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(12-29-07) 2:38am

Install Blogging software (Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress)
Shoutbox and or Forums
Add contests' page, take contest banners off of front page
Start charging for hosting $10/month. :-p J/K
Multi-file upload script
Think about adding staff.

(12-27-07) 12:41pm
Damn it's been a long time since I updated this page... A day over a month...

I would like to take a minute to say thanks to my Family and my Girlfriend who are all very understanding of my needs. My family understands that I'm a gamer, I always have been and probably always will be, so for Christmas they shopped way early and got me a Nintendo Wii and a copy of Super Mario Galaxy. So thank you to my Family! I will try to not throw the controller through the TV. Oh, and if you look at my little XBOX Live thing, you might notice Call of Duty 4, and Yes it is as good as everyone says it is.

I also want to thank my Girlfriend for getting buying me Dreamweaver CS3!! I had been using an old, very cheap, very unknown website editor to do all of my work, and it has served me well over the years, It had it's bugs, and I know all of them inside and out. but I have been wanting to use something a little more mainstream, that hopefully writes more compliant code. Being as I'm not a programmer (more of a designer) These are the tools I use EVERY day, and to do my job properly I require the right tools, and I think Dreamweaver will fit the bill. I'm still breaking it in, so expect me to screw up something soon. So Thank you Silence7's Girlfriend!

The mashtapes site doesn't seem to be doing that great... I've been out there promoting the thing, but it seems nobody needs hosting for tapes?? I dunno' If it doesn't do well, I may just kill it.

(11-26-07) 10:37pm
Thought you guys might find this a little interesting.  My website tracking software shows me the keywords people used in the search engines to find this site.  Below are some of the more amusing ones.

(11-20-07) 10:44pm
Anyone wanna' buy me Dreamweaver CS3 for Christmas???

I'm watching North By Northwest tonight. what a great movie,  has there ever been a better movie made?  Cary Grant is the best actor ever. Whenever I want to watch a good movie it always ends up being a Cary Grant movie...   I don't think I've ever mentioned my love for Cary Grant movies,   but I will tell you,  I can't get enough.   Cary Grant is by far the greatest actor to ever live.    His movies are my comfort movies,   whenever I'm down, or in need of something his movies make me feel at home, comfortable, instantly...  As soon as I see him on screen I know that things are going to be OK......

I also want to say thank s again guys for supporting the site with your mixes, I love 99.9% of them,  the other .1% of them are ok, I'm just not crazy about them :-)   Take Care,


(11-1-07) 1:12am
I watched Night of the Living Dead tonight and had to smile, hearing the samples you guys used in context.   I only wished I'd had gotten a contest ready sooner for Halloween.

Check this guy,  Reverse Grafitti Artist,  being hassled by "The Man" for cleaning?

Looks like the Beastiemixes Rap isn't going so well.   I have a strong feeling like it's going to end up like the 1 Year Anniversary Collab. Mixtape.   That's ok,  I know people appreciate the site, and I appreciate all the hard work the guys do.   No payback is really needed, and they were both cool ideas.   I imagine it's hard organizing things online and from around the world.

I'm also a little worried about the current remix contest,  Offering no prize to the winner is probably a mistake that will cost the contest a considerable number of entries.  People are too busy with life to contribute to a contest where they get nothing in return, and I understand that, but am sorta' at a loss for what to do about it.

Ahh,  to be a gamer with an XBOX360,  I only wish I had the time to play all the games I want to play, and actually had time to sit down and finish a couple of them.   Bioshock,  Halo 3,  and coming in 3 days,  Half Life 2 (Orange Box).  I'm loving Halo 3  and Bioshock, but I'm most excited about the Half Life 2 release coming out.   Valve does an incredible job of story telling and gamplay mechanics,  their games just feel like home when you play them,  everything is as it should be.

I think the Beastie Boys need to release some new pellas,  they're off their tour, they might actually have some time to kill,  and the remixers are getting restless.   5 new pellas would go a long way in spicing things up and getting people's juices flowin' again.

Took my first actual (Not from YouTube) guitar lesson today,  17 year old kid who knows the right way and and also the easy way to learn to play, and actually wants to take the time to show me the right way.    He doesn't know it yet, but I think he's getting the hint that I'm not going to be easy to teach...  I've got a head like a rock, and I've never taken any music classes at all.  So we're starting at the very beginning.    I will say that it seems much easier to learn from an actual person as opposed to just watching videos.  Cool stuff..  Wish me luck...

