used the sample I dropped in the shoutbox,  hmm,  Ok,  it wasn't all that great...

Oh,  and if this track is yours,  come claim it "Govermentals f. Tenacious D"

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-31-2008) 1:15 am    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!
I've got a number of treats for all you tricksters out there today!!!!

7x5 with a hauntingly fun track tonight/today....
Hey Fuck You - All Hallows Eve Remix

The Biologist with a track featuring samples from one of his relatives,  Cousin Joebob..
Car Thief - Impala Sunset

E-Dub with a great beginning to a new mix-tape Country Prison Sessions,  ya know,  my old man says there's only two kinds of music, Country and Western, Dubmeister provin' him right??
01 Sabotage - All In My Soul

MCscoobyT who I hassled the other day,  and I was proved wrong....  Busted out a new mixtape today entitled The Get It Together LPTen tracks of craziness from the Scoobinator!  I really think he may be growing on me. Go check it out.

DJ AK47 also dropped a new mixtape today,  Beastie Boys -vs- Mixmaster MikeSeven tracks of turntablism straght outa' Erie.... (Looks Cold)   I don't know if AK is growing on me yet,  but this helps a lot...  Go check this too,  in fact be sure and download all the tracks from today....

Have a fun,  and safe Halloween guys,  See you all tomorrow!!

Recommended watching on Halloween, My favorite horror movie series!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-28-2008) 11:12 pm
Ok, since I'm already 3 sheets to the wind, I'm feeling all lovey, so any sins that have been perpatrated against the site are now obsolved. Let's start fresh and learn our lesson.

Tonight,  Apearing Semi-Live we have....

Peter Brown with a real smooooth one titled....
Triple Trouble - Remix No. 2

Nucking Futs,  with a not so smooth one,  but good none-the-less, titled...
Ch-Check It Out_Dead Fucking Last

And then there's MCScoobyT, with an addition to his "The Mix-Up Guest Vocal Edition" mixtape. You know we love you Scooby,  in that weird, Uncle we only see once a year at Christmas, who has the weird comb-over, and always says he has something in his pocket for us, sort of way... :-p  Sup' Scooby?  Where Ya' Been? I don't know if I got all your track names correct since you don't follow directions, and I had to guess, and you also seemed to me to be using The Mix Up mentals, along with other pellas, mashed with other pellas so I just named them as the pella names,  Cool and the Gang? or The Price is Wrong Bitch??
Guest Vocal tracks....
19 - 3 Minute Rule - Beasley Is A Beast - Lindsey's Rat Is A Beast f. Phase Rock and Santogold
20 - Finger Licken' Good - LTD - LT(Tenacious)D(Denver) 11032008
21 - Lay It On Me - The Panda Rat - On, Panda Jimmy f. M.I.A.
22 - Body Movin' - Politickin - Politickin Boyzs

Misc. Track
Hey Ladies - Project - Hey Ladies Get Plastered

Next Project,  Beastiemixes Rap No. 2 (Where Silence7 actually participates)?,   or Chemical Brothers -vs- Beasties?

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-26-2008) 11:30 pm
Alright kids, got a couple new mixes/mashes for you today. Nice to see Thom Dozo back at it, and also the mix machine AK. Good stuff from both guys.

Thom Dozo with:  Stop That Train - D-Train feat. the Beastie Boys

DJ AK47 with:  That's It That's All - Dreaming Of Paris

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-25-2008) VERY Early am
Globemallow Spike doing his part to move the Halloween Mixtape along, putting his own political spin on it,  I love it...!!!
MiniMegaMix - Gila Monster '08

Hallucigen also dropped a funky one today,  good stuff from Prague....!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-22-2008) 10:29pm
There's one (Ok a couple) guys on the site you can always count on to bring the golden jams, 7x5 is one of those guys! Tonight with his contribution to the Halloween Mixtape...
Body Movin - Giant Leeches Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-21-2008) 10:20pm
A big sorry to the guys who uploaded mixes last night and I didn't get to them til' today... :-(   To all the random downloaders out there, it was worth the wait!!

A couple guys who've been absent for a while showed back up.  And Oh YEAH!!!!!!

YES!! The return of Chromium05 this guys never fails to drop tracks that just make my day!!!
Ch-Check it Out - out-out-out-out

PWN Productions,  I wondered when we'd see my favorite Netherlandian? DJ again,  it's been too long PWN!! Glad to see you and Chro' back at it,  even if only for a track or two.  I miss the old days!
We Got The - Attack of the Giant Leeches - Suckin' Like a Leech RMX

Hallucigen,  "Drums, Sound of fire, Wind and Snow Walking - I cut these samples like kokain" Hallucigen does NOT f-around he drops some serious tracks,  I'm lovin this one, as it's got a nice industrial feel to it!!!
Electrify - Electric Fire

DJ AK47,  I wish you'd come back every day and drop a new mix,  oh, wait, you do.... ;-p  How ya doin' AK? I think my girl is goin' to love this one!
Pass The Mic -vs- Busta Rhymes - Blackout 2.1 (Black Sabbath Mix)

We've managed to assemble some of the greatest talent on the net, here under one site, and I'm very proud to be associated with all of you!  Thanks!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-20-2008) 11:15pm
With a happy little tune tonight, it's Boy Woolner with:
Body Movin' - Can't Stop Movin' Mix  (Beastie Boys Vs Sonny J)

Also back for like his 3rd visit this year :-p  Dubmeister E-Dub with a love song for us..?
The Grasshopper Unit - She's Like the Wind

It's a little after 11pm,  I'm going to try and finish up the podcast,  but I've still got a lot of work to do,  so no promises,  yeah I know,  blah blah blah,  it'll be done real soon now the hard part is over.

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-19-2008) 10:09pm
F-ing tard next to me with his 500w surround sound system, loves to watch crappy action movies with the volume set to 11, then there's the people upstairs from me, wood floors, and beating each other up again. Luckily for me, I've got a 1000w system, and over 2300 Beastie Boys remixes and mashups at my disposal! So F-You neighbors!!!

DJAK47 today with a saucy little number he likes to call.......
All Lifestyles - Just Dance Sucka'

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-18-2008) 11:09pm
Hey kids, are you ready for a mashup? Good... I really don't know what to think of this next one, I like it, it's creepy up front, then it's happy, Huh? Go check it out for yourself...
Nucking Futs with: Brr Stick 'Em - You Are Who You Eat

Have I ever mentioned that MMM is the F-ing Man!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-17-2008) 11:30pm
The Biologist, between all of his sasquatch/human cross breeding experiments managed to drop a new track today, a contribution to the halloween mixtape as it were..
Thats it That All - Attack of the Giant Leeches - HIRUDO

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-17-2008) Laaaaaaaaaate
OK, the update's been done for hours, but I'm just now getting around to the announcement, so yeah...

Someone came back to see us today,  DJ KAI TOMBO ! ! ! YES!! He came and dropped off his contribution to the Halloween mixtape,  come back Kai, we miss you.. Notice, his remixer number, 9, he's been with us for a loooong time..
All Lifestyles - 10.31 Shrewd Mix

DJ AK47 dropped a new mashup tonight, big bass, then nicey nice music, then rhyming, then nice music. :-p
That's It That's All -vs- Etienne De Crecy - Relax

Go buy something from "Download Girl"  see the link in the Left Hand menu.

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-16-2008) 12:40 AM
Alllllright! DJ AK47 with a real fun one tonight, this one had me daydreaming of my youth, which was soo long ago.
All Lifestyles -vs- Animotion - Obsession (AK's Malibu Club Mix)

M-Seq dropped a spicy track for the Halloween Mixtape today,  Good Stuff...
Right Right Now Now - Attack Of The Giant Leeches

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-14-2008) 10:57 PM
DJ AK47 tonight with a wicked one, I think this one gave a a rap attack!!
All Lifestyles -vs- Whodini - Magic's Wand

YAY!!!  Hallucigen's back with a new one tonight, this one's gonna burn your ears! Be careful...
Stop That Train - Stop That B-Brain

Back to working on my Halloween podcast,  I swear,  this one's gonna be good!!!

Had to use "The Button" today....  He was a good DJ and will be missed. There was no "Ban" or anything like that,  but be nice to me,  I do have a "Button"

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-13-2008) 10:27 PM
Don't drink tequila and update..... It's rough.......

Tonight,  E-Dub, the incredible short film guy and "J-Smooth" hater came by, and also DJ AK47 showed up..

E-Dub(meister) dropped a track that's had me rockin' for the last half hour or so,  I know I've heard the samples before,  I just can't place them right now while I'm busy ruling the world.  More mixes E-Dub!!!  And don't you think it's time for a new photo on your page?  Just wonderin' :-p
High Plains Drifter - Viva La Remix

DJ AK47,  our newest gung-ho mashup/remix wunderkid contributed to the Halloween mixtape tonight, I liked this one,  sample heavy,  nice transitions, (weird ending?)  good stuff!!
Stop That Train - Attack of the Giant Leeches (AK's Dead Muzik Mix)

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-11-2008) Late PM
MCScoobyT is the first one in with an entry for the Halloween mixtape with.....
Sounds Of Science-Looking Down The Barrel of A Gun
Giant Gila-Killer Shrews - The Sounds of Natalie P. Putting Her Tricks On Me F. Bushwick Bill

DJ AK47 released a new mixtape today also, B-Boys -vs- Atlas Plug, 8 tracks of electronica..

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-11-2008) EARLY AM
Almost forgot to make the announcement last night, so here I am a either Very Late, or Very Early the next day.....

Click Here for Halloween Fun

Do my eyes deceive me,  is that a mix from none other than 7x5 waiting for me,  Oh Hell Yes!  7x5 took on the DBGuy request,  go check it!!!
Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun\We Got The - DBGuy Remix

TtownMc with another one,  he must have heard I like his tracks :-)  And I think he made this one just for me,  because I like lap dances, and I'm a nerd!
The Brouhaha - Lapdance Nerd Remix

Go Check this site MASHDEX - The Internet Music Mash-up Index

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-9-2008) 9:37 PM
Tonight I've got a bass heavy track from one of my favorite mixers, TTownMC, Straight outa' OHIO, don't know why but I always enjoy his tracks, go get it.
Root Down - Break Beat Mix

DJ AK47 coming through in a big way for DBGuy with a Mini-Mega mix of his requested track. 8+ minutes worth!!  I've e-mailed him and I'm sure he's gonna' appreciate this.
Mini-Mega Mix -vs- Frog Machine

Are you guys actually interested in some Halloween fun??

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-8-2008) 11:15 PM
Allllright, We had a long time hosted DJ come back tonight with a brand new remix, Hallucigen, all the way from the Czech Republic, go check this one,  HOT!!
Brr Stick 'Em - BB vs HALLUCIGEN - Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrremix

We also had a recent regular drop a mix tonight,  can you guess who it was?  Yaaaaayah,  DJ AK47 with his newest creation,  soundin' nice and creepy,  like the backing music from Death Wish,  just before Charles Bronson kicks some loser's ass....
Pass The Mic - Oldschool Alleyway Mix

Anybody take a crack at DBGuy's request I posted on 10-4 ???

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-7-2008) 11:00 PM
OK, lots of stuff tonight...

First up,  Squer with a duo, a deuce, dos, numero 2, tracks tonight both fun, go get em'...
Intergalactic and Alive - Frog Machine
Root Down - Sound and Vision Mix

Concerning the second track,  I have a good story,  Sound and Vision was a song that David Bowie did when he released his Sound and Vision box set,  which was like $60 at the time for the CD version and $35 for the Cassette version,  I had a girlfriend that Looooooved Bowie,  so I went out to get it for her,  I found the CD version for $35,  WOW!!  I took it to the register for them to ring up, and the girl said this is marked wrong I'll have to charge you $60,  I said "well it's marked $35" she talked to the manager and had to sell it to me for $35...  Schweeet!!

Next up tonight,  DJ AK47 with a new mixtape, B-Boys -vs- NIN,  I'll keep my thoughts on NIN to myself,  but you should check out AK's new tape yourself.  :-p
01. All Lifestyles -vs- The Mark Has Been Made
02. Pass The Mic - Fight Club Theme Mix
03. 3 The Hard Way -vs- The Great Collapse
04. Time To Build -vs- The Frail

MCScoobyT also released a new track today,  and part of the filename was, "Halloween Contest Entry"  ???  I haven't announced any contest yet,  and I may not,  things are very hectic around here at the moment,  It may be more like an unofficial "Hey let's all mix this song in celebration of our favorite night of the year!"  But right now my mind is in other places.  So Scoobmeister,  I'm gonna hang on to this for a bit,  but I will say,  I had fun listening!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-6-2008) 11:53 PM
DJ AK47 with a groovy mashup for tonight, this one's a bit on the mellow site, which is what I need tonight, I needed to relax a bit, so thanks!
All Lifestyles - In My Bathroom Gellin' Like A Felon Mix

I'm gonna' have to start charging you guys rent around here,  I'm broke as a joke..... :-p

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-5-2008) 10:17 PM
DJ AK47 Back tonight with a new mixtape, Karmageddon 6 tracks of trippiness.
01.Ch-Check It Out -vs- American Boy
02.Root Down -vs- Swagga Like Us
03.Pass The Mic - Shawty Say Mix
04.The Grasshopper Unit -vs- Sucker MC's
05.Thats It Thats All - AK's Karmageddon Mix
Stop That Train - Not A Stain On Me(Beastie Mix) [Bonus Track]

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-4-2008) 11:23 PM
Alright, after a rough night, I'm back at it again, good as new.. I proclaim tonight is We Got The night!!

DJ AK47 With a three pack of We Got The jammies.....
We Got The - We Got The Wild Thing (Peaches Remix) Mashup 1
We Got The - We Got The Wild Thing (Peaches Remix) Mashup 2
We Got The - Hot 'n Cold Mix (DJ AK47 Dedication To heartThe Biologistheart)

DBGuy also has a request of you guys,  if you don't know who DBGuy is,  ask in the shout and I or one of the minions will inform you. Let's just say,  that without him,  my job would be a lot harder than it already is.

Using the song "Frog Machine" by Infected Mushroom (track 7 from their "I'm the Supervisor" album), I'm interested in seeing what the guys can come up with.  Along with that song, I'm requesting that they somehow manage to incorporate two different Beastie Boys acappellas into the mix.  Can it be done?  =)

Sooooo  Get On It......  :-p

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-3-2008) 10:12 PM
Short and sweet tonight, Heading out for Halo Night with Big-J !!!

Squer,  3 new mixes...
The Grasshopper Unit - Keep Movin' (Living Wreck Mix)
Alive - Another Dimension Mix
Shake Your Rump - Break Lesson

DJ AK47,  3 new "Bonus Batter" mixes
05.Time To Build -vs- Pale White
06.We Got The -vs- Benny Benassi -vs- Global Deejays - San Fransisco Dreaming
07.The Grasshopper Unit - The Number One Grasshopper Unit

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-1-2008) 10:43 PM
OHHHH Yeah, Ede with a sample heavy, funky beat, 8 minute long version of Ch-Check it Out that had me grinnin' like a little kid.
Ch-Check It Out - Jam On It (Dirty to Digital Mash Up)

DJ AK47 worked up yet another mixtape, The Dungeon,  kickin' out 6 previously un-mixed tracks, while maybe not technically perfect these mashups are a whole LOT of fun, enjoyed every one of them.
01.Picture This -vs- The Brouhaha
02.Sneakin' Out The Hospital -vs- Rhyme The Rhyme Well
03.The Blue Nun - This My Nun Mix
04.And Me - Get It Mix
05.Now Get Busy - Sister Saviour Mix
06.Instant Death -vs- Stop That Train

Notice anything new? Or was all my work done in vain?

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-1-2008) 12:15 AM
DJ AK47 tonight with the beginnings of a new mixtape (Bonus Batter), 4 tracks of fun samples and crazy beats...
01.Brr Stick 'Em -vs- Body Movin' -vs- Alive -vs- God Given (DJ AK47's B-Boy Mini-Mega Mix)
02.We Got The-vs- Run DMC -vs- Bodyrox - Its Like My Bodyrox
03.Thats It Thats All -vs- Lloyd feat. Lil Wayne - I Want You And Thats It Thats Al
04.We Got The -vs- Yoshimoto and Trentemoller - Do What U Du (Trentemoller Remix)

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-27-2008) 1:27 AM
With a mix that just fun as hell,  it's Ede with a new one tonight,  yeah, vocals could be a little higher, etc,  but so what, I like this one.
Ch-Check It Out - The Buddy Holly Mix

The Biologist with his highly anticipated (by at least one person) addition to his "Hello Funky" mixtape, sounding smooth!!
The Brouhaha - Automatic Remix

And also tonight, DJ AK47 with two Miami themed mixes, Ahhh,  Miami Vice,  that show was THE shit back in the day.. The Ferrari, the lack of socks,  the girls.....
3 The Hard Way -vs- Crockett's Theme (Miami Vice)
Stop That Train - A Morning Drive Through Vice City Mix

I'm working up ideas for a Halloween project,  Halloween Podcast put together by me with your Halloween mixes,  a contest,  just everybody submit Halloween mixes, and I'll upload them all on the day before Halloween,  etc.....  Any ideas,   drop them in the Shout Box, and discuss.  I'll be keeping an eye on it.

