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(5-5-2009) PM
Yeah, it's been months, I know, I've been slacking heavily on hitting up some of my favorite sites and listening to mashups, remixes, etc from other guys. Sound-Unsound, GYBO, Mashuptown, Global DJ Netowork, etc... I just don't seem to have the time I used to, to just go and download 20 tracks a night leave comments on some, promote the site around the net, You guys should pick up the slack a little, Myspace it up, go and download other people's mashups, let them know you have some too, get busy! Got a nice note from A+D of Bootie fame the other day, If you live anywhere near go see one of the shows they started.

(12-08-2008) PM
Can I just get a big Fuck-You to the people who make the Wimpy Player, player broke with flash player 10 upgrade, 3 e-mails from me and tons from other people (including an Adobe rep.) and no response, only course of action is pay more money for new player with no new features, besides working with flash 10, (version we had was less than a year old).

If you need an mp3 player for your site, go here Wordpress Audio Player,  and if you're not running Wordpress, there's a tutorial here to get it running on a regular website.  If you use it,  donate a few bucks to keep this guy doing for free what the Wimpy people apparently want an anual sallary to do, keep their player working.

By the way, streaming of random tracks on the front page, and podcasts' is now working!! :-)

(10-02-2008) AM


(7-12-2008) pm

Can I get a Hell Yeah!! for Halo Kid!!

(4-17-2008) pm
Yep, it's been a whole month!! Not a whole lot new going on in my life. I do have some plans and ideas for the site, the DJ Google map was one of those ideas, I just need to find a nice place to put it. Will also be splitting up the Resources and Help page into two seperate pages, and adding some goodies to the resources page, you'll see.

(3-17-2008) pm
Ok, so when I was 10 years old, my Mother and I watched this mini-series on TV called SHOGUN, it seemed like it went on forever, and we could hardly stand to wait for the next episode. 2 years ago I received the DVD box set. In it's entirety 547 minute movie, 5 DVD's. Over the last few days I've been re-watching it again, and as I'm no movie reviewer, I'm not going to review it, but I will say that if you ever see it at the video store rent it, you will not regret it.

Interesting facts from Wikipedia

The mini-series was one of the highest-rated programs in NBC history and sparked a wave of historical-based miniseries over the next few years. A shorter version of the mini-series, edited down to only two hours, was released to home video and some theatres as a feature film; this version of the film includes nudity, sexuality, and violence that was not included in the broadcast version. The success of the miniseries was credited with increasing awareness of Japanese culture in America. In the documentary The Making of Shogun, it is stated that the rise of Japanese food establishments in the US (particularly sushi houses) is attributed to Shogun.

You can see some clips and screenshots herehere,  and here(not the original music).

(3-12-2008) pm
Got a new camera today. After waiting 10 days for the slow as hell shipping. Now all I have to do is learn how the thing works. My old camera is a Samsung NV10 which is very easy to pocket and carry around with me all the time. The new one, is a Canon S5 IS which is quite a bit larger, and anywhere I take it I will look like a complete tourist.

I wanted this camera for the amazing zoom, and the very good macro mode.  You can literally have the lens touching the subject and it will focus.  Although this is not a full digital SLR,  you can get a few different attachment lenses for it,  Telephoto, Wide-Angle, Closeup,  Fish-Eye,  as well as add on macro lenses,  along with the ability to add a ring light for lighting up your macro shots.   So for a cheap digital camera, you really can do a lot with it.

(2-21-2008) pm
I'm back!!  and I was just here yesterday,  somebody better be reading this page...

Wanna' see some of my photos of random critters,  you can check them out on My DeviantArt Page.

(2-20-2008) am
Ok,  I've been harassed by family members (You know who you are) for not actually using the blog page enough.  Even though I always mention that I will in fact try to keep it up,  So here I am bloggin' the "Blog" page.

I really don't have a whole lot to write besides what people already know.  Hmm,   Oh,  I'm trying to teach myself CSS.  My girlfriend bought me a copy of Dreamweaver CS3,  and it's very CSS focused,  And I've been wanting to learn CSS for a long time, as it's quickly becoming the web standard for designing websites.   It's been hard so far to think beyond using tables and cells to layout websites,  I can layout a fairly complex design with tables in a very short amount of time,  in CSS,  it seems to take forever,  but as the days go on it's getting easier.   I've been using Dreamweaver to generate the code, but I've been doing it with the split Code/Design views so I can see exactly what's going on with the code.  I've also dived into the code a few times and it doesn't look as hard to learn as HTML.

Hopefully going out Geocaching this weekend,  should be fun.  I need to check on one of my caches that might be missing,  either it's missing or the last people who looked for it didn't look in the right place.  I have it hidden pretty good.

(2-5-2008) am
Well it's certainly been a long time since you anyone has seen anything new on this page.   I'll try to update it on a more regular basis.   The site is quickly approaching 40k downloads since the re-launch in June of last year. That's a lot of downloads.   Beastiemixes is now hosting 75 DJs  and approaching 1500 mixes.   And to think,  when I started this site,  I thought that at most I would be hosting maybe 3 or 4 guys, and maybe 40 or 50 mixes.  We've come a long way since then.   The site has been a huge amount of work,  and it's not just one time work,  it's every day work.   I'm glad you guys seem to understand when your tracks aren't uploaded to your pages immediately after you upload them to the site.  Alright, it's sleepy time..  Back soon...

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