A guy in the drive through in the car in front of me actually asked the girl inside the restauraunt what size their 32oz. drinks were.  Huh!!!!!!??????   I would think that they are probably around 32oz.    I would think!

(9-08-07) 12:36am
I really don't update this blog page often enough,  but tonight I've got about 5 shots of tequilla in me, on an empty stomach, and I'm ready to talk...   Headphones on and Black Sabbath turned up to 11.     Did you ever have one of those days that started out shit, and ended as shit,  I had one of those today.    Damn I wish the volume would go to 12,  Ozzy with or without Sabbath can never be loud enough.  Did you know that Ozzy Osbourne recorded with Miss Piggy, Crystal Method, DMX, Ol' Dirty Bastard & Wu-Tang Clan?   Check Disc #3

Anyway,   I'm still amazed at how well the site is doing,   71 DJ's strong,  and you couldn't ask for any cooler guys,  everyone's been friendly, no BS going on,  just remixing and groovin'.   The visitor count has never gone down since the site launch,  the chart I see always looks like a mountain,  with more and more visits per month.  Until August 2007,   visits dropped quite a bit.   I'm thinking that it's been sooo hot people are trying to stay cool and don't give a shit about mixes, but I keep hearing about other parts of the country and world who have snow and cool weather right now, so I dunno'...

I noticed on the boards today that MC JymE is trying to get you guys together for a Beastiemixes Rap?  I wonder how that's going to turn out?   I love to see you guys hooking up and working on things together,   It shows me that the site is bringing people together in the name of remixing, and more importantly FUN!!!  JymE's right, the One-Year Anniversary mixtape turned out kinda weak,   The mixes that got submitted were awesome!!!  I was extremly flattered, but there were only a few.  At that time we had like 60 remixers, and only received six mixes.   Oh well....

I really have had fun running the site so far,  I've talked to people from all over the world, whether it's new DJ's old DJ's or people who have questions about the site, donations to the site (You know who you are, and I thank you, you crazy Beastie collectors)  I don't think I've ever heard a bad word about the site, and that's the way I hope to keep it.   I want people to come here for mixes and fun.  Forums would be nice Huh!?

Lastly,  I just kinda' want to say thanks for sticking with the site,  despite of the long waits for your mixes to be uploaded and added to the site,  etc etc...

It really has turned out quite cool huh.....??  But not quite as cool as ICEmixes.com!  :-p

Anybody out there into Rockabilly/Psychobilly
Now listening to Jackass (the band) not to be confused with the TV show.  Go check em' out!  Saw them at House of Blues before,  and they put on one hell of a show... They've got a streaming music thing like we do, only cooler!  I would recommend you listen to Music (Madonna Cover),  Plastic Jesus,  I want it that way (Backstreet Cover), and  ahhh shit,  just listen to the whole thing....  They're greeeeeeeeeat....   Bassdriver take a listen..

All you guys with only one mix,  do me a favor,  Drop at least one more...  Come on'   You can do it,  I have faith in your abilities.

Ok I'm takin' off, shots 6, 7, and 8 are lined up in front of me...

Thanks again guys,  and with that, I have to ask again,  where's all the girl DJ's????



A Console Parody
By: The Burnt Matches

Downloaded the Bioshock Demo for the XBOX360 two days ago and WOW,  I'm really hoping this game is as good or better than the demo.  It's been a while (Since the release of Oblivion) that I've been fairly excited about a new release.  Feels like it's going to be as scary as DOOM 3 only prettier.  The gameplay from the demo is rock solid, and easy to get used to,  felt at home with the controls in only a few minutes.  This looke like it'll be a fun one.  Kinda sucks since I pre-ordered the SE at EB, and now Toys-R-Us is selling it early,  But It'll be cool to have a "Big Daddy" sitting on my desk at work.  :-)

Beautiful Katamari XBL Demo is now available,  I'm gonna' have to check it out.

Hey Family,  sorry I've been neglecting you,  I'll visit soon,  I promise!!