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-24/25-2008) Midnight
Squer today with a mix that I think 7x5 might enjoy, I saw him pop into the shout yesterday, so I know he's still around, you know if I'm recommending a track to 7x5 it's a funky one, so go check it.
Hey Ladies - $$$ Mix
Remix DJ's Rule! (9-24-2008) 12:11 AM
If there's something strange in your hood, who ya gonna call? Squer!!!
Intergalactic - Ghostbusters Remix
Remix DJ's Rule! (9-22-2008) 11:22 PM
Squer back tonight with two more mixes, Any mix that samples a harmonica, or snoop, is good in my book, and tonight we got both!!
Right Right Now Now - Rosa Parks Mix
So What'cha Want - "G" Thang Dirty Vinyl Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-22-2008) 12:21 AM  Late Update, I had a visitor.
New Dj Squer dropped by and left a couple new tracks.
Super Disco Breakin - Guitar Man Mix
Triple Trouble - I Want U Back Mix

Nucking Futs!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-20-2008) 11:54 PM
Dubmeister General, E-Dub is back tonight, with a Beastie Boys mashup that should give you some indication of what MY heartbeat sounds like every night when I upload the new mixes.
Electrify - Heartbeats

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-19-2008) 12:15 AM
Guess what? NO, that's not it, guess again, nope, that's not it either. Ya' give up yet?
YEAAAYA! NEW DJ TODAY!!!!! Please welcome Squer all the way from ??? with four tracks that are worthy of your time.
Alive - Enth E Nd
Ch-Check It Out - Numb-Encore
Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun - Black Sabbath Dub Mix
Pass The Mic - Lying From You-Dirt Off Your Shoulder

DJ AK47 also dropped a new track,  big beats, great synth, I'm really diggin' this one!
We Got The - We Got The Sex, Bass & Rock N Roll

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-18-2008) 12:16 AM
We can all breathe a sigh of relief, Chromium05 is still alive, and BACK TONIGHT!    Glad to see that all is well with you Chro',  we missed you!
An Open Letter to NYC - Remix BDB 17-09-08

DJ AK47 also in tonight with two tracks full of big beats, good stuff.
We Got The -vs- Moving On Stereo (Remix)
All Lifestyles - Tooty Frooty Lifestyles Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-16-2008) 10:45 PM
Three DJ's entered the ring,  but only one will exit, tonight I give you the....

Battle of the Three DJ's who Dropped Tracks Today
Contestant No 1Nucking Futs with:  Electrify - Heartbeats Mix
Contestant No 2: DJ AK47 with:   Brr Stick 'Em - Bizarro Mix
Contestant No 3: The Biologist with:   Sure Shot - COLLIDER

No low blows,  now go back to your corners and come out mixing!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-14-2008) 10:45 PM
Nucking Futs tonight with a real smooth one, being downloaded even before the announcement. smooth and mellow, perfect mix for end of the day relaxing and having a beer..
Looking Down The Barrel of a Gun - Zimmer Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-13-2008) Later PM
Two guys droppin' big mixes today, 7x5, and the E-Dub(ster) doing it up right!!  This brought peace to my day!

7x5 with:  Triple Trouble - SWAT Remix

E-Dub with:  Sure Shot - Off The Cuff Mix

Nucking Futs,  also noticed that we've hit 80,000 downloads since the re-launch of the site,  so I'd like to take this time to thank all the DJ's for the love, and also to thank all of the annonymous downloaders that stop by from time to time and grab some beastie mixes for their ever growing collection. I would also like to thank other friends of the site, guys who donate live/rare tracks,  we love you too.   So a big fat thanks to all.

    Your Humble Host,


Remix DJ's Rule! (9-13-2008) Early AM
Peter Brown, bringin' the fresh jams all the way from Budapest to you! Good stuff,  Sorry I was so late uploading Peter, I fell asleep.
Body Movin' - World Music

Speaking of World Music,  any of you guys every mixed or sampled Deep Forest?

Quote of the day:

Music is everybody's possession. It's only publishers who think that people own it.
~John Lennon

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-11-2008) 11:28 PM
Couple of treats for you guys tonight...

First off, TIBOR FREDMANN has returned,  although briefly, but I'm glad he was here anyway,  check this new track,  it's delicious!! Tibor doesn't drop many tracks, but when he does, they're always top notch!!
Brr Stick 'Em - BeastieBoyse (Gefilllte Fish Remix)

Oh and some other guy showed up, Nucking something or other,   oh yeah,  Nucking Futs!!  With a Mini-Megamix (1-file, lots of tracks, short in length) 6-1/2 minutes of bouncy, jiggly, head bobbin' Beastie love.
Mini-Megamix - Don't Meddle With Medleys

Also dropped a couple free (Creative Commons Licensed) books on the Left Hand menu, that anyone in the remix/mashup scene should be reading. They are PDF files, so you can read them in your browser, or Right-Click and save them to your desktop for reading later.

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-10-2008) 10:15 PM
DJ BearBrothers back tonight with two new tracks, Go Get 'Em!!!
All Lifestyles - Remix   (Feat. MJ)
So What'cha Want - What'cha Want Luchini  (Feat. Camp Lo)

How ya' doin' kids?   Ok?  Yeah I'm doin' ok too.....

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-9-2008) 11:55 PM
We Got The four pack of We Got The mixes tonight thanks to DJ AK47, in his new mixtape B-Boys -vs- DJ Colette
01. We Got The -vs- DJ Colette - Feelin Hypnotized(Remix)
02. We Got The -vs- DJ Colette - Didn't Mean To Turn You On(Justin Martin Mix)
03. We Got The -vs- DJ Colette - Feelin Hypnotized(Kaskade Mix)
04. We Got The -vs- DJ Colette - Didn't Mean To Turn You On(Kaskade Mix)

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-8-2008) 6:33 PM
Peter Brown with tonights mixes. Peter's mixes definitly have their own smooth mellow sound. Good Stuff!!
Body Movin' - Piano
Ch-Check it out - Lazy
Electrify - Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-7-2008) Early AM
Couple of old friends stopped by yesterday, but I was out, at a very small girl's Birthday party.

DJ Desmondo,  the title of your track says it all, Been Way Too Long,  you should come around more often!
Pass The Mic - Been Way Too Long

The Biologist  who'm I still owe work to,  I'll get to it I swear!!  Oh this track is a little spicy!! I love the little Start/Stop action.
Brr Stick 'em - THE LUCID DREAM

DJ AK47 back tonight with a 22 track mixtape featuring another game that's probably been used to waste more time than any other, Super Mario Bros.
Super Beastie Bros.

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-6-2008) 1:23 AM     HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIRANDA!!!!!!

DJ AK47 dropped a few tracks in the last day or so, my days have been blurring lately,  so I'm sorry if a couple of these are late.

First Up..
Rhyme The Rhyme Well - vs Blow The Whistle
We Got The - We Got The Feel Good Inc.

Next Up AK with a 13 track mixtape featuring a game that I spent waay too much time playing when it came out,  Donkey Kong Country on the SNES,  probably the best looking game on that system.   B-Boys -vs- Donkey Kong

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-4-2008) 12:54 AM

Hallucigen stopped by and dropped a new track, and a note....
Time To Build - Master

Hallucigen also wanted to say thanks for voting his Root Down - 42192 mix into third place.  (Hopefully we can do better next time!)

"I wanna say big thanx to all of the guys, who was voted  for me in that big radio competition STARTER... Finally I have been THIRD with 357 points... THANX SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT !!!!!"

DJ AK47 also dropped a new track today, and this one's a rOcKER!!!
Pass The Mic -vs- Sonne

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-2-2008) 10:15 PM
Back tonight after a short absense it's The Standard, with his newest track.  A very appropriate mashup!
In a World Gone Mad - In a World 4 Me n You

Also tonight,  DJ AK47 with a new 16 track mixtape, entitled: 70 7H3 5 B0R0UGH5 R3M1X3D

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-2-2008) 12:07 AM
2 guys paid a visit today, ok yesterday, but I didn't get home til' late....

DJ Desmondo with a smooth one today,  I'm really starting to enjoy his tracks..
3 The Hard Way - All The Time

MCScoobyT dropped another LARGE mixtape today,  25 tracks of Beasties -vs- Sublime,  Scooby isn't always my favorite person (He makes me work,)  but he at least makes me smile with the samples he uses.
Titled:  Sub-Ill-lime Communtication

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-1-2008) 12:19 AM
Please welcome the newest member of the Beastiemixes family, DJ Bearbrothers! Yeah, we've got ourselves a NEW DJ TODAY!!!!! He's come onboard with three mixes, so go and Ch-Check 'em Out!!
An Open Letter to NYC -vs- TLC
We Got The -vs- Blur
Ch-Check it Out -vs- Genesis

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-31-2008) 2:13 AM
Just got home from the METAL MASTERS TOUR, That's Testament, Motorhead, Heaven and Hell (Which is Dio singing with Black Sabbath) and Judas Priest. You can see some videos of the other dates they've played here. Took my Sister because my girlfriend flaked out on me, and today is my Sister's birthday, So....

Another Year Older, and Deeper in Debt!

The show was great,  not a big fan of Testament,  but the other bands are THE bands I grew up listening to,  and it was great seeing them all in one big ass show.  8 hours worth of music in one day.   Dio,   the showman,  Tony Iommi  guitar god,  Vinny Appice Drum Solo friggin' amazing.  Lemmy and Motorhead,  They were THE reason I went, and they didn't dissapoint.   And the headliner,  Judas Priest,  what can you say,   they rocked hard,  Rob Halford like Dio, is also an amazing showman.   All in all it was a great show.

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-29-2008) Early AM
Couple of new tracks tonight, 1 with big beats, 1 with bigger beats, and 1 with Brooklyn Love....

DJ Desmondo with:  The Move - I Once Knew

M-Seq with:  Grasshopper Unit - Remix

DJ AK47 with:  Hello Brooklyn -vs- Damn

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-27-2008) Even Later PM
We've got 7 new tracks tonight, one of which is for a track that's never been mixed as far as I know....

MCScoobyT feelin' like a rebel today dropped these tracks after attending a protest at the DNC
All Lifestyles - Combat To Get You To Bomb Back f. Flobots
So Whatcha Want - Whatcha Wild'n International f. Zach De La Rocha One Day As A Lion

DJ AK47 Droppin' five new tracks today, with promises of a few days off for me... :-)
Live Wire - Explosive Party Boy Mix
Pass The Mic - B-Boys vs Metallica & Joe Satriani Sample
Spam - Spamolina
Three MCs And One DJ - vs Beating Me Down
We Got The - vs Egypt (Demo)

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-27-2008) Later PM

I for one would like to welcome our new Stumbleupon overloards who have sent us 19,782 24,841 visitors over the last 2 days,  and are still having an effect on page load times etc.  Seems a story a friend submitted to Digg long ago, has now hit Stumbleupon and is making the rounds.  You can see the story here, and the StumbleUpon comments here.

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-27-2008) Early AM
Big night tonight, remixes, and mashups from no less than 5 different DJ's tonight... Good stuff all around. Nice to see 7x5 back, we've missed you, Nucking Futs, Oh Yeah! R2DJ, you need to stop by more often, Peter Brown and AK47 A.K.A. The New Guys (They'll be old soon enough), On to the mixes, then I'm out for the night, I'm tired.

7x5   I'm Tellin' Y'all It's Sabotage,  Nice to have you back 7x5,  great beats in the Sabotage track,  and The Brouhaha, that track is sooooo slippery!!
Sabotage - Money Maker Remix
The Brouhaha - Snake Hips Remix

Nucking Futs This one sounds almost too royal to be included on this site, but the beats save it! :-)
The Brouhaha - Veni Vidi Verdi Mix

Peter Brown With a nice synth mix,  mellow....
Body Movin' - Electric

R2DJ With a long Body Movin' track that's got a little bit of everything in it, Dog Park!?
Body Movin' - In the Belly of the Beats

DJ AK47 AK killin' it with 5 more tracks,  you're keepin' me busy as hell....
59 Chrystie Street - vs 3 The Hard Way (Demo)
Body Movin' - vs Spit Your Game
Brr Stick 'Em - vs Bad Side_Bad Stick 'Em
Ch-Check It Out - Last Night Remix
Crawlspace - vs Ice Ice Baby

Also,  I put up an Instrumental for Sabotage on the pellas page towards the bottom.

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-25-2008) 12:30 AM
Finished the update a while ago, and almost forgot to add the frontpage news.. Was playing on GYBO

DJ AK47 back tonight with another 30-pack to keep me awake at night with... Go Ch-Check 'em out!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-24-2008) 4:02 AM (I'm late, I'm Late, for a very important date!!!)

Sorry,  tonight was Halo 3 night,  didn't get home til' almost 3am.

Oh I have something special for you guys, Beastiemixes long lost son, CosmoKramer is BACK!!! Oh I knew you'd be pleased. And so am I.... Two new mashups, filled with Beastie goodness!  Welcome Back Cosmo!!
An Open Letter To NYC - Born in the City Remix
Just a Test - 18 & Life Remix

Also tonight,  MCScoobyT with another new track of twistedness Go Scooby, Go Scooby, Go!!
Hey Fuck You - Marcy Got Fuckin Ill f. B.o.B. and Sway

Also,  Nucking Futs hooked us up with a new instrumental for Putting Shame In Your Game, you can grab it on the Acappellas page, near the bottom.

Still looking for the two shows below,  and for a CLEAN version of Desperado...

8 Jun 1997 Randall's Island - Downing Stadium, Tibetan Freedom Concert

11 Apr 1996 Sacramento The Grind "Quasar" Show

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-23-2008) 12:07 AM
The Biologist yesterday ( I was late) with a surprisingly simple, yet very cool mix, not overly complicated, just about right!
Oh Word? - THE HOAX

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-21-2008) 11:08 PM
Can you guess what I've got for you tonight? YES!!! NEW DJ TODAY!!! Please welcome Peter Brown, All the way from Budapest, Hungary. Has been making music for a long time, but mixes for a short time. Go check out his tracks.

Also droppin' new mashups/remixes tonight.

MCScoobyT with two new jammie jams,  Scooby Keepin' it psycho!!
Rhymin' and Stealin' - Drift'n, Grouch'n and Steal'n
Time To Get Ill - Marcy Got Ill f. B.o.B. and Sway

And DJ AK47,  with a Five Pack,  Ah Yoshi,  I'm going to get crap for saying this but Yoshi's Island was far superior to Mario World.
Brr Stick 'Em -vs- I'm A King, I'm A Suicide King AK47 Mix
Ch-Check It Out -vs- Donky Kong Country Theme (Demo)
In A World Gone Mad - In An O Green World Gone Mad
Triple Trouble - Super Mario Techno Remix (Demo)
We Got The - Yoshi's Island Remix

We, as in the site,  and a lot of other people it seems, are looking to aquire a rare track that we have reason to believe exists.  The track we are looking for is. Beastie Boys - Desperado,   I have two different versions on the "Rare" page, but the version we are looking for is an album rip,  or studio version.  As every version I've heard sounds like it was ripped from the movie Tougher Than Leather (Where it was first heard) and has been heavily modified, compressed, re-sampled and gennerally screwed with in one way or another.  If you have a super clean version of this track can you please share it with the rest of us.  We would love you for it.   You can check out a clip of the movie here,  although the video is missing the beginning of the song.

Also added a couple new songs to the Rare page.

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-18-2008) 10:15 PM
Nucking Futs with a real treat tonight, bringing two musical powerhouses, from two completely different genres together in one song. Beastie Boys meet Nobuo Uematsu, long time master of video game soundtracks.  If you've played a squaresoft videogame in the last 20 years, you've no doubt heard his work, and loved it.
Intergalactic - Gold Saucer Mix   ( From Final Fantasy VII )

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-16-2008) 1:30 AM
Alllllright... The old man is back, DJ ZAP with a new burner for tonight, good to see ya ZAP!!
3 Minute Rule -vs- Styles of Beyond & M.E. - Do Dat

DJ AK47 also back tonight with another giant pack,  30 new tracks that I'm not going to list out,  as it's already 1:30am,  and I've been doing updates since I got home hours ago. :-p  So just go get the one's you don't already have MmmKay..

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-15-2008) 12:40 AM
My favorite Dj from Ohio is back tonight in full effect! TtownMc with a new one you need to hear!
Root Down - My Name Remix

I hope you like An Open Letter to NYC,  because DJ AK47 just dropped another 10-pack featuring this great song. The AK Invasion continues............
An Open Letter To NYC - AK's Brown Paper Bag Remix
An Open Letter To NYC - An Open Sexual Eruption
An Open Letter To NYC - NYC In The Ghetto
An Open Letter To NYC - NYC Remix
An Open Letter To NYC - Run NYC(Demo)
An Open Letter To NYC - Super Mario Remix
An Open Letter To NYC -vs- Ay Bay Bay
An Open Letter To NYC -vs- Blow(Demo)
An Open Letter To NYC -vs- NY is Good
An Open Letter To NYC -vs- Throw some D's

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-14-2008) 12:11 AM
Can You Say De Ja Vu?
DJ AK47 back tonight with a TEN PACK of new mashups, What are you waiting for,  go get 'em!
An Open Letter To NYC - Poppin My Collar To NYC (Demo)
Ch-Check It Out -vs- Pussy, Money, Weed
Crawlspace - Remix
Crawlspace -vs- Pourin' Up
Oh Word -vs- Dansk Party
Oh Word -vs- Whens The Last Time
Right Right Now Now -vs- Mr. Me Too
Sure Shot -vs- Already Platinum
The Brouhaha - Gimme More Brouhaha
Unite -vs- Me and You

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-12-2008) 10:38 PM
DJ AK47 back tonight with a TEN PACK of new mashups, What are you waiting for,  go get 'em!
3 The Hard Way -vs- I Feel Like Dying_HXC Bass Remix
Alive -vs- Wipe Me Down
Body Movin' - Body Movin' Like A Boss
Hey Fuck You -vs- My 64
Intergalactic -vs- Sure Shot(Large Professor Mix)
Intergalactic - Above The Clouds Mix
The Brouhaha -vs- Heard 'em Say
The Move -vs- Take A Look Around(Demo)
Three MCs and One DJ -vs- Git It
Unite -vs- Mr. Jones

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-11-2008) 11:00 PM
Globemallow Spike showing Isaac Hayes some love tonight...
In a World Gone Mad - You Got To Do Your Thing-Isaac Hayes Mash

Isaac Hayes | NYC @ Prospect Park | Jun 12th, 2008 | Shaft
Rest In Peace

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-10-2008) 7:27 PM
Two old timers showed up today, glad to see that they haven't forgotten us.

