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     If you would like for me to host your Beastie Boys remixes for free, just drop me a note and I will e-mail you with the details. This is free,  I will not charge you anything now, or in the future.  If you see your mixes on The Collection page, and you would like to see them hosted here drop me an e-mail.

     If you've visited and you would like to tell me how much the site sucks,  or even if you like it,  drop an e-mail.  I read all the mail around here and appreciate any feedback I can get to help improve the site.


    Due to the amount of time involved with setting up a new DJ, and my lack of said time, running the site, working a regular job, and trying to have a regular life, I'm starting a three mix rule,  please don't ask about hosting unless you have at least 3 remixes ready for me to put up at the time you are requesting hosting.  If you have less than three, please wait to ask to be hosted.



If you find your material here, and would like it removed, please contact me at the address below and I will have it removed A.S.A.P.  We will work with you, if you will work with us.

Mail Me Here

Please remember I will ONLY host Beastie Boys remixes.
Please don't ask about hosting other mixes.




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