How do normal people get rid of nasty spyware and viruses,  do they all take their computers into "the shop" and have them fixed?  Are they all so carefull that they never get virused?    I just spent the last 4 hours antivirusing, and antispywareing a friends computer,  and being in the business of doing these things,  I have a lot of tools and tricks of the trade I bring to do the job.  Mere mortals do not poses these things,  and there isn't an antivirus package or spyware stopping software out there that catches ALL of it,  so sooner or later everyone gets hit by some nasty bug.   I just wonder how normal everyday people deal with this type of thing.  Do they download gobs of software online and get lucky and find something that will kill their particular virus/spyware,  or do they take it to "the shop" and have someone there clean up the mess.

Started reading a 33 1/3 book on Paul's Boutique,  very interesting read so far.  I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know what went into make the Paul's Boutique album.

From the book's page on Amazon.com
Book Description

Not only did Paul's Boutique transform the Beastie Boys from frat-boy novelty to critically lauded hip-hop giants, its groundbreaking collage of rhyme and recycled soundbites made it one of those rare releases that forever alters the course of popular music. Through interviews with Mike D, the Dust Brothers, and legendarily reclusive producer Matt Dike, among others, Dan LeRoy uncovers the story of this outrageous era in Beastie history.

Alright, WTF is going on with the Tour de France,  do these guys not learn that they will get caught doping sooner or later?  Do they really want to bring that kind of shame on themselves,  their team, their sponsors,  their countries?   I just don't get it, I really don't.    It should be an honor to even be in the Tour,  and yet they throw it away, and will forever have a black mark next to their names in the history books.  They all think their so smart,  or they think their doctors are so smart when they tell them that "This is completely undetectable."?

I don't watch Football, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, or any other organized sports,  I watch cycling once a year,  and during the few weeks the Tour is on, it's MY sport, and I love it,  and then these pricks have to go and F it all up...  Thanks!  FOR NOTHING!!!

90+ Essential Music and Audio Websites

Finally finished Gears of War.....  I was about half way through for the longest time, and just haven't had time to play anything at all, 2 sessions later and I'm done,  they sure left it wide open for GOW2.   That was a very well designed game.   I remember thinking that Cliffy B. seemed like an arrogant snot,  but if anybody deserves to be arrogant about a game he designed,  it's him.  Pretty amazing stuff.

Gears of War E3 Demo
Gears of War Sniper Montage
Gears of War Gamespot Video Review

Very interesting reading and listening,  Why New Music Doesn't Sound As Good As It Did  
and the accompanying video Loudness War Video .

The History of ZORK, as written by Gamasutra.  I played this game to death.....  Good Memories.  :-)

Hanging with Garriott  AKA Lord British

Funny quotes heard or said around or to Beastiemixes:
"I'm going to install a bottle opener on the side of my computer so I don't have to get up to open my beer!"
"Pump up the volume, don't be stingy with the beats!"
"You're like the Wal*Mart of Beastie Boys remixes!"

Skinny Puppy Video Interview


Beastiemixes 2.0 Features

The last minute push to get the site ready lasted from 6pm Saturday, until 6am on Sunday,  I busted out the rest of the headers, and other graphics that needed to be done, whil DB Guy finished up some things he was working on, and then continued to add features,  can you say SEARCH.  Quite amazing on his part.    He hooked up all the cool stuff and I did all the little stuff.  To tell you the truth I feel quite useless when he stops by.  But I'm good at supplying the music for the evening,  Remixes of course,  some Danzig,  RUN-DMC,  Scorpions,  Sugar Hill Gang,  Social Distortion,  Quiet Riot,  And some Sage Francis  thanks to Bassdriver,  Thanks Bass!!!    

It might not look much different as first look, but there are lots of things that have changed.  So pay attention, as I'm going to go over some of the features.

Main Page

First thing you will probably notice is we now have some stats on the top of the page.
Total Downloads = Downloads since the re-launch of the site.
This Week = Downloads in the last 7 days (this is a rolling count)
Hosted Mixes = this is how many mixes currently available on the site, Duh,   949 so far.

"Remixers" link right below the header in the top menu. This is a second DJ list that shows how many mixes each DJ has available. The (?) next to "Remixers" is a random DJ link that will carry you from one DJ to the next randomly.

New button on the LH side called "Awards"  this will be the page where people are given recognition for winning contests, and for going above and beyond to help the site out.

Search button,  we now have a remix search feature, on the top menu,  go search for a mix!!   DB Guy did an awesome job with this,  I know I will be using this.