First up,  7x5 with two new mashups,  bringin' the funk that we all know him for, and love his jams for.
That's it That's All - Fight the Power Remix
Triple Trouble - Get it Up Remix

Da Masta Jay Leave,  bringing two of my favorite things together,  remixes, and videogames.
Pass The Mic - (Famitary Remix) (Famicom Vs. Atari Sound)

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-09-2008) 1:15 AM
Another day another NEW DJ TODAY!!!    Yeah You know the drill, Please welcome Yonker, all the way from Aachen, Germany, with the required three tracks under his belt, and on his page, so don't waste time, Go and get 'em..!!  Temp header will remain for a bit, he's working on his own..

Anybody looking for a Sabotage Pella ?? 

And some old folks manage to find their way here today. :-p  They may be old,  but the jams are FRESH!

E-Dub,  with 3 The Hard Way - Righteous  Fun mix,  catchy tune...

Globemallow Spike, with two new ones.  One's a day late (my fault,  I got home late, sorry G-Spike) Nice,  filled in ID tags, two thumbs up!
Grasshopper Unit - 808 on 8-8-08 Remix   (will have to rename this to 808 on 8-9-08 :-)
Just A Test - Chameleon Funk Remix

And the new guy, DJ AK47 being very productive with his time, and droppin' three new ones today.
In A World Gone Mad -vs- Superstar
Spam -vs- We Major
Super Disco Breakin' -vs- Tell Me When To Go

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-07-2008) 11:03 PM
Nucking Futs today with a real fun one today, da, da da da, da da....
All Lifestyles - Broken Glass Mashup

And our newest member DJ AK47 also showed up today with 3 more tracks,  Giant Bass, Oldies, and Medium Bass... :-)
3 The hard way -vs- So Krispy
An Open Letter To NYC -vs- Lovin' It (Demo)
Rhyme the Rhyme Well -vs- Whoop that Trick

DJ's Rule! (8-07-2008) 12:37 AM
Sorry to keep all of you guys waiting for tonight's update, (as if it was any earlier yesterday ;-) Anyway, I promise it was worth the wait.

I've been a busy boy today.
Can you guess yet?   YEaaaaaaaaaaYa'   NEW DJ TODAY!!!   Please welcome DJ AK47 to the Beastiemixes family,  he came to us with 9 jams that are sure to have you bouncin' in your seat!! Go Get Em' !

Oh and some other people dropped some mixes.....  Oh well.....

Ok Ok,  I'm just jokin'   We had another 2 guys drop buy with some real good stuff,  I thoroughly enjoyed ALL of the mixes tonight.

Ede with 2 great tracks tonight,  lovin' these Ede!
Flowin' Prose - Mockingbird    Is that Katharine Hepburn in the intro,  Damn, that voice sounds soooo familiar.. The mellowist mix I've heard in a long time.
Shazam -vs- Alright (With Crazy Intro)  American Grafitti,  great movie! Got some hard stuff, saw a hold-up.....  :-)

Boy Woolner dropped by and dropped a track that rocked it hard, in a techno metal sort of way, 
Intergalactic - Robot Rock Mix

Glad to see you guys are still hangin' in there.

Remixes are for cool kids! (8-05-2008) 11:55 PM
You might think that this guy just skates, and sleeps, but I have it on good autority that DJ ZAP is working hard,  and tonight he's here droppin' a live track!!
An Open Letter To NYC -vs- Maniac (LIVE TURNTABLE MIX)

I also got a sneak listen to nYgel's upcoming album,  and yeah,  he's keepin it nerdy,  and I'm lovin it!

Our official Beastiemixes forums over at SUSN have closed down,  So I'd like to invite you guys over to either of my favorite forums, everyone I've met at both sites has been great.
Global dj Network or Mashuptown

Also,  we should have a couple of new DJ's in the next few days.  Yay!!!

Remixes are for cool kids! (8-03-2008) 11:46 PM
MCScoobyT, the man who mixes more tracks before 8am than most people mix all day, is BACK!! This time taking his demented mixing energy an aiming it squarely at 90's icons Nirvana. Droppin' a new mixtape today entitled Check Kurt's Head. Blending Nirvana tracks with some of the least remixed Beastie Boys tracks ever. Go Check it!

I also want you guys to check the hosted mixes number up top,  2001 hosted mixes,  Can I get a F-Yeah!!!

Remixes are for cool kids! (8-03-2008) 12:53 AM
Hey guys, one of the family needs our help to win a record deal. But he needs our help. A Czech radio station is holding the competition for producers without record contracts.  Hallucigen submitted his Root Down - 42192 mix and is hoping to win this thing,   so show some support and start sending in your e-mails to vote for him. (See details below)

Deadline is 25.8.2008
Thanx so much and have a beautiful summer in your hearts
Kind regards Kolin aka HALLUCIGEN PS:
You can check it out at : www. myspace.com/wavestarter

Remixes are for cool kids! (8-02-2008) 2:00 AM
Ede this morning with two hot ones, the Hey Man Nice Shot mix had me rockin' and the Act a Fool mix had me groovin' during today's update, sorry it was so late..
Electrify -vs- Hey Man Nice Shot
Pass the Mic - Act A Fool

Also looking for a favor today,  Trying to hunt down two live shows for my man Jay...

8 Jun 1997 Randall's Island - Downing Stadium, Tibetan Freedom Concert

11 Apr 1996 Sacramento The Grind "Quasar" Show

Remixes are for cool kids! (7-30-2008) 10:35 PM
Tonight R2DJ is bringin' the goodness, back from vacation, with with restored inner peace, he's droppin' the jams..!! Glad to have you back R2DJ!
Brr Stick 'Em - Can R2 Stick 'Em

So you guys are getting enough free promotion?  This thread doesn't seem to be going anywhere....

Remixes are for cool kids! (7-28-2008) 10:09 PM
Oh hell yeah, Adzud back with a real gem! Put on the headphones, crank the volume to 11, and enjoy this one, 3 minutes and 53 seconds of goodness!!
3 The Hard Way - Refreshed Mix
Remixes are for cool kids! (7-26-2008) 11:49 PM
DJ Desmondo might have left us for a little while, but this next track proves that he didn't forget us. :-) Back tonight with a smooth one that'll have you head bobbin' into the night.
All Lifestyles - Lifestyle

Remixes are for cool kids! (7-26-2008) 12:26 AM
Near as I can tell, MCScoobyT sleeps even less than I do! He's back like a boomerang with another mixtape, and a RUN-DMC/Beasties mix... Good Stuff!!! Go check his page for the downloads.

Paulie’s Liquid Boutique Mixtape - 15 tracks o' Beastie Boys Love
Hey Ladies - Them Girls f. Run-DMC (Proper Fred Durst-Less Mix)

Remixes are for cool kids! (7-24-2008) 1:36 AM
Sorry about the late update tonight, it's been a busy day.

MCScoobyT is at it again,  this time it's............
Triple Trouble - Start It Up f. Postive K, Milk D and MC Lyte (Six Pack Mix)

Remixes are for cool kids! (7-23-2008) 12:15 AM
Alright, good stuff tonight...
First up, Contretemps with his newest masterpiece.  This guy goes away for months, then he drops this bomb on us,  Very Nice!!!
An Open Letter to NYC - Rooftop Pigeons

Next up,  MCScoobyT with a couple of new jams,  and a couple contributions to the rare page.
I Wanna Ride My Bike - Motor or Bicyle (Dance) It'is Going Down  (I put this in as a Cover Song,  as I think? they're supposed to be covering Queens bicycle song??)
In A World Gone Mad - Bicycle Beat - Starting Flobots f. Queen

And his contributions to the Rare Tracks page, for which I thank you Scooby!!
You + Me Together
(From the Alive UK Single)
I Wanna Ride My Bike (Live Roskilde Festival) (Great sample use!)

I need some help promoting you guys, and the site,  Please see this thread over at Sound-Unsound.  Hosted or Not, DJ or not,   I'd like to get some feedback.

Remixes are for cool kids! (7-22-2008) 12:30 AM
The Scoobmeister is back tonight, hookin' it up with one of Zap's homeade pellas I believe. This is only the second mix of this song, MCScoobyT  is always down for a good time!!
She's Crafty - Chez Nasty
Remixes are for cool kids! (7-21-2008) 12:55 AM
Ok, so a few days ago, MCScoobyT uploaded 2 new mixes, I only uploaded one, as I told him there wasn't enough "Beastie" in his mix, he countered my claim with knowledge that I did not possess, This track "You + Me Together" was released on the Alive single as a b-side.....   Yeah, I never claimed to have encyclopedic Beastie knowledge, but I like to think I'd have heard of this track before. Anyway, without further waiting.....
You + Me Together - You + Me Together is Stronger (f. Daft Kanye)
Remixes are for cool kids! (7-20-2008) 12:01 AM
He was gone, but now he's back! For how long I don't know, but I'm glad he was here, 7x5 came and dropped some funky ones!! I'm diggin' the Loopzilla remix, I'm sure my lady is going to love the Sweet Leaf remix, and is that Talking Heads I hear in the Slippery remix? Good stuff all round'
3 Minute Rule - I Just want to Celebrate
3 the Hard Way - 3 to Make a Difference
Ch-Check it Out - Loopzilla Remix
LDTBOAG - Sweet Leaf Remix
Shake Your Rump - Slippery Remix

Remixes are for cool kids! (7-17-2008) 12:48 AM
Nice surprize for you guys tonight! One month in the making, and one solid hour for me to upload. It's big, it's large, it's gigantic, it's a MEGAMIX!!! MCScoobyT tonight with a tribute to our favorite nasal rhyme dropper ADROCK!!
The King Ad-Rock -  A-D-D Rock, 26 Years of Adam Horovitz   (177mb) 94 Minutes Long!!

Adrock Goes Back to School (1 of 4)
Adrock Goes Back to School (2 of 4)
Adrock Goes Back to School (3 of 4)
Adrock Goes Back to School (4 of 4)

Remixes are for cool kids! (7-14-2008) Not too late PM
Awwwhh Yeah boys and girls, we've got some goodness for you guys tonight...
First up.... PTC with two brand new versions of the same song, only different, and great in their own ways..
Girls - Beasty Girls.v4
Girls - Beasty Girls.v5

Next up,  MCScoobyT,   the Scoobmeister, back with a new one... Droppin' another mix for a track that ain't never been mixed to my knowledge.
Twenty Questions - 20 + 1 Question f. 50 Cent and Nate Dogg

Remixes are for cool kids! (7-11-2008) Pretty Damn Early AM
Yes another late update, I went to see the DJ I was supposed to see last week, this guy spins tracks from the 20' to the 80's. Scratches, and dances up a storm.

Two new jams tonight, and a whole bunch (13) of new pellas for you guys to play around with.

Da Masta Jay Leave tonight with a smoooth one.. Mellow as can be..
Ch-Ch Check It Out - Raskolbass Remix

MCScoobyT with a combo mix, droppin back and forth between two tracks, and crazy as hell beats. Oh Scooby, You So Crazy!!
Hey Fuck You / Sure Shot - Flying Lotus Pan Mix

DJ ZAP was kind enough to upload THIRTEEN NEW PELLAS for you guys to have some fun with,  you can find all of them on the pellas page under "DIY PELLAS" they're all marked as !

Johnny Ryall
Rhymin & Stealin
Egg Man
Time To Get Ill
Brass Monkey
High Plains Drifter
Posse In Effect
Sounds Of Science
3 Minute Rule
Slow Ride
She's Crafty
Putting Shame In Your Game
This Government Needs A Tune Up 

Remixes are for cool kids! (7-10-2008) Earlier than Early AM
I checked earlier and there was nothing, now that I'm ready for sleep, I check again and guess what....
The Biologist dropped a new mix today with some big fat beats, go check this one...
Stop That Train - WD-40 Remix

Remixes are for cool kids! (7-7-2008) 11:30 pm
In case you haven't noticed, I think we're entering a slow period. It's been a looong time since any new pellas have been released, and it's also been a while since the Beasties have released any new 'hip-hop' jams, so yeah... Worry not, I'm not leaving...

TTownMc hasn't left either,  he's back after a short hiatus of only thirteen days,  with a new funky one... Bringin' out the best from Ohio once again. Go get this one,  you'll like it!!
The Move - Kensington Diamond Remix

Remixes are for cool kids! (7-5-2008) 1:00 am
Ok so I missed this mix today 4th of July, but I'm here now and I haven't been to bed yet, so it's still kind of the same day, for me at least.

Kool D hasn't dropped a new mix in a few months,  but today he's back to fix that,  I don't know what you would call the music he's using as backing,  but I enjoy it thoroughly.
Stop that Train - Hey Mike Can You Stop that Moscow Train mix

Remixes are for cool kids! (7-3-2008) Way past my bedtime yesterday early.....

I've got a treat for you guys tonight, A fan of the site (RMXBOT 2000) decided to hook us up with a podcast, All your tracks, plus 2 of his thrown in for good measure. There's some real good tracks in this one, and I must say this podcast is a real fun one. 51:32 long.   I don't know who he is, you don't know who he is, but he's now considered a friend!

I also added tracklists on the podcast page for those of you who choose to download or stream the podcast rather than subscribing via iTunes.

So go and check it out,  Podcast No. 4 Hosted by RMXBOT 2000

Remixes are for cool kids! (6-29-2008)
Awwwhhh YEah!!  Guess who came by today!!!  7x5,  Our man holdin' it down in ATL!
Shazam - One Thing Remix
Damn,  I know I've heard those drums somewhere before??  Can't place them though......

Remixes are for cool kids! (6-28-2008) 2:28 AM Yeah, I got home late.....
Do you guys like Beastie Boys remixes, oh yeah, Well I heard about a site you should check out... It's got almost 2000!!! :-)

First up tonight,  MCScoobyT with a Super Giant, Jumbo, Super Sized, Mega-Mix. 51 minutes of Beastie love and influences,  I'm going to have to listen to it again,  I think I might have missed a few things.
Mega Mix - Who Bit Who, Six Beasties Of Seperation

Next up, Ede with a continuation of his popular Beasties -vs- The Offspring mixtape.   The Ch-Check it Out track went together really great,  and the back and forth between the bands during all of the tracks is great.
04_3 The Hard Way -vs- Defy You
05_Ch-Check It Out -vs- No Hero
06_Triple Trouble -vs- Gone Away

Remixes are for cool kids! (6-25-2008) 10:55 PM
The term "Everything but the kitchen sink" applies here. TtownMc with a new one that's got a lot of familiar samples sprinkled throughout, very fun track.
Alive - Ultimate Beastie Mix

Remixes are for cool kids! (6-24-2008) 10:14 PM
Alright,  MCScoobyT is back tonight with 4 new mixes,  2 that were missing from yesterday's Latch BS Split mixtape, and two other new ones,  Go Grab Em!!
Latch BS Split
03. Hey Fuck You_Hey Bounce Fu
21. Pass The Mic_Pass The BS Beats

Intergalactic - Galactic Phone Home f. Lili Wayne   Lili Wayne??  Don't ask me.....
This Goverment Needs A Tune Up - Never Ending Goverment Spending (Raconteurs v. Beasties)

Also tonight,  Globemallow Spike,  GSpike, The Spikenator, Spikemeister, Spikenstein!!! is back with a nice dark one.   NICE!!
Car Thief - Cape Fear Beam Abduction Remix

I wish the Beastie Boys were here to hear all of these mixes,  OVER 1900!!!  Not even a postcard??  Hmmmph...

Remixes are for cool kids! (6-24-2008) 1:19 AM
Two and a half hours after the beginning of tonight's update, I'm glad to say, I'M DONE!!!

First up tonight,  Da Master Jay Leave bringin' us the beats all the way from Siberia!  Go check this one,  it's smooove!!!
Ch-Check It Out (Just Blaze)_BNR Remix

Second up,  but the largest part of tonight's update by FAR...  MCScoobyT with a new mixtape,

Latch BS Split
25 Tracks
That could have only come from the mind of MCScoobyT
(Labeled as 1-27 but if you look close, the numbering is a little tweaked)

Remixes are for cool kids! (6-22-2008) 11:47 PM
Good news and bad news tonight....
Good news first....
E-Dub tonight with a bad-ass mix, this one's seriously fun, Thanks Dubmeister...
An Open Letter to NYC - Don't Drop It

"Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, CockSucker, MotherFucker, and Tits"
R.I.P. George Carlin
May 12th 1937 - June 22nd 2008


Remixes are for cool kids! (6-19-2008) 10 PM
There are a lot of reasons why we all love Chromium05 and never want him to leave us!
Presenting reason No. 2,997.....

Licensed to Arp E.P.
Stop That Train - Remix
All Lifestyles - Remix
Crawlspace - Remix
Ch-Check it Out - Remix

Remixes are for cool kids! (6-19-2008) Early AM
Two new tracks tonight, One with big beats, and the other with...... Big beats....!!!

The Biologist with Shake Your Rump - Milk of Amnesia Remix
(Beat Sprayer's Revenge mixtape)

Mseq with: Right Right Now Now - Remix
Big beats, some mellow tunes, brass, and scratchin' !!!

Thanks Guys!!!

Remixes are for cool kids! (6-17-2008) Early as hell AM
MCScoobyT bringin' his Beastiemixes.com podcast in a BIG way, 207 minutes long, and showin' love for the site that's become our home. It's a hefty download if you plan to download it (185mb) feel free to stream it if that's what you need to do. Good job Scooby'. I'm gonna' have to listen to it again proper, as I was trying to rush to get it up tonight.

Time for some sleep for me...