DJ Page  (Using MC Marlin as an example since his page has all of the features showing)

New DJ pages have a few new features.
DJ Photo
Custom Header
DJ Logo

e-mail address
Website address
Mixes are in alphabetical order by Original Song Name.
Contest winners will have a link on their page to the awards page.

New mixes will be designated with the same "new" icon, plus the cell that the new mix is in will be textured for easier spotting of new mixes while scrolling down long lists of mixes.

You can now have a remix title and a remix description for each mix.  The title should remain fairly short, while the description can be longer,  say if you want to list samples used in the mix etc.  For the time being if you upload a mix and you want me to add a description to it, please e-mail the description when you upload the mix, but please keep it a reasonable length, no 3 page essays on the history of remixing. :-)

Download counts.  Whoo Hoo!!   There was no way to salvage all the counts from server logs for previous downloads,  anything file that had less than 100 hits doesn't show on the logs, and also because after the first year the logs turn into a one year rolling log only showing 12 months.  I'm very sorry but we're all going to have to start out fresh.

When someone clicks on a link to download a mix, they are re-directed to the download page.  You can link directly to the download pages for mixes by:
Firefox:  Right click on the mix on your dj page and "Copy Link Location"
Internet Explorer:  Right click on the mix on your dj page and "Copy Shortcut"
You can paste this link in forums, e-mails, etc....  This is better than linking directly to the file because......  It keeps track of download counts, and it provides a link to the DJ's page.  So you can now post a link to a mix in say the Beastie Boys Remix Forums, and link to a mix so people don't have to look "on the bottom of the list" anymore.

If you have ANY links on your personal websites, your MySpace pages, BBS signatures, etc that point to your page on Beastiemixes, you'll have to change them to reflect the new address of your page.

There are probably a bunch of things I forgot to mention, but it's now going on 4 A.M. and we're done for the nite.

If you have any suggestions, comments, complaints, drop me a note.

  Silence7  &  DB Guy


Tick-Tok,  Tick-Tok.....

Good Copy Bad Copy Documentary

Pipi laid her first egg today.  I knew something was up, because usually when I get home she starts making all kinds of noise so I'll let her out of her cage.  Today, not a peep,  so she was either dead, or something else was going on.  When I looked,  there she was on the bottom of her cage looking at her egg.  As soon as she saw me, she wanted out, and hasn't looked back.  She doesn't seem to concerned about her egg,  in fact I think that she may in fact be an un-fit mother, and I may have to confiscate her egg.

Paris Hilton has found God,  does that mean she's no longer doing porn?


Any of you guys ever been Geocaching?  We've been doing it for a few years and have found 64 so far. Basically Geocaching is using a GPS receiver to find little boxes of treasures that other people have hidden in the world.  You can find out more about it at geocaching.com

YouTube Geocaching Videos
Geocaching: From the Web to the Woods

Geocaching on WUNC-TV

Geocaching 101
Geocaching Intro
Dave Ulmer & The First Geocache
These are the ones we've found so far


Hmmm..... What to do??

Going along with the theme for the night, I really think that one day we are going to find out that Chris Angel is actually Satan.  The guy is amazing, I know it's all tricks, fake, whatever, but damn that guy is great!

My life is either going really good, or it's really bad,  let's just say, I'm about to the point where I can't take any more.

  Spent a semi long session working on the site last night with DB Guy and things are looking good for a smooth 2.0 launch.  Every time I think I've got an idea for a feature, but Nawwhhh,   it can't be done, DB Guy proves me wrong.   We both took the night off tonight.   

   I spent the evening watching Sherlock Holmes episodes with my girl,  staring the actor who portrayed Sherlock better than anyone else ever. Jeremy Brett!  Basil Rathbone was good, but he's got nothing on Brett! I just love watching these,  I've always been a Shrlock Holmes fan, and always will be. To me, Jeremy Brett IS Sherlock Holmes.