Remixes are for cool kids! (6-16-2008) 11:54 PM
If you have noisy neighbors, and you want to let them know that you can be noisy too, this next track can work magic, if you love BASS!!!!and Big giant beats!!
The Biologist with: Grasshopper Unit - Fresh Linen Remix

Oh, and MCScoobyT has something special for you guys, I just need to do my part, and being me, I'm probably going to be late with it, so it's more than likely going to be released tomorrow. :-(

Remixes are for cool kids! (6-16-2008) 12:22 AM
DJ Desmondo with the only track for today, actually it was yesterday, but I was so late, it's now today. This one starts out tame, then gets dark, mysterious, and meaner... Good job Des' your tracks are improving with each submission.
Three MC's and One DJ - Trios

Remixes are for cool kids! (6-14-2008) 11:30AM
Ohhhhh Yeah!!! Can you guess what I've got for you today, Ok I'll just go ahead and tell ya'
NEW DJ TODAY!!!! Please welcome the newest member of the Beastiemixes family, M-seq, bringing his mixes to us all the way from Amsterdam.  If asked to describe his mixes in one word, that word would have to be, Beats!! Five tracks so far, with more on the way I hope. Go Ch-Check 'Em Out!!

Remixes are for cool kids! (6-12-2008) Late PM
Special treat for you guys today, two of the best remixers on the face of the planet have stopped by and dropped off mixes.

Adzud with a track that might just contain more funk than James Brown,  And that's sayin' something.
Hey Ladies - Phunkeepimpin'bootyshakin'platformscratchin'remix

E-Dub, must have had a dull day that he needed to fill with some remix love, and ended up with this....
Time To Build - Times Three
" Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day"

Remixes are for cool kids! (6-11-2008) Early AM
Sorry I'm late, but it will be worth the wait. Good things happened while I was out, 5 Dj's dropped mixes today, Tricky Dick, Damon Tedesco, Thom Dozo, Desmondo, and Hippomothamus! I want to welcome back the few of you guys who haven't been around in a while, and I want to say, I'm glad you didn't forget about us, and when you hear todays mixes, you'll be glad they didn't forget us too!! Good stuff all around.   Seems like everyone was visiting the site during the day,   everyone but me!  :-)

Tricky Dick With: All Lifestyles - Smoothmix

Damon Tedesco With:  Triple Trouble - Mashup

DJ Desmondo With:  We Got The - Evolution

Hippomothamus With:
Two Beastie's tracks off of his new mixtape, Or you can grab the whole thing on that "other" site. :-p
All Lifestyles - We Started Nothing
Ch-Check it Out - Great DJ

Thom Dozo With:  Unite - feat the Beastie Boys


Remixes are for cool kids! (6-9-2008) Late PM
DJ ZAP tonight with one that totally reminds me of an old Clint Eastwood spaghetti western, only with some turntable action, Kick Ass!!
Time To Build - Camouflage Reprise

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (6-8-2008) Early AM
DJ ZAP Back at it again,  with his second Beastie Boys -vs- Pixies mixtape,  this time it's:
(12 Tracks) Hello Rosa - Pixies vs Beastie Boys

Time for bed..... 

Remixes are for cool kids! (6-7-2008) Early AM
Lots of work tonight,  DJ ZAP with 2 mixtapes, and MCScoobyT with 2 new tracks for his White House tape. Oh and I also finished my PODCAST!!

First up,  MCScoobyT with, as I said above, two new tracks for his White House mixtape.
Brass Monkey - Brass Moustache
Time To Get Ill - Ill Drum Machine

Next up, DJ ZAP (Who now has the most mixes on the site) with TWO new mixtapes!!
(6-Tracks)  Aesop's Boutique - Beastie Boys vs Aesop Rock
(4-Tracks)  Songs For Your Head - Beastie Boys vs Queens Of The Stone Age

If I left you out of the podcast, I'm sorry,  don't take it personal,  sorting through 1800+ mixes was a real chore and I had picked like 100 that I loved, but didn't have the room to fit them all in.  Next time yours will be in there! :-)  Please be gentle with the criticism, it was my first time.   I'll try sorting out the iTunes, RSS feed stuff tomorrow,  so for today you can either Download, or Stream it from the site.  Your choice.

Remixes are for cool kids! (6-6-2008) Early AM
3 new mixes tonight from 3 completely different parts of the world.
  E-Dub living in 2 states (Orangevale,CA / Las Vegas, NV) Globemallow Spike from (New Mexico) and Da Masta Jay Leave from (Novosibirsk, Siberia) all coming together for the love of the beats, brings a tear to my eye. Ok not really I'm just enjoying the remixes.. :-)

Da Master Jay Leave,  IS BACK!! After a long absence Jay is back with a fresh new jam for us,  a very dreamlike track.
Unite - Feat. Lo-Fi Synthethic Remix

E-Dub,  where do I begin?  Oh yeah, with Sporto's Motorheads, Geeks, Sluts, Bloods, Wastoids etc...  in other words, DJs!  :-p
Unite - Save Ferris

Globemallow Spike,  My most super favorite DJ from New Mexico!!  Bringin' some old school sound to his newest jam.  I had uploaded and added the mixes before midnight,  and damned if I didn't spend the next hour trying to figure out where the samples in this track came from,  Ghostface Killa, Fishbone, Macy Gray all had songs about "Nutmeg" and I found out you can apparently overdose on the stuff,  it comes from Asia, and it comes from the seed of the tree,   but I do not know where the samples came from.  I dug in the interweb crate and came up empty.....
Body Movin' - Nutmeg Funk remix

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (6-4-2008) 11:58 PM
One of our newer members, Adzud, dropin' a new track all the way from France,  direct to you on the Beastiemixes network, check this one,  titled Obvious mix for a reason that's pretty obvious as soon as you hear it.  Good Job Adzud.
Stop That Train - Obvious remix (feat. Big Youth)

Remixes are for cool kids! (6-3-2008) 11:52 PM
Alright,   Good News Tonight,   No, not a new DJ,  but we've finally got the Beastie's Childhood Jams Mixtape COMPLETE!!!

Chromium05 pitched in to help us out and get the mixtape wrapped up with his newest mix...
(Track 7) Unite - How Do You Do It?
Chro' also dropped this next one in the forums and I think you guys need to give it some love,  it's f-ing great!! It flows like water!! First time he's remixed SDB as far as I know.
Super Disco Breakin - Remix Now available on his page also.

7x5 dropped a new track today that had me thinking someone was stealing my car, then I realized I don't have a car worthy of an alarm system. This one took me 2 listens to get into but volume at 11, headphones on, this one jams!!
Hey Fuck You - Beanie Remix

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (6-3-2008) 12:15 AM
Everyone tonight putting forth a great show!  I've also got a little surprise!  INNUENDO IS BACK!!! Pretty damn good for a guy who's been out of commission for a while. ;-p

Innuendo tonight with his first mix in 20 years,  ok,  it only seems like 20...
Hold it Now, Hit It - Glass Candy Remix

E-Dub with a read banger tonight,  crazy ass beats, and funkiness!!!
The Move - Keep Movin'

TtownMC, another mixer bringin' the funky beats tonight,  sounds great in the headphones,  Go OHIO!!!
3 The Hard Way - 1 Click Mix

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (6-2-2008) 12:09 AM
Ede tonight with the most mellow mix I've heard in a long while.. Funky beats, nice jingle, just plain coolness... Go get it!!
Time To Build - If I Ruled The World

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (6-1-2008) 12:24 AM
E-Dub once again holding things down on the Childhood Jams front with another one down, only one more to go...
(Track 21) Flute Loop - Saturday Night (Beastie's -vs- Bay City Rollers)
I made sure to add this one to the Childhood Jams page to avoid getting in trouble. :-)

Remixes are for cool kids! (5-30-2008) 1:11 AM
OH Hell Yes!!!  Kai Tombo is BACK!!!  Tombo with a new track tonight,  and I love it!!  A very Japanese sounding track from our resident DJ in Japan!
We Got The - Who Gat Tha

Still working on my podcast,  please don't expect anything great.   A big thanks to Chromium05 and 7x5 for the offers of help,  I ended up talking to E-Dub,  he was awake and close,  So thanks E-Dub for the tips.   I'm gonna have to set up some phone calls with a few of you guys to just shoot the shit a little.  Sometime soon! 

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (5-28-2008) 12:29 AM
Guess what.... Damn, you guys know me too well, NEW DJ TODAY... Please welcome Thom Dozo, all the way from the Netherlands, home to quite a few talented DJ's. He's our newest hosted guy, and he went through a lot to get here, so please take a listen to his tracks.. I would say that if you like techno, super fast beats, you'll like these.

Don't forget to check yesterday's tracks, as they went up only a couple hours ago..  :-)

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (5-27-2008) 10:04 PM
Alright,  I've got a couple things tonight...

First tonight,  Globemallow Spike,  with two new tracks,   I don't know what to think about the first one, but I like the second one very much,  I'll leave it up to you to figure out which one I listened to first.
Lighten Up - Girls Gone Wild  (New track for Luda at the Gala tape)
Dr. Lee, PHD vs. Mr. Brown Bob Marley Dub Remix

Second up,  Ede has created a Beastiemixes YouTube page to get us some more exposure,  This will be considered un-official as I don't have anything to do with it,  but I will say it's got some good mixes up on it so far. There's a new button now in the left hand menu.

Third up,  since the beginning of the site people have asked for forums,  Ross over at Sound-Unsound offered us forum space from out of nowhere just to be a nice guy,  and nobody posts' in them.

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (5-26-2008) 1:00 AM
Sorry I'm late guys,  I'll explain in a minute.
3 new Mixes / Mashes from three different guys, with one thing in common, they turn out great jams!! Could you guys get any better??!!

First up tonight, 7x5, Oh man, could it get any funkier than this mix!!! I felt this one in my bones!
3 The Hard Way - Come Together Remix

Next up, TtownMC, I just bought the same software he uses, (Acid Music Studio 7) and it will be 100 years before I can turn out a jam like this.. Big fat crazy beats and all,  this one will be keeping the neighbors awake tonight!
Just a Test - Lose Control Remix

And last up tonight,  Ede. with a little Blue Oyster Cult action tonight. I remember hearing this song as a kid and thinking about Godzilla,  and the stories a friend told me about BOC being a devil worshiping band etc etc..  Ahh to be young and impressionable..   Good stuff Ede.
3 The Hard Way -vs- Godzilla

       Ok, Sooo  I got my copy of Acid Music Studio 7 from Amazon for $21, my $8 Phillips microphone,  and I'm trying to hook-up my own podcast,  I recently bought the cheapest sound card you can get,  Soundblaster Audigy SE,  and I hadn't tried to record any audio through it yet,  until last night,  I spent like 4 hours trying to get this thing to record audio in from the microphone,  the whole time thinking that I must be an idiot for not being able to figure it out. Like most of us,  the LAST thing you want to do is look in the manual,  and I think I threw out the box,  which normally I would save that stuff,  so I don't know where it went.  So I go to sleep way late and pissed that I couldn't get it to work,  I downloaded the manual today,  and low and behold the dumbasses at Creative use a Blue plug for the microphone socket,  and not the Pink one that has been the standard in the computer world for oh, something like the last 20 years.  WTF!!!!  So now I have audio in,  and I'm slowly figuring Acid out,  although 99% of the terminology is foreign to me I'm doing ok.

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (5-22-2008) 10:00 PM
I've got good news, NEW DJ TODAY!!!! Please welcome Adzud, all the way from Lyon, France with his required 3 mixes :-) Hopefully he'll drop some more soon. By the way, I didn't do his header, but I wish I had! Anyway, please go and check his tracks, they're good!!

Oh and some guy named Ede dropped a new jam today,  maybe you should go and check it,  I hear he loves to get e-mail praising his skills.  And he's been busy lately flexin' those skills.
The Brouhaha - I Know There's Something Going On

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (5-21-2008) 9:30 PM
Ede back today with a nice little 2 pack, I'm not sure I understand the naming of the "TV Dinners" mix, I'm guessing that it's the theme song from a tv show mashed with NINHI? Dunno, but I do know that Bassdriver needs to take a listen. The other mix, it's a fun blend of two Beastie's songs turned out good.
3 The Hard Way - The Maestro Way
Hold It Now,Hit It - TV Dinners

So I just spent the last hour playing around in Acid Music Studio 7,  an I will have to say,  I have a whole new appreciation/respect for you guys.   Now it's your turn to try out Dreamweaver! :-p  I don't think I'll have any trouble putting together a podcast using AMS 7, a mashup would be an entirely different story...  But I'm going to eventually give it a good try.   Do you think that dude, Silence something or other would give me my own page. :-)

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (5-19-2008) 12:05 AM
Spent most of my day swimming in the ocean,  here,   I now look like a lobster... But I'm home now, and there were mixes waiting..

Ede with:  Body Movin' - Chicollini Remix

7x5 with Stop That Train - Look-ka-py-py

nYgel with Sure Shot - Flashing Lights vs. Sure Shot ft. Colin Munroe (SureLights)

Now it's time for sleep,  it's been a rough day.

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (5-18-2008) 1:25 AM
Good stuff from Ede tonight, three new remixes, and one of them is using a track that to my knowledge hasn't been mixed before Except in Globemallow Spike's Bouillabaisse mix, it's Lay It On Me.
Hello Brooklyn - Hello Mary Jane
Lay It On Me - You Know How We Do It
Hey Fuck You - In The Air Tonight

Also tonight,  in case any of you  hadn't noticed,  Globemallow Spike's mix for the Childhood Jams project, Do It - Til' You're Satisfied has rocketed into the number 2 spot in the 25 Most Downloaded Remixes list.  At first I thought something was up,  but looking through all the server logs,  I can tell you that it's all legit.  But the traffic to this one mix has both GSpike and I baffled,  we've both searched high and low to find out who is linking to this file,  

We're cool with the linking as it's being tracked,  but curiosity has me very interested,  as the downloads are coming from all over the world,  not just one person,  623 different people so far.   So either it's linked to on some forum that's password protected or it's being e-mailed to people or something,  we just don't know.    I look at the stats daily and I'll admit I'm a stats junkie,  but this one has me stumped,   so if you've seen a forum post linking to this track, hit me up...    Oh and give a shout out to GSpike for the good job!  :-)  

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (5-14-2008) 11:28 PM
OK guys we've got some good news tonight, first off, NEW DJ TONIGHT!! Second, the return of an OLD DJ!! :-)

Please welcome BoyWoolner,  the newest member of the Beastiemixes family!  7 mixes, and they all sounded great to me,  so go check them out, and be sure to drop him a welcome note.

The "Old DJ" that has returned,  DJ Kai Tombo,  and I'm glad to see that he hasn't dropped out of the game! He's back tonight with 2 new jams for your listening pleasure.
Rhyme the Rhyme Well - Analogue Mix
All Lifestyles - Snap Crackle and Pop Mix

We also have a new homemade pella on the pella's page,  I believe we can thank Ede for this one.
Finger Lickin' Good - A Cappella

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (5-13-2008) 10:57 PM
My man E-Dub tonight, bringing us one step closer to fulfilling all of our dreams, our hopes, and our prayers.......  Finishing up the Childhood Jams Mixtape!!!!!!  That should take the pressure off of the rest of you who were worrying that I might ask you to mix that track, The only tracks left should be easy.
(Track 32) Oh Word -vs- The Streak!!!

2 more to go!!!  2 more to go!!!

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (5-13-2008) 2:41 AM
It's late, I'm tired, and I've been working my butt off today.. So I'm droppin' the mixes and going to sleep.

Ede with:
Intergalactic Original Version - Finger Lickin' Good Limrick Remix
What Comes Around - Lose Yourself

DJ ZAP with:
Spam -vs- Aesop Rock - The One That Got Away

The Podcast is now downloadable, streamable, and you can subscribe via iTunes.

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (5-12-2008) 12:22 AM
Please take a look over to your left, see the new black button it's the Podcast Button, and DJ Zap is the first to jump in a contribute a podcast, I think you guys should all check this thing out, he's done an amazing job with it. 59-1/2 minutes of goodness!!!   If anyone else wants to put together their own podcast, be my guest!!

Oh, and I almost forgot to add the show the Ede uploaded for us today, But it's all uploaded and ready now, you can find it on the Live page.
New York October 28th 2001 Hammerstein Ballroom

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (5-11-2008) 10:08 PM  I'm working on tonights updates right now.
DJ Zap had videos for his tracks from earlier today,  I forgot to put up the links,  please go and check them out.

7x5 with a great mix about a shitty subject,  not that the subject is shitty,  but the fact that the samples he used only exist because of the hatred that occurs between men.  7x5 bringin' a history lesson.  Let's not repeat that!
An Open Letter to NYC - Rise Above Tragedy

Ede worked up a homemade pella from the Original unreleased version of Intergalactic
(you can download that on the Rare page),  You can grab Ede's pella from the pellas page.

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (5-11-2008) 2:09 PM   Happy Mother's day to all the Mothers out there!!

Yes I know it's late,  but I have an excuse, alcohol makes me sleepy......
DJ Zap back tonight with two jams full of turntable enhanced love....
Hold It Now Hit It -vs- X-Ecutioners - Back To Back (Live Turntable Mix)  (Video)
Triple Trouble -vs- Jurassic 5 - In The House (Live Turntable Mix)


Mr. Rogers B-Boy!!

I need a volunteer to work up a 60 minute podcast of your favorite mixes from the site??  If your interested drop me an e-mail and I'll fill you in on the details.   It doesn't have to be anything amazing,  just something light,  and fun.

Also,  Thanks to Ede,  we've got another show on the Live Shows page,
Vienna Austria July 8th 1998 at Libro Hall, Thanks Again Ede!!

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (5-6-2008) 10:41 PM
Ok,  I don't even know how to describe this next one,  it's giving me a Chemical Brothers feel... Just go get it,  You know you want to.

Globemallow Spike with:  Unite - All Aboard Remix

Added a new show to the Live page.  If you guys have anything that's not already on the live page, drop me a note.

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (5-5-2008) 11 PM
MCScoobyT with the first known mix of The Dog Park Mix from Adrock!!
The Dog Park Mix -vs- Body Movin - Body Movin At The Dog Park

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (5-5-2008) Early as F*** AM
I'm starting a new day early,  but don't forget to grab 7x5's track from yesterday!!
Dropped 5 new tracks on the Rare Tracks page.  And also listened to a 54 minute live DJ set from DJ Kentaro tonight.  I hadn't heard him before,  but damn that guy has got some serious skills,  any of you scratch addicts out there should check this guy out.  Shit gave me the chills when I heard it...