The Speckled Band
(Part1)  (Part2)  (Part3)  (Part4)  (Part5)  (Part6)

Jeremy Brett TV Interview
(Part1)   (Part2)

Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke interview
(Part1)   (Part2)

Various DJ Toys

Hey Guys/Girls,  yeah it's been a while since I've updated this page, partially because I've been busy, and partially because I forget I have my very own page here at beastiemixes.   I'm always updating other people pages and I forget that I have my own where I can just bullshit with all of you guys.  I try to keep the front page "Business" but this is my page,  I can do whatever I want.  :-)

2.0,  it's on it's way but F-ing A,  it's a lot of work,   We started off long ago, and the whole entering everything in the database thing was to say the least worrying me,  I figured it would take like 3 weeks to put in all the info,  but DB Guy's little form made everything go fairly smoothly. Copy, Paste etc etc... Only do that almost 900 times.  I thought that carpel tunnel was going to set in.  In all actuality it only took about 5-6 sit down marathons and everyone was in.  Giant pain in the ass when starting at ZERO, but for everyday maintenance, and adding new mixes, it makes it soooo much faster and easier, and also allowing for less mistakes on my part.

I can't say exactly when it's going to go live, but when the 2.0 site hits, I hope to all hell that you guys like it, after all, this site is yours, and we hope to give you guys some fun new tools and ways to promote your mixes.  Believe me, we have been agonizing over the details, and everything that has gone into this site is for the love of the remixes, and the friendships I have made so far, and the ones in the future.  I would never even started this whole beastiemixes project if you guys were a bunch of pricks,  but you're not,  you guys are the future of music and I want to be here to help promote you.  Each and every one of you guys are different and have for the most part shown me the respect that I've shown you.  I've taken in anyone that has wanted hosting with the exception of one person who really did not deserve it.

It will be done soon, I just can't say how soon.  I know you've heard that before, but this time, the database is all full, it's just a matter of getting all the extra ready....  I will say,  there is someone among you that has been let into the new site to see some of the new features, but he's been sworn to secrecy, and has taken a blood oath to not share any of what he's see until the dust has settled. :-p

Pipi says Hi,


To tell you guys/girls the truth,  I've been almost dreading the day when I could finally arrange a day to sit down with D.B. Guy and get things hashed out.  Not because I didn't want it to happen, but there is an enormous ammount of work involved in putting in all of the information,  so we put it off for a little while as life was kinda getting in the way of the site,  and we finally just said, Saturday!!  And so it begins,  and to tell you the truth it's not all that hard, it's just very boring, and very time consuming.  

I'm starting to reap the benefits of my bitchiness about file naming.  And finding out that I should have not been so lenient in the beginning when it came to file naming.  I thank you guys for putting up with my attitude about the file names,  it is making my job now soo much easier.

Back to the grind......

Received a package from my girl today,  DJ Qbert, Mixmaster Mike, and Kid Koala CD's.   I haven't really heard much from Kid Koala before,  but damn,  this guy has a style all his own,  he's just about the most subtle turntablist I've heard.  The stuff he plays is crazy,   I'm sure he had to dig all the way to the very bottom of the crate to find some of the records he's spinnin'.    So a BIG thanks to my Girlfriend,  I'm lovin' the new CD's.  :-*

YouTube Videos
kid koala- drunk trumpet
Kid Koala
Dj Killajewel

Picked up the RUN DMC Live at Montreux 2001 DVD today,  and watching Jam Master Jay during Mary Mary gave me the chills.  I don't think it was because of his death though,  it was weird,  kind of like the jazzed feeling when you see a really good performance,  do other people get this or am I the only freak,  a lot of the time, it will be things that make me feel all warm and fuzzy and comfortable will give me the shivers.    Song wise, it's usually the songs that I'm practically screaming along to while flying down the freeway on the way home from work.

Anyway, I would recommend you pick up this DVD from your local shop. Sad and exciting to watch.

(4-13-07) Friday the 13th

Catfight Magazine - Female Graffiti
Free E-zine in PDF format.

Go check this out, they've got six issues out so far free for the downloading, amazing work by female graff artists' Two thumbs WAY UP!!

As I sit here, half way through my second Newcastle,  I'm thinking to myself,  without the DJ's and the people donating stuff to the site, be it, live shows, rare tracks etc.  This site would be nothing.  So thanks to all you guys who make it SOMETHING.  the site has gone way past what I thought it would be.  You guys truly are THE BEST..!!!