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (5-4-2008)
A little history lesson for the kids tonight from the Funkmeister General, 7x5!
Pass the Mic - Pass the Arsenal of Democracy

Hope you guys are all ok out there,  my day was shit, and I hope yours was better.....

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (5-3-2008) 11:16 PM
If you guys are going to treat me like this every time I take a day off,  I'm going to start taking more days off.  :-)  Here comes the mixes!!!

7x5 with two tracks tonight, just go get them,  you know 7x5 never dissapoints! He's smooth like Barry White!!
3 The Hard Way - 10th Victim Remix
Crawlspace - Beats and Pieces

TTownMC with one track tonight, giving 7x5 a run for his money in the funk department with this one,  good stuff coming out of Ohio I see!!!
Shake Your Rump - Takes 2

DJ Zap,  Our man from Ireland, another guy that doesn't dissapoint!!  Rokin' two, yes I said TWO new mixtapes tonight!!
License To Trompe Le Monde (Live in New York) - Pixies vs Beastie Boys
01 Sure Shot - vs Something Against You
02 Hello Brooklyn - vs Planet Of Sound
03 Pass The Mic - vs Cecilia Ann
04 Shake Your Rump - vs Trompe Le Monde

Beastie of the Year - Frank Black vs Beastie Boys
01 Brouhaha - vs Places Named After Numbers
02 Right Right Now Now - vs Fu Manchu
03 Pass The Mic - vs Tossed
04 So Whatcha Want - vs Pure Denizen Of The Citizens Band
05 We Got The - vs White Noise Maker
06 Electrify - vs Two Spaces

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (5-2-2008) 2:08 AM

I'm taking today off, any mixes submitted today will be put up on Saturday,
Hope you understand.  S7

However,  since I'm being such a greedy bastard and taking my one day off in two years,  I'm going to leave you with something very special I received in the mail today from a good friend of the site.  This is rare track that Adrock did for Visionaire Issue #53 entitled Sound,  the Track is The Dog Park Mix and you can find it on the Rare Tracks page at the very top.  Enjoy my day off !   To you who sends great attachments,  Thanks Again!!!

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (5-1-2008) 11:20 PM
Bassdriver today with a mashup from two of my favorite bands, Skinny Puppy and Beastie Boys,  along with Throbbing Gristle.
We Got The - Skinny Gristle   Nice work Bass'

Globemallow Spike with the beginnings of a mixtape,  He's calling it:
Luda at the Gala (Ludacris at the Gala Event) Nice to see some instrumentals getting some love.
01_Song For Junior - Area Codes
02_Transitions - Grew up A Screw Up
03_In 3's - Roll Out

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-30-2008) 11:15 PM
Thanks for giving me the day off yesterday,  I stopped at my Sis's house and played Mario Kart Wii for 2 hours, and got home and played GTA IV for 4...

Lots of new tracks tonight,
First up,  E-Dub,  Awesome intro, funky jam,  lovin' it!!
Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun - Firestarter

Next up,  MCScoobyT continuing his "Beasties date Northern State" tape,
Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun - Run Off The Barrel Of A Gun (Smooth)
Sabotage - Sabotaged By A Sucka MoFo Named Bush 
Shake Your Rump (Full Clout Demo) - Shake A 1000 Rumps At Once
Three MC's And One DJ - Oooh Girls and Boys... The Dj!!
To All The Girls - To All The Things Girls Do For You

Good stuff Scooby' !

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-28-2008) 10:39 PM
Can I just say something, I love the Marx Brothers, and I love funky beats, so today's mashups are right up my alley, Great work guys!!
Edub With: Stop That Train - Turnstyle

Ede With:  Intergalactic - Please Stand Up

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-27-2008) 11:00 PM
Five new tracks tonight..
7x5 ws first in today, with a couple o' mixes,  one semi-mellow and smooth,  the other a big beat dropper from the beginning,  good stuff from 7x5 as always.
Time to Build - Listen to the Beat
Spam - Pootie Spam

Ede second in with three new tracks, I suspect that the HFY mix features him on guitar, and I'd bet I'm right.  3THW smoooth!!  And STT,  now that's a fun mix!!
3 The Hard Way - Wanna Be A Baller
Hey Fuck You - You Are Fucked
Stop That Train - My Name Is

And Sis'  No more trampoline for me,  that thing screwed me up.....!!!

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-26-2008) 12:00 Midnight
Everybody watch out,  there's a car thief IN DA' CLUB!!!!!!
Ede tonight with:  Car Thief - In Da Club

Side note:  Sound-Unsound is going through a scheduled upgrade of forum software etc.  Should be back to normal soon,  I'm sure Ross is working his ass off over there as I type this.  I saw it earlier today and everything looked great but not so much now,  apparently still work being done.  Try and get some sleep Ross,  We'll understand. :-)

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-26-2008) 12:58 pm
Late as usual,  sorry PWN,    PWN Productions today/night with two new tracks that couldn't sound any different than each other.  One rocker, and one Disco sounding track.
3 The Hard Way - ft. Donna Summer State of Independence
Intergalactic - Intergalactic Teen Spirit Mix

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-24-2008) 11:15 pm
New forums bring people out of retirement!!!  YES!!
Chromium05 with a few new tracks,
Triple Trouble - 30 Minute Max-1001
Just a Test - Remix-2
Rhyme the Rhyme Well - Beasties to the Rhyme

Spacemacs also back with a hot track tonight....
Brr Stick Em - You Know Where Im at Remix

I'd like to remind you guys to read the rules over on the new forums..

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-24-2008) 12:30 am
Lots of good news tonight, starting with Ede stopping by to drop of his newest mix.
Root Down - E Down
Is that an Eagles sample, it sounds so familiar, but I can't place it?

Second,  see that new RED button to your left, it takes you to our new forums over at the Sound-Unsound Networks forums, the guys over there are very generous and offered us some forum space.  So go over, sign up and get to posting.  A big thumbs up to our friend The Mighty Ajax for being first in.  There are a great bunch of mashup and remix artists over there, so make yourself at home, we've got two official pages over there, one for Beastiemixes News and one for you guys to post your tracks in.  You wanted forums,  well you got em'.  Thanks Again Ross!

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-22-2008) 10:47 pm
KTBStudioWorks tearin' it up tonight with three new tracks,
Super Disco Breakin - Rhyme the Rhyme Well - Shithead Disco rmx
Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - vs Moby
Electrify - Federation rmx Are the samples from Starfleet,  or Starfleet ? HMmmm

MCScoobyT with a couple new ones tonight too!
Alright Hear This - Did I Hear The Last Mohican Speak'n?

and a continuation of his Beasties date Northern State tape.
Fight For Your Right - Girls Gotta Fight For Their Right To Get On The Mic At The Party

I decided to look these "Northern State" girls up, and guess what? These chicks are great!!
Video   Video   Video   Video 

Also,  if all goes as planned, I shall soon have some very good news for you guys!!
Yes!! Better than the DJ Map! :-p (I actually think the DJ map is cool BTW)

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-20-2008) 1:10 am
Allllright!! We've got two new tracks today from two swell fellows..

DJ Desmondo with a nice slow jam that's just ohh so spicy!
Sure Shot - You Got

The Biologist with a continuation of his Beasties -vs- Mixmaster Mike tape
Triple Trouble vs. Burn Center

Added a link to the DJ Map on the Remixers page.

You like Fort Minor, how about Sage Francis? Check this... (Tape-11) From our friend DJ Zap!!!

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-19-2008) 3:40 am
Lots of goodness for tonight/today, and it's very late once again, so I'm just going to get at it. But I will say one thing, I listened to all of tonight's tracks, and it really sounds like the guys had some fun making these,  and they were fun to listen to!

MCScoobyT with a new mixtape, Longest mixtape name ever and I hope I got it right....
Beasties date Northern State
Boys (and Girls) Entering an Anarchist (Northern) State Towards Internal Excellence

All Lifestyles - All Lifecycles Fall
Ch-Check It Out - Check It Away From Me
Hey Fuck You - Mother May I Fuck Elliott Spitzer
In A World Gone Mad - Mad Stakes At The Hoedown f. De La Soul with beats by Prince Paul
Mike On The Mic - Rockin' The Mike f. Mix Master Mike and The Arsonists
Pass The Mic - Cold War On The Mic
Paul Revere - Six Paul-Migos
Shazam! - Grasshopper Mic-Zammies
Time To Build - Build A Cowboy Man
Triple Trouble - A Good Distance For Trouble
We Got The - We Got Better Already

R2DJ second in today with the start of a new mixtape called Crossfade Colossus
Shadrach - Shadrach Live-Rare Track
Shake Your Rump - Flip the Scrip

Tonium Pacemaker - Portable Mixer
This thing looks bad-ass

Pacemaker by Tonium... The Overview & Tutorial
Pacemaker Quick Preview
Pacemaker01's Videos

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-17-2008) 10:08 pm
PWN Productions bringing Joy to the World with his newest mix, a contirbution to the
Childhood Jams Project!!
(Track-29) We Got The -vs- Three Dog Night-Joy To The World - Childhood Jams Mix

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-15-2008) 11:29 pm
There's some eViL goin' on around here thanks to The Biologist,  and his new track!!
We Got The - Evil Nine Remix

I've also got a small surprize for you guys, I'm working on something kinda cool,  well cool for me, maybe lame for you, it's a map of where all the hosted DJ's are.  It's still a work in progress, as I haven't added everyone yet, and I don't know where on the site I'm going to put it just yet, but you can take a look HERE

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-14-2008) 10:47 pm
Ede tonight with a new mashup,  because we're all the Youth of a Nation,  in fact, Many Nations!!!
Oh Word -vs- Youth Of The Nation

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-13-2008) 11:05 pm
7x5's track from this morning,  Now updated, and all new!! And a new track for today!!
Ch-Check it Out - Dong Diggy Remix

Ede with a rockin' & Stompin' new track for his Offspring mixtape.
03_All Lifestyles -vs- Neocon

TtownMc ending the party at 2am.. Dropping all kinds of craziness into this one!
Just a Test - Papa is a Rolling Stone Remix

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-13-2008) 2:31 am
I actually added this before midnight,  but forgot to add it to the front page...  DUhhh...
7x5 with a new one tonight/today that blends two different tracks and some... Disco sounds?
Triple Trouble/Crawlspace - Crawlspace Trouble

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-12-2008) 12:15 pm
OK, You guys' ready for some remixes and super duper mashups? Good, because we've got the jams today..

Ede startin' it off with the beginnings of a looong mixtape, or maybe a very short mixtape, time will tell.
Beastie Boys -vs- The Offspring
01_Body Movin -vs- The Kids Aren't Alright
02_We Got The -vs- Shes Got Issues

TtownMc with a new one today too,  I love this guys tracks!!
Stop That Train - Remix

Globemallow Spike takin' it live with his new mixtape, going head to head with MMM!
All The Way Live 5
Body Movin' - Live Mixmaster Mike remix
Root Down - Live Mixmaster Mike remix
Shake Your Rump - Live Mixmaster Mike remix
Sure Shot - Live Mixmaster Mike remix
Three MCs And One DJ - Live Mixmaster Mike remix

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-12-2008) 11:00 am
Sorry about the lack of an update last night,  but when I got home at 11pm, I hadn't had any sleep for over 48 hours, and it was either Update, then sleep, or Sleep then update,  and my body chose sleep.  I'm working on it right now.

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-9-2008) 9:47 pm
MCScoobyT with another 5 tracks for his Beck, Adam, Adam, and Mike tape...
22-The Brouhaha - Sissyneck-haha
23-Fight For Your Right - A Readymade Fight (Are the Beasties actually even in this one? 2:03??)
24-Unite - High Unite (Rappin' The Catskills)
25-Year And A Day - Year of the Ramhackle
26-We Got The - We Got The Deadweight

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-8-2008) 11:31 pm
Good stuff tonight,  Like always I guess...

Kool D with really nice mix tonight,  the horns and piano are great, and everything just flows!
Time To Build - Screamin J Brown Mix

DJ Honeybeast with a rockin' but funky, with synths, and guitar, annnd fiddle? version of:
Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - Now That Barrel

Mixmeister MCScoobyT back with a few additions to his Nortec Boys mixtape,  eight new tracks to be exact.
Ch-Check It Out (Just Blaze) - v. No Liazi Jaz-Plankton Man
Electrify - v. Hiperboreal-Don Loope f. Common
Hold It Now, Hit It - v. Clorofila-Funky Tamazula
Intergalactic - v. Tijuana For Dummies
Putting Shame In Your Game - v. Synthakon-Bostich
Rhyme The Rhyme Well - v. El Lado Oscuro De Mi Compradre-Terrestre
Right Right Now Now - v. Ventilador-Fussible
The Move - v. Tepache Jam-Terrestre

Uploaded the KROQ Weenie Roast show from 6-12-2004 to the LIVE page. Good recording, and a great intro from Will Farrell..

And to think on 11-18-2007,  I was thinking that the mixes were all but drying up,  and we only had 1200 mixes then. So that's 500 more mixes in 4 months!! I've been a busy mofo over here,  and you guys have been busy over there too...  Wow...

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-7-2008) 10:05 pm
Ede is back with a couple of tracks that for the life of me sound almost identical, but are different lengths and start out differently. But good none the less.
Johnny Ryall - Ch-Check It Out Just Blaze Remix Instrumental Maple Bar Brother Mash Mix
Johnny Ryall - Ch-Check It Out Just Blaze Remix Instrumental Mash

E-Dub, with another Childhood Jam track!!  This kid don't give up!!
(Track-6) Year And A Day - The Lord's Prayer

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-6-2008) 11:05 pm
Oh Yeah BOYyy...  Guess what guys!!  NEW DJ TODAY!!!  Please welcome King Gamma to the Beastiemixes Family, you guys should know the drill by now.
Ch-Check it Out - KGmix01
Stop That Train - KGmix02
Time To Build - KGmix03

Don't think for a minute that some friends didn't stop by today and show some love!!

E-Dub With another Childhood Jams track,  opening with a line that's both sad and funny at the same time.
(Track-30) Just a Test - Tell Me Something Good

DJ Desmondo With a track that's shows me that Des' isn't messin' around any more!!
3 The Hard Way - Bonus Plus

nYgel With a track that's low, smooth, and mellow,  everything is as it should be!
Pass the Mic - Pass The Last Donut

7x5 With his track for tonight,  hittin' up the Prince "Cool" samples.
Is that Prince on guitar too?  He's a badass guitar player!
We Got The - We Got The Cool

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-6-2008) 2:49 am
Another late night for me..  :-)

7x5 with a Childhood Jam and a second mix that's a real burner! Ya Gotta' Ch-Check it!!
(Track-25) Triple Trouble - Triple Dukes
Crawlspace - DS Remix

E-Dub,  who's almost single handedly trying to bang out the rest of the Childhood Jams is back with another one for us. Nice transition at 1:46!
(Track-16) Alive - Night Chicago Died

I'm very curious as to who will attempt a couple of the remaining tracks,  I mean,  Come on,  The Streak?  There's only one guy who I think could attempt that one, and we haven't seen him around in a while,  CosmoKramer!!    Where are you Cos' when we need you?

Almost forgot, our favorite turntablist, DJ ZAP has released a new mixtape called "Clever Name",  you can check it out on that "Other" site,  it's Tape No 10 I've listened to about half of it so far, and yeah,  you need to go grab this one NOW!!

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-5-2008) 3:31am  We just past 1700 hosted mixes!!!
Alright,  tonight's update is a big one,  it's laaate, and I'm getting sleepy and I've been fixing filenames and mp3 ID tags, and uploading files for 2 hours now,  so I'm gonna get at it right, NOW!!  And yeah I like complain!  :-p

DeadMarauder finishing up his Beasties Playing Videogames mixtape with:
02 - That's it That's All - Rise of the Triad
04 - Triple Trouble, All lifestyles - Castlevania
05 - Hey Fuck You - Fable
07 - The Brouhaha-LDTBOAG - Wolfenstein
08 - Right Right Now Now - MegamanLegends
09 - An Open Letter to NYC - Final Fantasy IX
10 - Instrumental-Sure Shot - Clydes Revenge

DJ Honeybeast with a whole load of new ones!
3 The Hard Way - Keep 3 Together
Car Thief - You and a Car Thief
Ch-Check it Out - Wake It Out
Crawlspace - Uncrawlable
Paul Revere - Spirit Revere
Right Right Now Now - Vow Vow Now Now
Shake Your Rump - Buddy Rump
Stop That Train - Stop Over Train
Time To Build - Summertime 2 Build

As a site note,  the TV behind me is showing the Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav,  If you get a chance to see this,  do it,  it's funny as hell, and it looked like Flav was having a great time. I don't know when this was originally on.  You can see a clip here

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-5-2008) 1:00am
Sorry I'm late,  it's 1:00am and I just walked in the door,  I just looked and there's about 20 mixes waiting for some love,  don't worry,  I'm on it!!

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-3-2008) 11:38pm
OK,  I'm most of the way done,  only need to work up one header, and am awaiting the other.  Anyway, the surprize??
Guess What!!??  TWO NEW DJs' TODAY!!!!!

Please welcome both DJ Honeybeast,  and DeadMarauder to the Beastiemixes family!! Both currently have three mixes available for download with promises of 7 more from DeadMarauder.  Go Check out their mixes, and be sure to drop them an e-mail.  You guys know the drill.  :-)  We are now 84 DJs strong!!! Two years ago I would have never imagined that we'd get this big.   You guys know that we passed the 2 year anniversary in Feb. ?  Yeah I forgot too.

I don't want to forget these two guys in all the excitment of "NEW DJs"

The Biologist is back after a long hiatus,  but he brought us some good stuff!!
Hey Ladies - (Its A Motor-Booty Affair) P-funk Remix

E-Dub, Superfreak that he is, is kicking butt on the Childhood Jams, got a new one for us today.
(Track-10) Car Thief - Black Superman

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-3-2008) 9:50pm
Just got home and am starting the updates now, please be be patient with me, I have a few surprises.