OK, so on the way to and from work I have very little selection in what I can listen to in the car, as I only have an AM / FM radio in my little car,  no tape-deck, and no CD player,  so I have either trendy pop rock, talk radio, or rock from the 70's until now,   the station I most always choose is, this station KCAL 96.7fm and this really isn't by choice, it's by default,  but they do have a funny morning show.  The one saving grace for this station is,  almost without fail, some time either on the way to or on the way home from work they will play a Beastie Boys song,  Sabotage, Fight for Your Right,  etc etc.   They won't play anything new,  and their list of "Approved" Beastie Boys songs is only about five songs long, but who am I to complain,  at least for 3 or 4 minutes I don't have to hear some crappy made for radio band during my drive.  :-)

I don't know if any of you guys are into watches,  but I just bought my first watch from the land of Bassdriver,  Switzerland!   I own a couple automatic watches already, and actually own one Swiss watch,  an old 1960's Omega bumper automatic,  but it's not a daily watch,  it belonged to my Grandfather who was a watchmaker.  The new one I just bought is all mine.   Anyway, if you're interested in watches at all,  International Watch magazine has archives of a couple years worth of their fine magazine available to download for free from their website in PDF format.  You can check out the past issues at....

iW Magazine Archives

Damn I've been lazy about this whole "Blog" thing,  I came across a cool site full of resources for webmasters, if you happen to run your own site this place is a treasure chest of links and info. http://www.smashingmagazine.com  check the "All Posts+" list on the right hand side, good stuff.

I don't know how many people actually read the stuff I write on my page, but I imagine it might be one or two, I'm sure everyone else is here for the awesome remixes, and my witty commentary that goes along with each and every release.  For the rest of you.

I've got a couple projects in the works that should make some people excited, and others not so excited, I dunno' we'll see.   I have all these ideas in my head, but I never know how well they'll do until I actually build them out, and put them out there for people to see.  Sometimes they work, sometimes not.

People posting in their blogs always seem to think other people want to know what they're "Currently listening to"  There must be something to it, or they wouldn't keep telling us.  So in-case you're interested, I'm listening to DMC - Checks Thugs and Rock -n- Roll.    There, Now You Know.  :-p

I've been meaning to put this picture up for a while now.  It's me showin' some Beastie love. If you've seen Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, you know where I'm at.  I'd also like to give a shout to Bassdriver for the shirt.  Thanks a Million!!!

Click Image for Larger Version
Google Map of where this was shot

El Hijo del Santo

Anybody out there using Dreamweaver 8?   I'm thinking about maybe upgrading from my current WYSIWYG html editor (yeah I know I'm lame for using an editor).  I downloaded two trials the other day, Microsoft Expression Web, and Dreamweaver 8,  Both were nice, but Dreamweaver outputs what looked to me like much cleaner code.  W3C tests of out put from both gave me a lot of errors from Expression, while it said that Dreamweaver had NONE.   

I've got to say the the Dreamweaver interface seems much more intuative to me. Things are just where you would want them to be.   So if you're using Dreamweaver 8, and you have any complaints please drop me a note,  It's a chunk of change if I find out later that there's a glaring problem with it.

I also want to say thanks for the e-mails and kind words I get from you guys and girls concerning the site,  you guys are the reason I do this.

I really thought I would use this page more :-)  

It's been kinda slow around here for a little while, but I've been keeping very busy working on other projects,   besides my regular 9 to 5 I worked up a nice website for a firend, and actually got paid.  Re-did another site for some people I didn't really know, had no instruction on what they wanted, did up the whole site, only to have them give me a list of about 25 things they wanted changed AFTER the site was done. It's easy to criticize after the fact.  No input during the process, but when it's done, change all these things. Uh  NOPE!!!   I pissed a lot of time away working on that site, oh well it's in the shit pile now.

   Doing more and more web design work at my actual workplace. Kinda cool doing something at work that you actually enjoy.   Played with the new Photoshop CS3 demo today,  MMmmm  Nice.  Wish I could afford to buy it.  I'd put it to good use.  CS2 had some changes in the layers pallete that I didn't care for that much, and I see that that has carried over into CS3,  I had hoped you could at least change the behavior, but no go.   I really like the new rollup tools,  it's about time for Photoshop to have something that Paint Shop Pro has had for a long time.    I used to be a loyal Paint Shop Pro user,  but I can't remember which version it was when the totally screwed up the interface,  I believe it was 8,  I switched to Photoshop and never looked back.    But the thing I noticed was that PSP had a few cool features that all of the sudden would appear on the next version of Photoshop,  then the new version of PSP would have something else new,  and the next version of Photoshop would then get a "NEW" feature that PSP had had for a while already.   For as "Cutting Edge" as Adobe portrays Photoshop to be they sure "Borrow" a lot of ideas...   But now I love it and will never go back to PSP,   You won't go to many job interviews where they say Paint Shop Pro knowledge is required.  Photoshop knowledge you can take with you anywhere.