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-2-2008) LATE
Couple of things tonight.....
E-Dub with a mellow as mellow can get contribution to the Childhood jams tape..
(Track-4) An Open Letter to NYC - Scarborough Fair

I've also been sitting on some pellas that MCScoobyT sent in last week,  and nYgel also contributed two new ones today and that reminded me to take care of Scooby's.  These are ALL homemade pellas, so you have been warned. :-p  You can get all of them on the pella's page
From MCScoobyT:
Beastie Revolution DIY acapella
Believe Me DIY acapella
Brand New DIY acapella
Deal With It DIY acapella
Im Down (Beatles Cover) DIY acapella
Rock Hard DIY acapella
The Scenario DIY acapella
Your Sister's Def
From nYgel:
Year and a Day
This Government Needs a Tuneup_pella attempt

Also uploaded the Beastie's Childhood Jams show to Beastiemixes, since it seems that Little Radio has taken down the downloadable shows from their site. You can get it here.

Thanks Everybody!!!


I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-2-2008)
OK, OK,  I'm back......   For those of you who don't live where people celebrate April Fools Day,  please see here for info.  In the U.S. we celebrate ALL day, some parts of the world only celebrate half a day.

At Beastiemixes I've celebrated every year.  I hope you understand and had fun with it as I did.. Just think of it as the site's day off.

April Fools Day at Beastiemixes 2006   (Check the DJ List, 9 guys)
April Fools Day at Beastiemixes 2007  (Thanks Again Cosmo!!)
April Fools Day at Beastiemixes 2008 (Yesterday)

I can see that the site wouldn't really be missed, as I only received two e-mails asking what was going on. Would you guys miss me?  :-(

Be sure and check out the mixes from 3-31,  as they were only up for a matter of a few hours before I pulled the site down!!

And look who's makin' me work on my day off.
PWN Productions with a mix featuring one of the hottest Irish girls to ever tour the world in a band called The Cranberries.
MMmmmmm Dolores O'Riordan!!!!
In a World Gone Mad - ft. The Cranberries

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (4-1-2008)      And on the 365th day,  I rested......

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-31-2008) Later PM (9:15)
OH my,  LOTS of good stuff tonight,  magical mixes fit for a king and we've got 10 new ones!!
Let's just get past all of this and get right to the remixes shal' we!?

Edub with a contribution to the Childhood Jams project, I'll never think of that song the same again..
The CJ page is starting to fill out..
(Track-14) Thats It That's All -vs- Magic

Kool D Big Bass, Trumpets and some BBQ,  check these,  Kool D is bringin' the goodness today!
Ch-Check it Out - Ch-Check the BarBQ vs Wendy Rene
Electrify - Old Skool Trumpet Mix

Globemallow Spike last but not least, bringin' 7 new tracks for his Auf die 5 Bezirke Mixtape
GSpike,  Good stuff as always,  and BTW, I'm the Dictator around here! :-p
Ch-Check It Out - Tour De France rmx
Hey Fuck You - Neon Lights rmx
Rhyme The Rhyme Well - Boing Boom Tschak rmx
Right Right Now Now - Home Computer rmx
Three The Hard Way - Numbers rmx
Time To Build - Antennae
Triple Trouble - Sex Object rmx

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-30-2008) Later PM (8:32)
Spacemacs tonight with a new track I'm sure I've heard the backing music from before, but for the life of me I can't remember what it's from,  Horror movie I believe, but I can't remember which one. Good stuff though.
3 The Hard Way - Bill's Gone Crazy Remix

MCScoobyT back with an addition to his Mix-Up Guest Vocal Edition mixtape
Freaky Hijiki - Break - ft. Mke D and Lily Allen
and another track
Funky Boss - Funk Bossy

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-30-2008) Early AM (12:29)
NEW MIXES today!!!
Ede samplin' some oldies in there, heard some Groucho Marx and John Wayne. If you guys only knew how big a fan of old movies I am. :-)
Body Movin - Writ for a Rat Remix

DJ Desmondo Starting this one with some Bowie, and wrapping it up with Herbie Hancock and some other samples I didn't recognise. Des' is really improving!! I'm lovin' this one.
Shake Your Rump - Rock Yr Shake

Check out the hardware Herbie used back in the day.  You guys have it sooo easy today. :-p
Herbie Hancock Demonstrates the Fairlight on Sesame Street
Herbie Hancock jams with his Fairlight CMI (YouTube)

More info on the The Fairlight CMI (Computer Musical Instrument) (Wikipedia)

Dr Moog demos the Fairlight CMI 1983 (YouTube)

This is advice to live by, guys, listen to this and heed the warning.

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-28-2008) Later PM (11:20)
Awwwhhh  Yeah!  Are you guys ready for some mixes?  Good,  I've got a couple new ones tonight!!

PWN Productions  My Favorite Netherlandian?  Netherlander? Ok,  Guy from the Netherlands!
That's it That's All - ft. James Brown

E-Dub Got more mixes than he's got grey hairs, and thats a lot coz he's got his share! With a Childhood Jams track!!
(Track-24) Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - Blinded By The Light

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-28-2008) Early AM (12:30)
Three new ones tonight,  definitely some fun ones...

Globemallow Spike, Not another DJ rocks this type of beat!
Spam - Shpampooled Remix

Kool D Rockin' the Los Angeles Negros track that was sampled in original version of The Move
Pass The Mic - El Rey y Yo Tribal Mix

R2DJ Gettin' us ready for a l lot of fun and excitement!
Ch-Check It Out - Guiness Stout - Your Granny's Panties Remix

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-26-2008) Semi-Late PM
Alright, Let's get to it...

Our long lost DJ is back!!!  Blazin' it for us like a man destined for Cali...!! Come to SoCal Ratty,  I'll let you buy me a beer, or six!
Fatty Ratty with:
Ch-Check it Out,Just Blaze - A Flute Loop is Watcha Want

DJ Desmondo with a smooooooth one!
The Move - Where You're At

Hallucigen making this one better than the original,  lotsa' little funky beats,  nice!
Crawlspace - Bongindie Remix

And then there's MCScoobyT,  :-p
Adding another track to his "Beck and Adam and Adam and Mike" tape with:
Track 21-Paul Revere - Paul McMinus

And releasing a new tape today called: "Nortec Boys"
8 Tracks of wildness from the ScoobMeister General!

Did you guys make a donation to Download Girl?? I'm gonna' turn the download links into a PayPal buttons!

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-25-2008) Early AM
Lots of mixes tonight,  and I've got very little time tonight.  so I'm gonna give 'em to ya straight.

TtownMc  Back on the scene for tha' people to like!
That's It That's All - What You Give Is What You Get Remix

Ede Oooh this one's good...!
The Move - vs You Can Do It

World Famous MCScoobyT continuing his reign of mixing what other's haven't.
Adding to his "White House LP"
06. Your Sister Def - v. Bring The Noise (sfaction instrumental)
07. Beastie Groove - v. Raise The Roof
08. Party's Getting Rough - Funky Funky Idiots_v. Sophisticated Bitch
09. Party's Getting Rough - v. Shut'em Down_MCScoobyT.mp3
10. She's On It - v. Tie Goes To The Runner feat. 2 Live Crew
11. Some Dumb Cop Gave Me 2 Tickets Already - v. Bring The Noise(pump-kininstrumental)

Also tonight
3 The Hard Way - 3 R's The Hard Way feat. Jack Johnson & Money Mark

If you use the site, monthly, daily, weekly,  you know I don't ask for much,  so today's the day....

As a favor to me, Our very own "Download Girl" no longer has a camera but is accepting donations to get one,  If you can spare a couple bucks to someone who was generous enough to let us use her photos to make downloads just that much nicer, please do so,  you can find her information here,  or just paypal a few bucks to her at clickypenpixieofdoom@yahoo.com and tell her Beastiemixes.com sent ya'.

"due to recent circumstances, i can no longer borrow the camera i have been using for my stock photos, and i cannot afford a new one. if you would like to donate, i would very much appreciate it, and even a dollar would be a huge help. every little bit counts, right?"

Ch-Check you guys later!


I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-24-2008) Early AM
Our friend 7x5 is back with 3 new tracks, One funky one, one rocker, and the other one. :-)
Sure Shot - Express Yourself Remix
Pass the Mic - Pass the Mic to a Criminal
Crawlspace - Music Non-Stop

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-23-2008) Later AM But still early as F***
Globemallow Spike today with a contribution to the Childhood Jams tape,  that nobody else seems to have noticed, and it's not listed on the track-list.  Wasn't listed on the Little Radio page either (And I think the Little Radio page is down now as well)  Anyway....  This one is probably one of the funniest mixes on the entire site.  Good stuff GSpike!
(Track 31.5) Mr. Jaws by Dickie Goodman -vs- Beastie Boys (Listed as Mini-MegaMix on his page)

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-23-2008) Really Early AM  Happy Easter for those of you who celebrate it.
Wow,  huge update tonight,  mixes from everybody who counts,  ok,  just kidding,  but yeah it's a big update, so I'm just going to get to it....

R2DJ with a new mixtape brewing,  Pablo's Atelier
An Open Letter to NYC - Much Love to NYC
The Brouhaha - Trix are for Kids

Nate Wize, with 2 tracks,  and that includes a contribution to the Childhood Jams tape..
Triple Trouble - Triple Limbs
(Track-3) Ch Check It Out - Jackie Blue Rub - Childhood Jams

Ede With a 4-pack of goodness tonight. Also including a Childhood Jam
The Brouhaha - VS Yeah I Like BS
Crawlspace - VS New Gouda
Electrify - vs Transitions
(Track-11) Pass The Mic - vs Detroit Rock City - Childhood Jams

TtownMc with only one, but it's got scratchin' in it,  so it's like 10 to me!!
Electrify - 2 Killa-G Remix

If we ever get this Childhood Jams page,  I'm gonna talk to everyone I can talk to to try and get a copy of it to the Beastie Boys so they can see what you guys have been doing with their pellas.

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-22-2008) Really LATE PM
Just got home, 11:55pm   I know there are mixes that have been waiting and I'm starting the updates right now,

Worst host in the world,


I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-22-2008) Early AM (1:48 to be exact)
Guess what, Haha, no not that, but I do have good news, I forgot to mention the other day that we passed 50,000 downloads since the version 2.0 launch. Whoo Hoo Thanks a lot to all who both upload, and download from the site, you both make the site what it is.    Oh and also NEW MIXES today, good stuff too...!!

DJ Desmondo,  with a new one tonight,  sounds like he's sampling vinyl...   This one's a slow mellow one,  good for relaxing after a hard day at work.
Car Thief - The Old Man

Globemallow Spike back continuing his Auf die 5 Bezirke - Beastie Boys -vs- Kraftwerk mixtape..
All Lifestyles - Ruckzuck rmx
Oh Word - The Model rmx
That's It That's All - Musique Non-Stop rmx

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-21-2008) Early AM
PWN Productions,  back tonight with a couple funky ones, who woulda' thought they had funk in the Netherlands!? 7x5,  you might want to step up your game :-p
Alive - Tambourine Remix
Negotiation Limerick File - Remix ft Lou Donaldson

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-19-2008) Late PM
Three new jams tonight from 3 different mixers, All different, all good..  Keep the scratchin' comin' guys,  I love it!!

Contretemps with:
Stop That Train - Bouillabaissed

Ede with:
Unite -vs- No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Hallucigen All the way from Prague with:
So What'cha Want - SWW RMX

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-18-2008) Late PM
When these guys go underground for a while, they usually come back with something good,  and tonight is no exception. get downloadin' and let those beats Drrrrrrrrrrrop!

nYgel tonight with:
Sure Shot - Hate It or Sure Shot
Crawlspace - Too Late To Crawlspace

7x5 tonight with:
Ch-Check it Out  - Time Machine Remix
Electrify - Bonnie and Clyde Remix
Oh Word - Drop Remix
That's It That's All - Butterfly Remix

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-17-2008) Late PM
Guess What!!!    NEW DJ TODAY !!! He had the required 3 mixes, so I had to let the police in, the Police Dog!! Please welcome the newest member of the Beastiemixes family. Go chesk out his tracks, and drop him a note.

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-17-2008) Early AM  Happy St. Patrick's Day
I've got a nice little surprise for you guys,  a few mixes from a couple guys who've been away for a while..

Chromium05 with a real fun mix, that'll make you smile from ear to ear...
Triple Trouble - TripleTrouble100

PWN Productions with a couple tracks that reminded me why we missed him around here..
Just a Test - Trumpet Remix
3 The Hard Way - Blues Remix

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-16-2008) Early PM
Globemallow Spike with a new mixtape today, Auf die 5 Bezirke - Beastie Boys -vs- Kraftwerk
5 tracks of electronic love for your ears.

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-16-2008) Early Early AM
Whew,  what an update! Desmondo was nice to me and only gave me one mix, MCScoobyT kicked my butt with 20. :-)

DJ Desmondo with a track filled with goodness. Slicin' and Dicin' this one up I like it!!
Body Movin - Action Girl

MCScoobyT with a new 20 Track Mixtape full of never been remixed before tracks, Get It!
Beck and Adam and Adam and Mike - The Enchanting Wizards of Rhythm

Hallucigen, has mad a contribution to the Childhood Jams project,  but he's taken an entirely new approach, and has remixed the spoken parts of the Childhood Jams show Not having a place to put something like this, it will be listed as "Spoken Word" on his page,  and will be track 00 on the project page.  Believe me,  you'll understand once you hear it.
(Track-00) Nothin' (feat. BB)

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-15-2008) Early AM
EdE Back tonight with a good mix, I'll have to describe as No Comment... ;-)
All Lifestyles - Sexy Back Mix

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-14-2008) AM
Good stuff today from EdE,  I don't know the backing for the first track,  but the 7 Nation Mix intro is the first thing I learned how to play on the guitar,  It only takes one string to play and I can play it perfectly. :-)
Triple Trouble - Jack Speed Mix
We Got The - 7 Nation Mix

Also got something cool, An early Beasties performance from Sat May 7th 1983 at the Speed Trials Festival at White Columns Gallery, NYC, NY.
Egg Raid On Mojo - Sat May 7th 1983 - Speed Trials Festival, White Columns, NYC, NY
You can grab the track from the Rare Tracks page. 

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-12-2008) PM
Two new ones for tonight,  one puts you in a very relaxed state, and the other is relaxing in more of a two turntables and a microphone sorta' way. Download them both and find out which is which.

Nucking Futs with:  An Open Letter to NYC - Simple and Peaceful
TtownMc with:  3 The Hard Way - Remix

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-12-2008) AM
Added the Langerado Music Festival, March 7th 2008 show to the Live Page. Re-encoded from FLAC files at 256kbit with all ID3 tags fixed.  If you'd like the original FLAC files, you can find them here.   Huge thanks to _davieto_ for the .torrent !!!

Sleepy Time!!

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-11-2008) PM
Three new jammies for tonight, from three of the greatest DJ's that ever lived !!!
(in New Mexico, Nevada, and Kansas) :-)

Globemallow Spike doing his part to help complete the Beastie's Childhood Jams tape....
(Track-19)  Get It Together - Can't We Be Friends Remix

E-dub fucking penguins or some such thing,  Crazy Kid!!  :-p
Hey Fuck You - Penquin

EdE, Must have had a hard time with this one,  he had to beat it up,  but it sounds like he won!!
(In Sterreereo, In Stereo)
The Move - Beat Up Mix

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-10-2008) PM
Nucking Futs with a head banger tonight,  break out your boots and wifebeater, it's time to dance!!
Triple Trouble - Sloppy Mess

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-9-2008) Kinda Late PM
Lots of good stuff tonight,  but I've got to get some things done,  so you're just going to get the quick rundown.

Bassdriver Adding on to his Punk Tape with...
Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun -vs- London Calling
Triple Trouble -vs- Should I Stay or Should I Go

NEXT Coming off a super long hiatus with...
Electrify - Horrific

Spacemacs with his latest..
Shazam! - Bazooka Joe Remix

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-9-2008) Early as hell AM
Lots of good stuff tonight,  I hope you've cleared some space on your hard-drive.

First up today,  Nucking Futs with a great track, taking us back to old school Beasties style with new school lyrics.
All Lifestyles - Up The Punx!

Second up today,  EdE with a track that's got fat beats,  and great samples,  this one's just plain fun!!
Rhyme the Rhyme Well - Insane Magic

And last but certainly not least,  Guess What Guys!!!  NEW DJ TODAY !!!!!  Please join me in welcoming TtownMc to the Beastiemixes family.  9 tracks that I thoroughly enjoyed,  Scratchin' and Sanford and Son samples,  you know I'm down with that!  So go check out his tracks!

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-7-2008) AM
EdE back with another one!   I'm expecting good things from this guy!!  A little Snoop -vs- Beasties mashup action tonight..
Time To Build - Next Episode

Got a nice little contribution to the site tonight from Globemallow Spike for the Rare Tracks page. You can read a little info about the track and watch a video that GNN made for it here.
Countdown - Ralph Nader (Ad-Rock Remix)

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-5-2008) Late PM
Good stuff tonight from a new guy,  and a few from an old guy (not an old guy here,  just a plain old guy :-p Go GSpike!!!)
New Mixtape from Globemallow Spike 3 for Paddy's Day - Beasties -vs- The Pogues.   Throwing a little love to our friends from Ireland, Zap,  we're lookin at you!!
01 - Brass Monkey - Pogues Bottle of Smoke Mash
02 - Hold it Now, Hit It - Pogues Galway Races Mash
03 - Paul Revere - Pouges Parting Glass Mash

Also a new track from the actual new guy, EdE.  Only mixin' since 2008?!!
Doin' pretty good if you ask me!
Time To Build - Strung Out Mix

47,000 downloads,  F*ck!!! How long can we keep this rollin'?  Evidently forever.!!!

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-5-2008) Later AM
Guess what guys,  NEW DJ TODAY!!!!,  Please welcome EdE to the Beastiemixes Family,  Go hit up his page, ch-check out his mixes, drop him a note to make him feel welcomed. 4 tracks of goodness is what he's brought for us.

Damn I'm tired...... 

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-5-2008) 1AM
Sorry about the super late update tonight Des'  I had a visitor, and then did some other work on the site.  So without any further waiting I present to you DJ Desmondo's newest remix.
Pass The Mic - The Chair

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-2-2008) Late PM
7x5 back today with a SIX-PACK of goodness,  now I know why he's been missing for a while now,  workin' hard I see.  Lots of variation in the pack below,  bumpin' and jumpin, and chillin' like a villian.  Good stuff all the way round'.

All Lifestyles - Song for Junior
An Open Letter to NYC - ATCQ Remix
Brr Stick Em - JM Remix
Ch-Check it Out - Apache Remix
Ch-Check it Out - Back in Love Remix
Flowin Prose - Thou Shall Flow

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-1-2008) Late PM
nYgel today with a little Birthday Remix he made to celibrate his 18th Birthday tomorrow.
Shazam! - nYgel 18th Bday Remix

Happy Birthday nYgel!!!!

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-1-2008) Early PM
DJ Desmondo this afternoon with a new track today that's full of big beats, and some orchestra sounding backing samples all put together in a great way,  good stuff Des'.
We Got The - Wally's Song

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (3-1-2008) Early AM
Hallucigen is Baaaaaaaack!!!   He's got a hot mix for us, all the way from Prague,  so go take a listen.
Oh Word - Award Remix - Hallucigen, Flossy

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-29-2008) 11:15 PM
Almost got home too late for this next mix to have any real meaning,  but it's still the Feb 29th in some parts of the world (West Siiiiiide)  Globemallow Spike with a chill new mix that I almost thought was going to be a Doors-Riders on the Storm mix,   but I was wrong,  this one's got some heart,  and was just what I needed to come home and relax to.
Triple Trouble - Leap Year 5-4 Remix

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-27-2008) 9:11 PM

R2DJ With a three pack o' goodness tonight,  that includes a Childhood Jams track.
Shake Your Rump - Id Like to Montequilla Your Muffin
Stop that Train - Stop That Metrolink

(Track-2) Time to Build - Fly Like a Beatsie - Steve Miller vs. Beastie Boys - Childhood Jams Project

Question Sent in by R2DJ
"Does anyone know what song is playing on the Rob & Big show; 1st season, 1st episode.  Big is attempting to win a bet by running for 5 minutes straight.  Hip hop beat in the background with some horns.  Anybody?"  (Song comes in at 6:35)

Rob & Big is like the most fun show on TV right now..  -Silence7

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-26-2008) 9:45 PM
Two mixes tonight that couldn't be further apart in style,  One hard rockin' track that was a remix request from DBGuy,  and the other a happy mix with a cool beat running through it that make you want to dance around....

Globemallow Spike with...
Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - Painkiller Remix (DB Guy Request)
DB Guy sends his thanks, said it was exactly what he wanted...

DJ Desmondo with....
Super Disco Breaking - God's Hassle

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-25-2008) 9:15 PM
Good stuff tonight...  One of our long lost DJ's has returned home tonight, We've got a track where I think the remixer is also the drummer,  and some sweet reggae love from a Wize DJ...  Let's get ready to DOWNLOAD!!!!

PWN Productions
An Open Letter to NYC - ft. Busta Rhymes

DJ Desmondo
Looking Down The Barrel of a Gun - Be Love

Nate Wize
Brr Stick 'Em - Satta Abyss Reggae Rub

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-24-2008) 10:00 PM
DJ Zap wasn't kidding when he said it would be ready soon. Check his page for his newest mixtape.
License To Trompe Le Monde (Beastie Boys vs Pixies)

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-24-2008) 9:07 PM
Contretemps with a "Childhood Jam" today...!!   ROCK ON!!!
(Track-27) Crawlspace - David Essex - Rock On

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-24-2008) 11:29 AM
Bassdriver with a new "Childhood Jam" today, Mixin' the old with the new. 
(Track-9) Triple Trouble - Steppenwolf-Magic Carpet Ride (Childhood Jams)

DJ Zap is doing a B-Boys -vs- Pixies mixtape and it should be out real soon...
License To Trompe Le Monde - Beasties vs Pixies

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-23-2008) 11:29 PM
Nate Wize this evening with a contribution to the Childhood jams page,  Using an alternative version of the track in question,  but after you hear it,  you'll understand why I'm gonna' let him slide..  :-p
Do It ('Til You're Satisfied) - The Soul Messengers -vs- Beastie Boys - Grasshopper Unit

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-23-2008) 2:17 AM
One of my favorite DJ's,  doesn't do a lot of mixes,  but I love every one of them,  Tibor Fredmann,  back tonight with a new one.  Tibor's mixes always take me back to my industrial music roots.  If you haven't heard his mixes,  while you're on his page downloading this newest one,  check the others as well.  He does not disappoint, and represents Germany well!
Crawlspace - Remix

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-23-2008) 12:11 AM

Spacemacs with with a nice slow roller,  Nice bumpin' track!
Just A Test - Just A Bass

Kool D with acouple of fun tracks tonight,  I think this guy might be trying to steal the funk crown from someone else on the site! Great tracks from the new guy!
So What'Cha Want - So Guanta Want
We Got The - We Got The Corazon vs Titan

We also have a request from DBGuy,   to remix THIS song.
Also if you want to tackle any of the other songs I've requested but nobody's mixed yet,  you can find them here, here, and here's a little something you guys might like to sample one day.  There's also some Beastie's Childhood Jams tracks left.  

Now that I've planned your whole weekend for you,  I'm gonna go turn on the 360!!

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-21-2008) 8:30 PM
Got some good stuff for you guys tonight,  I'm not going to go into long details, as I finally got home early for once in my life, and I'm going to be getting my game on, so just download them both, you'll like them.

PTC with:
Paul Revere - Paul Redube

nYgel with:
Alive - Looking For Alive

Also got a request today for the Sabotage Instrumental,  Is this even available,  has anyone even made a homemade one?  If you've got one can you please send it in.

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-20-2008) AM
Seems like 5 minutes ago I was going to take the rest of the night off,  Ha,  forgot to check the e-mail first. Got a couple goodies for ya'. 

First off,  MCScoobyT has finished his Beastie Boys -vs- Money Mark Mixtape (Change Done Come)
04. So Whatcha Want - vs. Glitch in Da System (Updated)
08. Pass the Mic - vs. Love Undisputed
09. Stop That Train - vs. Doo Doo Doo
10. Triple Trouble - vs. Use Your Head
11. Crawl Space - vs. Pepe y Irene
12. An Open Letter to NYC - vs. Rain (NYC)

Also tonight,  GUESS WHAT!!!! Ohhh That's Right,  NEW DJ TODAY!!! Please Welcome KOOL D to the Beastiemixes Family,  and yes, we're just like family,  we fight, and fuss, but in the end it's all about the music.  Anyway,  go check out KOOL D's tracks,  he brought them all the way from the Ukraine! The least we could do is listen to them. :-)  He's also got an e-mail address,  Don't forget to use it!

You guys,  ALL OF YOU, are the best!!!

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-19-2008) PM
Couple a' new mashups for tonight. One from Cosmo' which was a semi-request fullfilment.  And another from Globemallow Spike, which I didn't request,  but has samples from one of my favorite shows.  Very cool stuff tonight.

Globemallow Spike with:
Shazam! - Showroom Dummies - Beastie Boys vs Kraftwerk

CosmoKramer with:
Hey Ladies - (Funky Cold Medina Remix) ft. Tone Loc

Will be spending the rest of the evening it seems working on a new DJ, and getting a mixtape up...

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-19-2008) I should be in bed AM

CosmoKramer has 10062 total downloads.

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-18-2008) PM
Couple of new Beastie Boys remixes tonight,  what else could you ask for!?  R2DJ with some good old school stuff, if scratchin' and funky sounds are your idea of a good time,  go check his tracks,  good stuff.  Globemallow Spike is also back tonight, improving on a song that, like it or not has been burned into your brain ever since the first time you heard it. This is also his 2nd contribution to the Beastie's Childhood Jams project.,   You guys remember that don't ya?
Car Thief - Old School Joint
Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - Behold the Detonator

Globemallow Spike
(Track-2) Right Right Now Now - Time Keeps on Slippin' Remix

My new headphones!!!!


to Enlarge

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-18-2008) AM
MCScoobyT back tonight with another mixtape!  Go Get It!!!
Rainydayz Deemixed EP
01 - Ch-Check It Out - Ch-Check Out the Weird Fishez
02 - Just A Test - Just A Video Tapez F. Del
03 - Looking Down the Barrel of A Gun - All That I Need is Down the Barrel of A Gun
04 - Negotiation Limrick File - Negotiation Limrick Faustz

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-17-2008) 5:51 PM
DJ Desmondo back with a new mix,  this one's mellow,  kind of a kick back and grrove mix.
Flowin Prose - Break My Heart Dilla

Picked up some new headphones today! They're old as hell, and they sound like crap,  but damn if they aren't the coolest headphones ever..  Pioneer SE-50's  I'll have to put up a picture later..

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-16-2008) 11:22 PM
I'm not even sure that I know what kind of music this is,  seems to be a blend of different styles, smooth and mellow, spacey, funky,  Hmmm   It's 7x5 with.........
All Lifestyles - Orgy Remix

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-15-2008) AM
Good friend of the site, BFL,  is selling of a small portion of his GIGANTIC Beastie Boys collection. I cannot afford it,  but maybe you can. He didn't ask to have it shown here, but thought you guys might like to Ch-check it out.
Country Mike's Greatest Hits,  5-Pack!!!  Here's what you get...

Country Mikes Greatest Hits  US Black Vinyl (CM-001) Promo
Country Mikes Greatest Hits US Red Vinyl (CM-001) Promo
Country Mikes Greatest Hits  UK Black Vinyl (CN 005)
Unofficial Country Mikes Greatest Hits CD (23757-1)
Country Mikes Greatest Hits CDR

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-14-2008) Waaay Early AM
Since it's Valentines Day,  go over and see our friends who set up a Beastiemixes.com Fans page on Bebo...  And Show em' some Love!!   And while you're spreading the love, send an e-mail to a DJ today.

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-13-2008) 8:24 PM

Apparently I'm off for the night!!! I might come and chat later, but that's it...

Ok,  I was wrong.... MCScoobyT back tonight with a loong one,  almost 8 minutes of SPAM.. Better in my headphones than in my inbox..
Spam - Coolin, Spamin on Kids-Cool Kids-vs.-Milk D and The King Ad Rock

For the rest of the night,  it's all about COD4 !!

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-12-2008) Late PM
CosmoKramer with a new jammy for tonight, I've had this on repeat for about 45mins now,  and I like it,  you probably will too.......  Part of his Instrumentals collection.
The Move - The Beatles - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Vs. The Move

Wanna' see the Beastiemixes Cave?  (Now with Legend!!!)

Download this..  annnd leave the guy a nice word if you like it. :-p

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-12-2008) AM
Very late/early update tonight/today from Nücking Füts I think he wants something,  but I'm not giving mine up.
All Lifestyles - I Want A 360

Found a show for you guys tonight on some link dump site,  weird how you find things you aren't really even looking for. Uploaded to the LIVE page..
etnies Skatepark - Lake Forest, CA 21 Oct 2006

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-11-2008) 8:52PM
Seven new tracks tonight,  MCScoobyT Finishing up his Crunklio E Olio mixtape,  and Globemallow Spike giving 7x5 a run for his money in the funky department, with his newest track,  You know the drill,  On your mark... Get Set.....  DOWNLOAD!!!

Globemallow Spike
Triple Trouble-Right Now - Platypus Strut remix

MCScoobyT,  now finished with his Crunklio E Olio, I believe all of these are previously un-remixed tracks.
03 Believe Me - Take a Shot, Believe in Me  (Updated)
04 Nervous Assistant-Stay Nervous
(Do U Wanna Suck Do U Wanna Suck Do U Wanna Suck My D---)
05 Square Wave in Unison - Crazy Wave in Unison
06 You Catch a Bad One - You Collared A Bad One
07 I Cant Think Straight - I Think Shes A Straight Chickenhead
08 I Want Some - I Want Some Fire
09 Mullet Head - Knuck Mullet Head

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-10-2008) 9:09pm
I have a headache the size of Texas right now, so please excuse me for droppin' the mixes and running away to get my head straight.  Alright kids, I'm off til' tomorrow...  I should have tracks uploaded a little earlier tomorrow night.  Oh and Ponch went away.  Be nice to me and he won't have to come back.  :-p

DJ Desmondo
Triple Trouble - The Five and Thirteen

All Lifestyles - UFO Remix
Crawlspace - Rent Strike Remix
Sure Shot - Un Ange En Danger
We Got The - We Got the Sugar

The Brouhaha - Alabama Surpise Mix

LDTBOAG Vs. Marilyn Manson - The Nobodies

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-9-2008) 11:31am
Sorry about the wait guys,  I've been out.
Bassdriver tonight with a Childhood Jams track, that's got some nice pass the mic action between the Beasties and Cat,  good stuff.
(Track 1) Car Thief  -  Wild World - Cat Stevens

7x5 with a trio of fresh jams tonight,  with one of them tapping deep into my youth as a giant Van Halen fan,  I had to abandon them when David Lee Roth got the boot, and Sammy Hagar ruined the band,  but I have their old albums to tide me over til' they come back to their senses.  The next track,  Do I hear someone hittin' the pipe at 1:58?? This ain't Cypressmixes.com, or is it.  This mix is chill in more ways than it first appears!   Third up tonight, is what we've come to expect from our man from the ATL,   FuNk!!!!
Ricky's Theme - Runnin' with the Beasties
Shake Your Rump - Shake Sades Rump
Triple Trouble - Jamaica Funk Remix

Sorry about the just throwing the three tracks at you guys last night without any witty commentary,  but it wasn't a good day,  and I just wanted to get updates done and be done.  Did you guys notice that Uru-Nitro was back?   It's very nice to hear from him again.  DJ Desmondo bringin' a new track for us,  and damn,  DJ Zap,   that boy is turntable crazy,  and I love it.

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-9-2008) 12:24am
These next three tracks are what brightened up what ended up being crap day for me,
so Thanks Guys!

DJ Desmondo
3 The Hard Way - Bring On The USSR

DJ Zap
Alive vs Styles Of Beyond - Style Warz (Live turntable mix)

Unite - Uru-Nitro Remix with Dj Zap

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-7-2008) 10:01pm
CosmoKramer back tonight,  with 2 more for his new project, Good stuff!!
Unite  -  The Beatles - In My Life Vs. Unite
Hey Ladies  -  The Beatles - Benefit of Mr. Kite Vs. Hey Ladies

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-6-2008) 9:28pm
MCScoobyT with a contribution to the Beastie's Childhood Jams tape,  I always loved the Convoy song! and also a Beck mashup,  Devil's Mullet??
Country Mike's Theme + High Plains Drifter -vs- C.W. McCall-Convoy (Conveyance)
Mullet Head - Devil's Mullet

CosmoKramer with a couple more Beastie's alternate vocals track thing where there are other vocals over Beastie's music, and then Cosmo spins around 29 times and falls down with a thud, and laughs loudly while mashing the whole thing together like a mad scientist.  Now what was I doing?  Oh the Tracks!!
3 Minute Rule - Sublime - Doin Time Vs. 3 Minute Rule
Just A Test  -  The Beatles -We Can Work It Out Vs. Just A Test

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-6-2008) 12:58am
With a contribution to the Beastie's Childhood jams project.  Great mix,  and thanks for pitchin' in!
(Track 12) Triple Trouble - Grandmaster Flash - White Lines

CosmoKramer's last mix for tonight,  Right Cosmo' ???
Intergalactic - The Doors Hello I Love You Vs. Intergalactic

If you are the person who sent me an e-mail with a **@pilgrimrock.com e-mail address,  I tried to reply but the email just bounces back,  try mailing me again from a different address.

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-5-2008) 11:45pm

If every remix downloaded since June of last year (2.0 re-launch) was a firecracker.....  40,000 is a lot of anything!   40,000 of your tracks are out there floating around the internet being enjoyed by people all over the world. People who are different colors, speak different languages, people who don't live like you do,  people who have one thing in common,  their love of the Beastie Boys, and a love for remixes.   Congratulations guys!!!  Here's to 40,000 more in 2008!!

40,000 Downloads Since June 24th 2007

CosmoKramer with two new tracks for his Various Pellas project.  Good stuff Cos'
Ch-Check It Out - Michael Jackson-Smooth Criminal Vs. Ch-Check It Out-Just Blaze
Triple Trouble - Beach Boys-California Girls Vs Triple Trouble

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. (2-5-2008) 12:09am
Guess What!!!!   NEW DJ TODAY!!!!!  Yup, another new DJ.   May I present DJ Desmondo,  the newest member of the Beastiemixes juggernaught!  He comes to us with the required three mixes :-)  They are all worth the download,  are mellow, ahhh just go download them,  I know you want to.

CosmoKramer also starting a new project of his own,  Other pellas with Beastie's instrumental backing.
Intergalactic - The Beatles-Cant Buy Me Love Vs. Intergalactic
Ch-Check It Out - Michael Jackson-Jam Vs. Ch-Check It Out

My host couldn't figure out what the problem was with all the slow loading pages,  DBGuy to the rescue,  we moved the database to a new server, and *WHAM* we're back in business!! If you notice anymore slow loading pages, don't hesitate to let me know.

Go here and check out the Best of Bootie 2007,  download NOW you will not regret it,  and be sure to grab the "Bonus Tracks" also. If you haven't grabbed the 2005 and 2006 tapes, grab those also.