Went to the Disneyland California Adventure park over the weekend.  First time I had ever been there, it was pretty cool,  kinda what I expected.   Seems the day I was there was Cheerleader Day at the park, there must have been a few thousand of them running all over in their cheerleader outfits. Oh My....  Saw Travis Barker from Blink 182 leaving the park as I was entering.  Living in California I've seen probably 8 or 10 famous people over the years, and it's always kinda weird to know that famous people go the same places everyone else does.

(2-16-07) Early AM
Dean Gray - American Edit
, Green Day mash album.

(2-14-07) Late PM
Came across some nice FREE Audio Converters for Windows today, http://www.jodix.com

(2-14-07) Early AM
Some links for today........
Bring the Noise 2000, Public Enemy's Unreleased Album and other P.E. downloads.
Best of Bootie 2006 CD,  plus new boots every month...  Great Stuff!!
Bride of Monster Mashup,  These guys did the Halloween thing too!!
DJ BC Ya gotta' love this guy,  never stops workin'
Q-Unit: Greatest Hits,  50 Cent / Queen Mashup album
Bootlegsfr.com for our French speaking friends.
Stuck in the Eighties Mash album.  HOT!
DJ Freddy, King of Pants Mashes  / Homepage
Cheekyboy mashups
Loo and Placido
Bootlegs Addict Giant collection of mashups for download...!!  Whoa!!

Why is is that you can go weeks without being very busy, then all of the sudden you are so busy you can't even think straight.  Currently, working on this site, almost finished with a site for someone else, and have another site to start on in the immediate future, and 3 guys awaiting hosting. on top of my 9 to 5.  I'm feeling a little overwhelmed to say the least.

Go check these guys out Disappearance, "Experimental Hip Hop with a Band Edge!"  They've got a pretty cool sound,  I like it.  Although it makes me wonder,  with the Beastie Boys presumably going back to their instruments,  it this what the new album will sound like?

My Birthday is coming up in about 11 months, you might want to Start Shopping Early.

Have you guys seen this, or know if it works, MixMeister BPM Analyzer ?


New Skinny Puppy album just came out on the 30th of January. Mythmaker is like any other Skinny Puppy album,  you never really know what to expect until you hit play,  I'm sure there are many "Old School" puppy fans that will talk trash about it because it doesn't sound like X or Y album but their albums have always been a little different.   I've been listening to Skinny Puppy since 1988 and have never been dissapointed by a new album,  I just re-adjust to the new sound...  You can listen to some samples by clicking the banner above,  and no I'm not an Amazon.com affiliate, so buy it from wherever you want.

Can you guys keep an eye our for a good free directory to html conversion program,  the one that I have pretty much sucks, and leaves me to do a LOT of hand editing afterwards to generate The Collection list.   You'll notice that I spent tonight doing just that. Cleaning up the collection page, and it's already now out of date by like a gazillion mixes :-(

Site turned one yesterday,  there were times when I didn't think or know if I could keep up with all the work involved.  I've managed so far,  and have met a lot of great people,  and I would have to say that, that has been the most valuable part of this whole thing so far.  I've really not had to deal with any people that came at me with attitude.  I've had a few remixers that have come at me like they were doing me a huge favor by letting me put their mixes up.  Like I was going to be making money off of them or something.  Which is not the case.  Between the hosting and the contests' (I'll leave my time out of the equasion) the site has cost me small fortune to run for the last year.  But the ads you say?  Well I'll just put it this way,  I've earned enough from them so far to eat lunch at Mc Donalds for 4 days straight if I get the Big Mac Value Meal only.  So there ya go.

If any of you guys play on XBOX Live,  feel free to add me to your list...  I play online sometimes and would love play.

Hey guys, & girls,

If you don't already know who I am, I'm Silence7,  owner and operator of beastiemixes.com.

This is going to become my personal space here at beastiemixes.com,  soon to be filled with all kinds of BS.   I figured, all of you have your space here,  I need some space too.

I will be dumping links to favorite sites,  YouTube videos, and anything else I want to show or talk about here.

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