I'm taking the rest of the night off.....  Cya'

I love remixes (2-3-2008) 10:18pm
Today was a much lighter day towards the end.
7x5 with a contribution to the Childhood Jams project.
(Track 15) Intergalactic - Flashlight Remix

And R2DJ with a straight up bouncy jam that will get you movin'!
Unite - A Skosh of Unity

It's way too early to be awake (2-3-2008) 2:01am
I'm really starting to think that you guys are trying to kill me....  9 new mixes today, along with 29 from the "new" DJ. I will say, I've been listening to the new tracks for about the last hour and a half, and WOW,  there was some really good stuff today,  I'm quite impressed.   Zap, you hit my weak spot for +20 points, All that scratchin' is makin' me itch..  F-ing awesome. Cosmo,  how can you go wrong with the Beatles... nYgel, Kickin' old school and new school at the same time,  sweet!!   and last but not certainly not least,  7x5,  you know I love your tracks! Albuquerque Turkey?  HELL YES!!! The others were great too, but this one's a standout,  bringin' some culture to the site, showing that there's great music everywhere.    keep diggin' in those crates guys!!

Also today,  Guess What!!!!   NEW DJ TODAY!!!!!   Ok so he's not new,  Let's not let that spoil the fun,  he's probably new to some of you,  although he's an old timer in the Beastie Boys remix scene his jams are as fresh today as they were in 2004!  May I present the newest member of the Beastiemixes family,  INNUENDO . He's holding down the whole "I" section all by himself, so go take a listen.

Today's New Tracks:
DJ Zap
Hold It Now Hit It - Scratch Remix
Suco De Tangerina - Scratch Remix

(Track 5), Super Disco Breakin -vs- I want You Back Beasties Childhood Jams track

LDTBOAG - While My Guitar Gently Weeps Remix (ft. The Beatles and Wu-Tang)

(Track 22) Ricky's Theme - Cold Blood and Smoove Beasties Childhood Jams track
All Lifestyles - Albuquerque Turkey
Flowin Prose - Black Moon Remix
Hey Fuck You - Hey Frankenstein Fuck You
Unite - Daydreamin Remix

Beastiemixes Tip O' The Day:   You can download tracks right from the "numbers" page, just click on the song name.  You can also check there to see the 50 newest tracks on the site.

Downloaders,  don't forget to thank your DJ,  he brings you groovy tunes!

(2-2-2008) 3:05am
I'm tired, mad, and I've got some mixes for you..

First up, E-Dub, with a track that he should be proud of,  as he played all the bass, and guitars on it. You're a better guitar player than I am Dub!
Electrify - Resistance

Second up today is R2DJ with another contribution to the Childhood Jams tape,   and it's oh so sexy.
(Track 13) Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing -vs- Beastie Boys - Hey Ladies

The new DJ I mentioned yesterday is in fact Innuendo,  If you've been around the Beastie remix scene for a while,  I'm sure you know that name. He'll be bringin' about 30 mixes to the site for your enjoyment.  We're proud to have him joining up, unfortunately I've been burning the candle at both ends lately,  but I PROMISE I will have his page up In the next day or so...  I've got all of his tracks, just need to get a shiny new header for him, do a little filename cleanup and put it all up.

Too bad Beastiemixes isn't all cool and automated like SoundClick or AcidPlanet.  I should just turn this place into a free-for-all, let everyone create their own pages, upload right to them, and then walk away....

Why aren't you guys rockin' one of these? And cruizing around town with one of these strapped on?  Anyone up for some mixtapes? Or Here maybe?

(2-1-2008) 12:07am
Oh have I got some goodness tonight, two of the biggest players on the site. with some sick mixes tonight,  Glad to have you back Cosmo,  and 7x5,  I see you're keepin' it funky,  Intro to the Green Power Mix,  truer words were never spoken.  Lets get to the mixes.

CosmoKramer with a mix for the Childhood Jams page, takin' it old school..F..R..E..S..H,Yo That's Fresh!!!
(Track 28) Just A Test_Fresh - Fresh 3 MCs Vs. Beastie Boys - Just A Test

7x5 with a couple new jams tonight, that'll get your ass outa' your seat, and get you movin' Oh and 7x5,  you can NEVER have too much harmonica on a track. 
Hey Fuck You - Green Power Remix
Oh Word - Boogie On Remix

Anyone want to do another Ricky's Theme - Richard Pryor mix stuffed full of Pryor material?

Also one of the guys I used to leech mixes from back in the days, has decided to join the site.  I should have his tracks up in a few days, (been hectic over here)  and I'll steer you to his page when it's ready.   You're gonna' love his tracks!  I do!

  Hope everyone is doing well...

(1-30-2008) 9:43pm
Guy Incognito tonight with three new mashups,  including a contribution to the Beastie's Childhood Jams tape,  A nice tribute to Richard Pryor.
(Track 22)  Rickys Theme - On Pryor Mix
Ch-Check It Out - Vs Daft Punk
Sure Shot - Vs Chemical Brothers

(1-29/30-2008) Midnight
R2DJ tonight with a 3-pack of the good stuff. Including his contribution to the Beastie's Childhood Jams tape.  And now that we have a Godzilla track,  What about Gammera?
(Track 33)  Ch-Check It Out - Ch-Check It Lowdown - Boz Scaggs
Hey Fuck You - Hey Fuck Godzilla
3 The Hard Way - In the Key of OG

(1-29-2008) Early as F-ck AM
Guy Incognito with his contribution to the Beastie's Childhood Jams tape!  This thing is getting better every day!
(Track 8)  Triple Trouble - Bee Gee Boys Mix

Don't forget to grab yesterday's tracks,  as they were only at the top of the page for a few hours.

(1-28-2008) 11:52 PM
Boy have we got a surprize for you!

DJ ZAP, with a BRAND NEW mixtape!!  Beastie Boys & J-Souljah - Like It Or Not 13-tracks of goodness from our man in Ireland!!  Zap does NOT dissapoint!   Go Get This!!

E-Dub also droppin a new track for the Beastie's Childhood Jams project. Hall & Oates NEVER sounded this good!
(Track 17)  Intergalactic -vs- Sara Smile - Hall & Oates

Oh, and we're now hosting OVER 1400 mixes!!!   Hell YES!!!

(1-27-2008) 3:04 PM
OK guys, we've got a small mountain of mixes for you today, very good stuff,  be sure and grab ALL of them.

Bassdriver with a couple additions to his Punk Tape project.  This thing is turning out pretty damn good!
In a World Gone Mad - vs Tomoyasu Hotei (Battle Without Honor or Humanity)
Spam - vs Sex Pistols (God Save the Queen)

PWN Productions droppin' a track for the mixtape today. Nothin' beats old Sabbath!!
LDTBOAG - vs Black Sabbath - (Beastie's Childhood Jams)

7x5 with the majority of the mountain today, he also hit the 100 mix mark today with his Root Down - Sticky Buds mix, Congratulations!!!
Ch Check it Out - vs Dazz - Brick -Remix (Beastie's Childhood Jams)
Crawlspace - Panties and Lace Remix
Root Down - Sticky Buds Remix
So What'cha Want - Jigsaw Remix
Stop That Train - Warrior Remix

(1-27-2008) 2:18 AM
We've got a bit of good news today. The fine folks over at Beastiemania have seen fit to publish an interview of your favorite host, yes I'm talking about me. If you want to find out a little bit about why I do what I do, you can head over to Beastiemania and check out the Interview Here. I owe all of my fame to you guys, now where's the fortune? :-p

Guy Incognito with a new one tonight,  and it's oh so spicy!!
Triple Trouble - Remix

MCScoobyT with the first Rock Hard mix on the site.
Rock Hard - v. Speaking w Your Hands, is Louder than a Bomb (lauP ereveR sdraykcab)

(1-26-2008) 2:32 AM
Got home at 1am, started downloading new mixes at 1:15am, finished up fixing ID3 tags after 2am, almost done with the announcements and it's 2:32am. I've got a lot of ground to cover tonight, so I'm just going to get at it.  I will tell you that there are a couple gems in there, but you'll have to download them ALL to find them yourself. :-p

Beastie Revolution - v. Hazy Shades of Criminals Making Love Fuck War
The Mix Up - Wild Mix-Up
Sure Shot - Sure Dooinit
Root Down - Drivin Me to the Wild Side of a Root Down
Negotiation Limerick File - Mega Meal

And a track for the "Beastie's Childhood Jams" mixtape
(Track 18) Get It Together v. The Sylvers - Hotline

3 The Hard Way - Bass smashed Hammer

All Lifestyles - A Sportin' Lifestyle

(1-25-2008) Early AM
Alright guys,  we've got a new mixtape brewing,  it's already off to a good start.  The mixtape is called "Beastie's Childhood Jams"  as a follow-up to the Little Radio show the Beasties' did a couple weeks ago where they played songs they listened to before they were in Junior high school.   The goal is to mix all 32 songs with Beasties' tracks as kind of a tribute to them.

The first Childhood Jams track comes to you all the way from New Mexico from our friend
Globemallow Spike go and check it out.
(Track 23) Do It - Til Youre Satisfied Remix

(1-23-2008) Late PM
I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry,  went out after work today,  so late update....  Smooth one from Nücking Füts tonight,  Beasties -vs- Fugees  This one's just kick back nice,  go take a listen!
Electrify - Beasties Vs Fugees

(1-22-2008) Mid PM
Guy Incognito back today/night with another N.L.F. remix. Under his "Situation" moniker,  Now this one I'm diggin' on.
Negotiation Limerick File - Remix

(1-22-2008) Early AM
You're in all of our thoughts Chro'.  :-)  If you need anything just ask.

(1-21-2008) Late PM
Guy Incognito back with a twisted mix,   I really don't know what to think about this one.  I know he's been outta' the game for a little while so I'm going to cut him some slack.
Negotiation Limerick File - Acceptable Mix

(1-21-2008) Early AM
New jam from R2DJ tonight,  some nice RUN-DMC samples up in there.  Go get it!!
Thats It Thats All - Say What

(1-20-2008)  12:13AM
Sorry about the late update,  my girl was over tonight. :-)

7x5 with two wicked tracks tonight. Get em' while they're hot...
Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - Dirty Diana Remix
We Got The - Smooth Criminal

The project I briefly mentioned the other day was.   Go Here and listen to the Little Radio podcast,  It's the Beasties playing songs that they listened to in their youth. They called it "Beastie's Childhood Jams" I thought it would be cool if we could get ALL of the songs remixed, and put up on a special page, kinda like the contest pages, kind of as a tribute to the boys.  We can discuss it in the Chat, and if you guys think you might want to tackle it,  I'll send out a mass e-mail to all the guys.   The podcast should have enough material for you guys to use.  If not I'm sure we can digg around and find something.  We can call this project oh, say,  "Beastie's Childhood Mixes"

(1-18-2008)  AM
Day late and $2 short,  but I finally made it, and I've got some cool stuff for tonight.

Globemallow Spike With a contribution to IceMixes.com!!  Yeah I almost didn't believe it myself. Go check it out, it's SUPER ICEY! (Download available only on Icemixes.com)
Ice Ice Baby - Still Bitin' Bowie Remix

In case you are wondering what the hell IceMixes.com is, it was a April Fools day joke from 2007,  I closed Beastiemixes for the day and told everyone I would only be hosting Vanilla Ice remixes from then on.  (I don't think anyone laughed)

Uploaded another show to the Live Page
Denver Colorado - Aug 8th 2007 Fillmore 2-CD (30 tracks)

(1-16-2008)  PM
Two new jams tonight from Globemallow Spike, one that is super chill, and the other reminds me of Futurama both are worth the download.
Crawlspace - 11PM Remix
Intergalactic - 12 Parsec Remix

Uploaded another show to the Live Page
Rock Werchter - Belgium-June 28th 2007 pretty sure it's a fan recording, but the quality is quite good.

(1-15-2008)  PM
I didn't think I'd ever be able to say this again, but I'm happy to report that I was wrong!

Guy Incognito IS BACK!!! With his first mix in over a year, a fun new jam that's one of those tunes that puts a little smile on your face..
The Brouhaha - Penguin Mix

(1-15-2008)  AM
Uploaded two more shows to the Live Page
Roskilde Denmark - June 27th 1998
Austin TX - Oct 22nd 2004

(1-14-2008)  12:51am
Good morning kids, I have a nice little surprize for you guys today thanks to Casio Hardcore! You all know that AdRock used to play in a band called The Young and the Useless, Did you know that The Young and the Useless and Beastie Boys played a show together? (I didn't know it until I came across Casio Hardcore's site) Nov. 20th 1982 at CBGB. I have the Beastie's set on the Live page, and now we have the Young and the Useless's set also, go check it out. Per his description on his site

It's a solid, 19 minute performance of unadulterated punk shit courtesy of Adam Horovitz, Adam Trese, Arthur Africano, and the late David Scilken.

(1-13-2008)  8:37pm
7x5 tonight with three new mashups, and they're gooood...
Intergalactic - Keep Bouncing Remix (k, k , k eep Bouncin')
Rhyme the Rhyme Well - Sucka Remix (I've heard this intro on this site before,hmmm)
Grasshoppper Unit - Talkin Bout The Grasshoppper Unit (All this Scratchin' is makin' me itch!)

(1-13-2008)  2:06pm
Oh we got some good stuff today..
Starting off with Jredd, funky little mix of We Got The, I have a feeling that it's him playing the drums.
(I was wrong about the drums, as usual...)
We Got The - Obama Got The

Next up, Bassdriver with the beginnings of a new mixtape, "Punk Tape" nice to hear some old school hardcore up in this place. Going back to the roots of the Beasties.
Just a Test - SLF
Just a Test mixed with Stiff Little Fingers "Johnny Was"
So What'Cha Want - Sham69
So What'cha Want mixed with Sham69's "Tell us the truth"

(1-12-2008)  2:30am
OK, since there were no new mixes today, I've uploaded a bunch of
"Other Bands Covering Beastie Boys Songs" and two rare Beastie Boys songs.
Beastie Boys - Red Tape (Circle Jerks Cover)
Beastie Boys - Screaming at a Wall (Minor Threat cover)

You can grab them all off of the Rare Tracks page

(1-10-2008)  11:50pm
Uploaded the Awesome - I Fuckin Shot That (Acapellas) Here 50.4mb

(1-9-2008)  11:38pm
Guess what guys, Ok I'm sure you've already guessed. Yep' NEW DJ TODAY!!! Please welcome Nucking Futs the newest member of the Beastiemixes family. Please take a minute, go check his mixes, and drop him a welcome note in his in-box.

OK, I'm not a huge sports fan, but I remember watching these guys on tv when I was little, and you cannot deny their talent!! Amazing!! Wanna' read about them?

(1-9-2008)  3:25am
These two mixes waited all day but they're finally up, Sorry for the delay R2DJ...
Triple Trouble - Irish Car Bomb
Shazam!  -
Fer Shizee

Finally got the Vista off of the new computer, and hopefully this one will last another 7 years. In case anybody's wondering...
AMD 64X2 5600 Dual Core
3gb Ram   /  500gb HD
20"  &  22" Dell Monitors
Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse
Windows XP Pro
Blah Blah.....

(1-7-2008)  PM
E-Dub,  You can take away his phone, you can take away his keys, but you cannot take away his dreams!!!
Root Down - Still Sleeping

If you guys liked the videos from last night,  I've got a couple more
Scratch - All the way LIVE  (Different from the Scratch video from yesterday) 1hour 11min.
DJ Shadow - In Tune, and On Time  1hour 49minutes
Dj Q-Bert QFO Tour live in Bologna, Italy  58minutes

(1-7-2008)  AM
A couple movies you guys might be interested in (Google Video)  Style Wars ,  Rhyme & Reason, and  Scratch These are all full length videos.

(1-6-2008) 9:30 PM
7x5 tonight with three new jams.  This guy just keeps getting better and better!  Lots of different flavors tonight.
Flowin Prose - Zulu Prophecy
Crawlspace - I Scare Myself
3 the Hard Way - 3 The War Way

Finally got a new computer the yesterday,  f-ing Windows Vista is going to be the death of me.

(1-5-2008) 9:24 PM
PTC back tonight after a short absense but he's back with a great jam that you should ALL check out!  Mind that bass when the song starts,  you don't want to blow your sub.
Stop That Train - Stop That Dub

(1-5-2008) Early AM
Found this video and thought you guys might like it,  Short interview with DMC, with a short freestyle, and a nice "My Addidas" pella sung in the middle of the road. Good stuff!  But this one almost made me piss my pants,  The Weakest Rapper,  rappers on The Weakest Link,  Funny as hell!!!  You can see the full show here.

(1-4-2008) Early AM or Very Late PM on 1-3-2007
Globemallow Spike with a real treat for you guys tonight.... Beastie Boys AND Public Enemy in mixtape mini-EP form as "Chuck & Flav at the Gala Event" Five tracks of goodness from the East Side, and the West Side. Coming from a guy in the South West.  Covering 5 tracks that have never been mashed / remixed before! (To my knowledge)  Thanks Globemallow,  this is Niiice!!

(1-3-2008) AM
Updated the "Collection" page,  and forgot to add approx. 100 mixes that I hadn't filed in the DJ's individual folders yet. The last time I generated the collection page (Jan 2007) it was a 495k file, it's now 970k file,  so if you happen to be on dial-up,  give it a minute to load.  It's BIG!

New forum for you guys to check out,  Sound-Unsound-Network,  this one's just getting started, but the players are already showing up.

(1-1-2008) 9:49am
So we've all made it into the new year I hope everyone is ok after last night.
Chromium05 tonight with Beastie Boys Ch-Check it Out mashed with RUN DMC's  Beats to The Rhyme
Ch-Check it out - Beasties to the Rhyme

7x5 tonight with a couple of new mashups tonight, One funky and one rockin' and STILL funky!
Right Right Now Now - You Haven't Done Nothin'
So Whatcha Want - On the Run Remix

Last minute mix for today,  Nate Wize with a mash that improves on a song I never really got into,  but this mash makes it all better by throwin' in some rasta love.
Shazam! - B Boy Bounty Killa'

For the new year you guys need to invade some new forums!  Make some new friends, expand your horizons, and show off your stuff.
APC Lounge

Happy New Year Guys!!!!


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